The Number Of Restaurants That Are Infested With Roaches

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Roaches are viewed as some of the most disgusting insects on the face of the earth. One sight of them send a crawl up someone’s spine. For good reason, since roaches can be found in many of the places that we definitely wouldn’t stay in, and eating things that we definitely would not eat. They eat all of the foods we eat plus feces and even glue and cardboard.

The job of the cockroach is to clean up the earth, and they do a very good job at it, maintaining balance on the earth. However, because of this, people don’t want them in their restaurants and homes, and definitely away from their food. They can track bacteria and other filth from where they were unto your food.

How many restaurants have cockroaches? Every single restaurant has or will have cockroaches. Roaches have many ways to find their way into homes and especially restaurants. They are unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean that every restaurant has an infestation of cockroaches.

When a restaurant has an infestation, customers will began to see them, not just the employees, as the infestation usually begins somewhere in the kitchen. The dining area isn’t usually a suitable area, since water isn’t always easily accessible. The dining area is only a temporary eating place until the customers finish eating and leave. The kitchen area, however, is a more suitable place for an infestation to begin, since the food and water is always there.

Seeing one roach in the restaurant doesn’t necessarily mean that there are more, but it could be the start of one if left unchecked.

Out of the 5 different types of restaurants that an insider has worked in in the last 10 years, they have seen cockroaches in every single one of them. Not only have they seen cockroaches, but also occasionally spotted crickets that somehow find their way into the building.

4 out of 5 of these restaurants practiced good cleaning and sanitation practices on a regular basis.

How Do Roaches And Other Bugs Get Into Restaurants?

Roaches and other bugs can find their way into restaurants fairly easily. They can climb up directly from the sewer and come out of the sink. Other ways that roaches can find their way into a restaurant or home is through the front or back door. Cracks in the doors or windows, or just simply crawling right in through an open one are also ways.

Individuals can also carry bugs on them unknowingly before they walk into a restaurant, leading them into the facility. It can come from customers, employees, pets, delivery trucks, and packages that have been delivered to the restaurant.

Signs Of An Infestation In A Restaurant

Since all restaurants will or will have roaches at some point in time, the more important thing to find out is if they have an infestation. An infestation is a sign of poor cleanliness on the restaurants part, and a good reason to skip out on ordering food from there. Many restaurants have a monthly spray from pest control companies, but because of poor cleaning, it does little to nothing to prevent an infestation if it happens.

Seeing more than one roach at a time at a restaurant is a clear sign of an infestation. It is not a coincidence. Seeing multiple full grown cockroaches is also a bad sign. It means that they have been left unchecked for some time. The more frequently roaches are seen, the larger the infestation.

Older restaurants can be more prone to cockroaches nesting in them, if the building has cracks and other places, they can hide in the wear and tear over the years.

Here are more signs of cockroach infestations:

  • Poor cleanliness.
    • Poor cleanliness in a restaurant can provide roaches a feeding ground and a steady supply of food for the years to come, making an infestation more likely. If the restaurant isn’t cleaned well, then roaches will assist in the process by biologically doing what they aren’t doing, cleaning.
  • More than one roach seen at a time.
    • More than one cockroach seen in the restaurant in the same day is a very bad sign. More are sure to be found somewhere. Eggs have probably already been laid.
  • Roaches appearing in the dining area.
    • Finding a roach in the dining area where the customers eat is a bad sign. It means that there could be a large number of them in the kitchen area where the food is being made, and now they are exploring the dining area.
  • Dead roaches spotted.
    • Dead roaches spotted in a restaurant isn’t the same as if they are seen dead in a home. If dead roaches are seen, it is good that they are dead, but the restaurant obviously isn’t cleaning as often as they should if you spot them. Dead roaches should not have ever been seen, since the store should be regularly cleaned at all times.
  • Finding a roach in your food.
    • Finding a cockroach in your food is about as bad as it gets, and this is definitely a sign of an infestation that’s out of control. It also means that the food that that restaurant is making is also unprotected from them, and they have easy access to the food being served.
  • Spotting places that look like they haven’t been cleaned in awhile.
    • Places that haven’t been cleaned in awhile give cockroaches more options to set up home in a dirty restaurant and began an infestation.
  • Short staff of employees.
    • A short staff of employees all the time can lead to less chances to properly care for and clean the restaurant. Over time this can cause filthy areas to build up where roaches can invade and set up shop without being noticed. There aren’t enough people available to properly run the restaurant. Restaurants that have extra employees will have the ability to clean the store better when needed.
  • Employees that don’t appear to be motivated about their job.
    • Employees that aren’t motivated about their job may be this way because of the store’s poor conditions. It could be a sign that they are telling you something before you order. Granted every place can have a few bad employees, but it is something to keep in mind. People feel better working in great conditions instead of poor ones. Even underpaid employees may skip cleaning because of lack of motivation.
  • A restaurant that doesn’t look contentfully aesthetic in its overall appearance.
    • A restaurant that isn’t visually pleasing to look at could desensitize everyone from the actual upkeep and care for the restaurant. Out of order equipment, broken equipment, and hanging and missing decor could demoralize everyone in the restaurant, reducing their effort in more important matters.
  • Large amounts of flies in the restaurant during hot weather.
    • Large amounts of flies in a restaurant means there is a maggot infestation nearby, whether in the store or near it. This is a clear sign of neglect in cleanliness in the restaurant. It means that they are most likely skipping out on deep cleanings. It is safe to assume that roaches are also lurking there if it is like this everyday in the hot weather.
  • Spotting unsanitary practices in the restaurant.
    • Unsanitary practices by the employees in the restaurant means that they are most likely leaving opportunities for your food to get sampled by critters before it is served to you. Any restaurant that doesn’t see the importance of sanitation, doesn’t value your food before you receive it. They will sell you the food as long as you never know what happened to it.

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