Firehouse Subs Kid Menu Options

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These are the items you can order for your kids from the kids menu at Firehouse Subs. It comes with some simple subs and combinations that are actually pretty suitable for kids. The subs do not lude veggies, to any of the sandwiches while ordering.

  1. Kid’s Turkey Sub – This sub for kids can come on white or wheat bread and doesn’t have anything except for the turkey and cheese. The cheese placed on the turkey is the provolone cheese.
  2. Kid’s Ham Sub – This one is very similar to the kid’s turkey except it comes with ham instead. The cheese is also provolone, which is sometimes substituted by the customers for cheddar instead.
  3. Kid’s Grill Cheese – This is a very common option from the Firehouse Subs kid’s menu. Firehouse has a bread they use to make the kid’s grill cheese that is different from the French sub bread used to make the turkey and ham sandwiches. They take loaf bread slices that are a little larger than the loaf slices from grocery stores, put butter on both sides, and one slice of cheddar cheese to make the kid’s grill cheese. They send these 2 slices through an oven to toast the bread with the butter and cheese on it before placing them together.
  4. Kid’s Meatball Sub – The kid’s meatball sub is a smaller version of their meatball sub sandwich. It can go on white or wheat bread, but usually goes on white bread. The French bread is split down the middle where 2 meatballs covered in marinara sauce are placed and covered with one slice of provolone cheese.

These are all of the main items included in the Firehouse Subs kid’s menu, which will automatically come with a small rice krispies treat and a 12 ounce fountain drink, apple juice, or milk. The rice krispies treat can be traded out for a cookie, brownie, or a bag of chips instead, which customers do pretty often.

The size of the kid’s sub sandwiches are 4 inches in length, which is exactly half the size of a medium sub. The amount of meat given per kid’s sub is exactly 2 ounces. This makes the turkey and ham kid’s subs look pretty small, but the combinations of the side items and drink make it an adequate meal for a child around 4 years old.

The kid’s meals don’t really come with a toy, but every order should come with a Firehouse Sub’s firehat resembling that of a firefighter’s.

Firehouse Subs Kids Eat Free

This may depend on your location on what time and day this may occur, but with every purchase of an adults meal, you receive a free kid’s meal for children 12 and under. The adult meal had to include a medium sub sandwich or larger with the side and drink (the whole meal). The time and day for my store locations was only on Sunday at anytime. You will receive one free kid’s combo for every purchase of a an adult combo. Of course, your kids will have to be present with you when you order.

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