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Do Restaurants Recycle Eaten/Uneaten Food (Leftovers)?

When people order at restaraunts, one of the last things that people want to hear is that they are eating the leftover food that another guest hasn’t finished. It is disgusting and so bad that word of such incidents ends up making the news fast. This usually causes a restaraunt to lose a mass amount…

Does Finishing Your Plate At A Restaurant Make You Look Bad?

Here we will address how a restaurant feels about individuals that finish their plate and do not finish their plates at a restaurant. Some guests believe that restaurants will think that the restaurant will think positively if they purposely don’t finish their meals. However, restaurants are actually thinking the opposite most of the time; that…

Should Parents Be Allowed To Stay At A Restaurant If Their Children Are Noisy/Crying?

The restaurant isn’t a church where they need to have crying children placed in a daycare, because they keep crying during the sermon. Children are going to be children, and they get hungry too. Parents sometimes want to eat out instead of cooking, because they may rarely get the chance, since they are working and…

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