Two Easy Ingredients To Make Batter Fast For Fried Chicken & Frying

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These two ingredients is all that is needed for making a simple quick batter for frying:

  • Liquid Whole Eggs (20 ounces)
  • Whole Milk (1 Gallon)

Equipment needed:

  • A cambro or container big enough to hold a gallon and a half of liquids.
  • A whisk.
  1. Pour 1 gallon of whole milk into a cambro.
  2. Pour 20 ounces of liquid eggs into the cambro.
  3. Mix together with a whisk.

This is exactly what a well known chicken restaurant uses to create their batter for frying chicken before putting it in flour. Batter is used to dip the raw chicken into so that the flour sticks to the chicken when it is covered in flour. The chicken will be dipped into the eggs and milk at the same time with this mixture.

If you can’t get liquid eggs for some reason, then large regular white eggs will work fine. Use 1 large whole eggs for every 2 ounces (1/4 cup) of liquid egg used when converting from whole eggs to liquid eggs. So 1 cup of liquid eggs is equivalent to 4 large white whole eggs. The whole eggs will have to be beaten and mixed into liquid before adding it to the whole milk.

If you can get your hand on a carton of liquid eggs, then try to get Papetti’s Liquid Whole Eggs. They are the same brand that some restaurants use.

How Do You Make Batter Stick To Fried Chicken?

The chicken is usually marinated in salt water for 24 hours prior to cooking it. It is taken out of the salt water mixture and submerged fully into the wet batter. The eggs mixed with the milk will help the batter to hold to the raw chicken when it is taken out of the batter.

The only thing that restaurants usually marinate their chicken in prior to cooking is salt in water. There are no additional seasoning on the chicken. Putting more seasoning on the chicken before it goes into the batter will interfere with the batter that goes unto the chicken prior to cooking it.

Adding a little buttermilk to the raw chicken before it is submerged in the batter also helps the batter to stick to the chicken.

When Frying What Goes First Egg Or Flour?

The flour is the last thing that goes on the chicken before it is fried in oil. The marinating is first, then the eggs and milk (batter), then the flour before it is finally fried. The eggs have to be before the flour so the flour can stick to the chicken while it is frying. The eggs act as the glue for making the flour stick to what ever you are frying.

The egg and milk batter mixture will keep the breading on the chicken during and after it is cooked. If the breading is coming off of the chicken or missing, it is because it wasn’t properly covered in flour, or the chicken wasn’t dipped in the batter correctly. Sometimes the batter is just forgotten altogether and accidentally placed directly into the flour after it is removed from the salt water.

If the chicken isn’t dipped in the eggs at all, then the breading could begin to “slip” or fall off the chicken after it is cooked or while it is cooking. This will just make a bigger mess to clean up in the deep fryer or pan when the frying is done.

Do You Need Baking Powder For Frying Batter?

No. You do not need to use baking powder to make batter. Milk and eggs are the only ingredients that you need to actually make batter do what it supposed to do and work. Baking powder is used to manipulate the breading create more fluff. It is used in combination with flour that isn’t already self rising. It is a personal preference, not a necessity. The fried chicken will still come out looking like fried chicken.

Baking powder is a leavener. It makes dough expand. It is very useful in cookies and cakes, but not so much in frying chicken. If you are looking for crisper chicken in the end or even baking chicken that you want to be crispy, you can experiment with baking powder. Be careful, as too much baking powder on baked chicken can cause the skin on the chicken to be tough and leathery after cooking.

You can try it with fried chicken to try and create your own unique breading with the baking powder. Some people use it to try and produce a more crisp fried chicken, but there are other easier ways to make chicken more crisp. Simply fry the chicken longer can give you the results you are looking for instead of making the fried chicken more bread.

Also, increasing the flour you use can also yield similar results, but make sure to lightly tap some of the excess flour off of the chicken before it is deep fried. That way it doesn’t fall off in the fryer.

How To Store Batter For Frying?

Batter for frying can be stored in a sealed container and kept cold in a refridgerator or cooler under 41 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be kept for 7 days, and used to batter around 240 pieces of meat.

Since the batter here consists of nothing but whole milk and eggs, it can be treated similar to storing milk. The batter container needs to be kept cold in a separate container with oce in it if it is going to be used in an extended period of time. If it is left sitting at room temperature for more than 2 hours, it should be thrown out.

Can I Use This Batter For Frying Other Things?

Yes you can. It can be used to fry not only chicken but fish, crab, shrimp, potatoes, and veggies. Try it with mushrooms. It is really good!

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