Should Parents Be Allowed To Stay At A Restaurant If Their Children Are Noisy/Crying?

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The restaurant isn’t a church where they need to have crying children placed in a daycare, because they keep crying during the sermon. Children are going to be children, and they get hungry too. Parents sometimes want to eat out instead of cooking, because they may rarely get the chance, since they are working and also taking care of their children.

It isn’t typically considered rude for a parent to have a child continuously cry in the restaraunt or be noisy. It is however considered rude by most people to have an individual, that hates the crying or noise, request that the entire family be removed, because of the crying child. The fact is, most of the time, it is just noise.

In general, restaurants are never quiet. They always have ambient sounds that can be heard from the kitchen, especially since communication in the kitchen is extremely important. It isn’t just the sound of orders being shouted, or shouti tng that the order is up and ready that can sometimes be heard, but the sound of clanging and sizzling. People don’t tell a restaurant to quiet it down and stop making all that noise when they hear these sounds. They know that it is inevitable to hear these sound at a restaurant if they want their order to finish so they can eat. They just tune them out.

In fact, some people tune the sounds of so well that they don’t hear the restaurant employee yelling their name when their order is up. Some of them are literally snapped back into reality when the restaurant finally gets their attention. Some of them even get embarrassed and chuckle.

Many restaurants also have music playing and the television going too at the same time. It is also common for people eating to hear the clear or muffled conversations of other tables in the restaurant. Many times a burst of laughter can be heard every now and then if the restaurant is packed. It is true that sometimes people can be too loud, but it is natural for them to be social while eating. This is also true with children too.

In fact, children would be less responsible for being noisy, since they are only children. An adult with a robust voice would be more responsible if they were being too loud.

The point is, that usually the only one bothered by crying or noisy children, that were apparently brought to the restaurant by parents, is usually the guest that is focusing on them. Some guests are used to it and it just becomes another ambient sound in the distance in the restaurant, because they also have children too.

Can I ask the restaraunt to remove the family with the noisy children from the restaurant?

A person can ask a restaurant to remove the family and their noisy children from the restaraunt, but the response is probably going to be “No. we won’t do that. Sorry.” When a person is asking a restaurant this, they are trying to make a restaurant choose between their guests. If the restaurant has the family with the noisy children leave, then they lose their business.

Worst of all, that family probably payed more money to eat at the restaraunt than two people sitting at a table that are annoyed by the noisy child. Either way, the restaurant wants to have all of their guests eating, not just select individuals. It would not be fair to that family or their children. Most likely if this did happen, the entire family and other families that the restaraunt kicked out would probably no longer eat at the restaraunt. This would cause the restaurant to lose a lot of business.

A parent shouldn’t generally have to find a baby sitter for their children when they want to eat out. This just costs more money, plus the children aren’t eating together with the family too. Many restaurants don’t just feed adults, but also cater to families with kid’s menus. An individual that is bothered by noisy children at a restaurant should try to be considerate of these things.

There have been guests that we have seen all the time that reward other families with compliments or paying for their meal. These families are rewarded for having noisy children and for having well behaved children that are quiet. Some people see a parent with a large family with noisy children struggling and decide to complement them and encourage them for their efforts. They don’t get annoyed or want them to leave, they just understand that it is hard work and encourage them.

In one case, there was a married couple that had atleast 5 or 6 children eating at the restaraunt. They were well behaved and many of them were old enough to know better than to kick and scream to get what they wanted. Either way, because of the shear number of children that the family had, their whole family could be heard in the restaurant.

This is just generally what happens in a restaurant with the more people that a restaurant has dining in at a time. Some restaurants that get crowded end up sounding like a cafeteria filled with children, even if no children are present. If enough people eating at once in a restaurant are going to make some noise, even if none of them are shouting.

What Should I Do If A Child Is Noisy At A Restaurant?

If a child at a table is too noisy, they should try and move tables if they don’t want to be bothered. Telling the other table to quiet their children down, because they are bothered by the noise, isn’t going to turn out well sometimes and isn’t plausible for everyone. Requesting to move tables is the best solution, since it allows the child to be a child, and the parents to stress less about a guest that is bothered by the noise. It will make things fair for everyone.

If an individual is eating at the restaraunt alone, then they have even more options. If they brought their earphones, they can listen to music or a podcast while they are eating their food. If that doesn’t sound good, they can find a solution similar to this that might work so that they can’t hear the noisy child.

It isn’t exactly reasonable to expect most restaurants to not allow parents to bring their children simply because children are too noisy. It also isn’t reasonable to not expect a child to cry or make some noise sometimes in a restaurant. Finally, it isn’t reasonable to expect children to be as silent as a stalking panther in the night the entire time they are in a public place.

Either way, it is better most of the time to let the parents handle their own children than to intervene on petty matters like this. Eating the food and enjoying it at the restaraunt is something that the ears don’t get to do. The tongue, the smell, and sometimes the eyes, are ones that get to do that.

It may be true that parents should learn to control their children sometimes, but it is also true that children shouldn’t be expected to be robots. Every child is different. People shouldn’t expect every child to act the same.

Honestly, if all the children of a large family at a restaurant are all well behaved and quiet, then they should probably be concerned. What are the parents doing to their children behind closed doors to get them to be this way in public? Are they well behaved because of fear, or is it because they are being raised properly? Even children that are raised properly will still act their age from time to time.

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