Bubble Tea & Milk Tea Combinations

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Bubble Tea Combinations
Boba tea combinations to try

These are some boba combinations to try out the next time you make milk tea or bubble tea. They are unique, unlike the main flavors that usually only come with one flavor.  It includes favorites requested by boba shop customers, and people that have experimented with different combo ideas over time. Some boba shops use some of the combinations as their best sellers.

Some of them include more than one topping, while others are a mixture of flavors of boba tea that pair well together. Not all boba shops carry the specific flavors and toppings to make each drink, so you’ll have to ask a boba shop near you to see what they have.

Another way is to just search for the materials to make them yourself.

1. Matcha with Red Beans

Matcha with red beans is a very popular combination found in various boba shops. You would think that it wouldn’t work together so well, but you’d be surprised.

2. Grapefruit with Lychee Jelly

I’ve seen this combination ordered so many times. It’s a simple grapefruit mixed with tea, with lychee as the topping.

3. Assam Black Milk Tea with added brown sugar and Nitro

The Assam Black Tea sweetened with brown sugar, and infused nitrogen from a nitro brew coffee machine. The nitro really brings out a strong flavor from the tea that’s present through the creamy milk.

4. Matcha with Coconut Jelly 

A simple matcha flavored drink with coconut jelly as the topping.

5. Strawberry and Matcha

The Strawberry flavor combined with half Matcha flavoring and crystal boba.

6. Jasmine Green Tea with brown sugar and cheese foam

A Jasmine Green Tea sweetened with brown sugar and topped off with boba cheese foam.

7. Milk Tea with grass, coffee, mango jellies and pudding

A boba topping heavy milk tea with some of the best toppings. Tapioca pearls with this seems to ruin the combo. All of the toppings added are grass jelly, coffee jelly, mango jelly, and egg pudding.

8. Red Bean with Grass Jelly 

A red bean flavored bubble tea with grass jelly as the boba.

9. Mango with Yakult Milk and mango boba

Mango flavored milk tea using Yakult Milk instead, and mango flavored boba.

10. Thai with Lychee Jelly

Thai Tea combined with Lychee Jelly.

11. Dragonfruit with Cheese Foam

A Dragonfruit Tea topped off with Cheese Foam (no milk, crystal boba optional).

12. Lavender and Rose

A bubble tea combined with two floral flavors: Rose and Lavender.

13. Strawberry and Mango with pudding

Strawberry and Mango flavor combination with Egg Pudding as the topping.

14. Coffee with Cream Cheese

Coffee flavored boba tea topped off with cheese foam.

15. Peach Black Tea with Lychee Jelly

Peach flavored boba tea specifically made with black tea, and lychee jelly as the topping.

16. Pearl Milk Tea with pudding

The frequently ordered Pearl Milk Tea with Egg Pudding.

17. Assam Black Tea with pearls

Milk Tea specifically ordered with Assam Black Tea and the original tapioca pearls.

18. Jasmine Green Tea with mango boba 

Jasmine Green Tea combined with mango popping boba.

19. Wintermelon and Lemon with brown sugar

The Wintermelon flavored combined with the Lemon flavor, and sweetened with brown sugar.

20. Almond with Green Tea

Almond flavored bubble tea with green tea as the tea.

21. Mango Green Tea with Lychee Jelly

A Mango flavored boba drink with green tea as the tea, and lychee jelly for the boba.

22. Taro and Almond

A boba tea with both the Taro and Almond as the flavors.

23. Taro with Rainbow Jelly

The regular taro boba drink with rainbow jelly instead of tapioca pearls.

24. Taro and Cookies and Cream

A taro boba tea combined with oreos flavor or chunks.

25. Lemon with strawberry boba

A lemon flavored fruit tea with strawberry bursting boba as the topping.

26. Strawberry and Banana

Strawberry and Banana mixed together to create a classic combo.

27. Honeydew and Strawberry

The two flavors Honeydew and Strawberry combined in one boba drink.

28. Coconut with any flavor

A Coconut flavored bubble tea combined with almost any other flavor.

29. Blueberry and Lemon

The two flavors Blueberry and Lemon both in one drink.

30. Vanilla and Rose

The two flavors of Vanilla and Rose mixed together in one drink.

31. Jasmine Green Tea with Cheese Foam

A simple Jasmine Green Tea topped off with Cheese Foam.

32. Pearl Milk Tea with Cheese Foam

A regular Pearl Milk Tea with Cheese Foam on the top.

33. Raspberry with Green Tea

A Raspberry flavored boba tea with green tea as the tea.

34. Raspberry and Peach

A bubble drink with two flavors, the Raspberry and Peach mixed together.

35. Matcha and Toffee with cheese foam

A boba tea with Matcha and Toffee mixed together, and Cheese Foam as the topping.

36. Mango with sticky rice

Mango flavored bubble tea with sticky rice.

37. Jasmine Green Tea with extra Sea Salt Cream

A Jasmine Green Tea topped off with Sea Salt Cream, but extra cream for more flavor.

38. Orange with Green Tea

Orange fruit flavored boba tea with Green tea as the tea.

39. Milk Tea with crystal boba and tapioca pearls

A combination of two main toppings for the regular Milk Tea drink.

40. Passion Fruit with Green Tea

Passion fruit boba flavor combined with green tea as the tea.

41. Lavender with Chai Tea

The Chai tea flavor mixed with the Lavender flavor with regular boba.

42. Honeydew with soy milk, tapioca pearls, and strawberry jelly

Honeydew flavored boba drink with two toppings, the strawberry jelly and regular tapioca pearls. Soy milk is the base.

43. Wintermelon with crystal boba

Wintermelon bubble tea with white tapioca (crystal boba) instead of regular boba.

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