Starbucks Bubble Tea: Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso (How To Make It)

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Starbucks Bubble Tea: Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso
Oatmilk Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso Bubble Tea

Here we will go over how to make a diy Starbucks brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso (bubble tea version) at home, which is actually super easy and quick. It is one of Starbucks’ drinks that is basically like having oatmeal with brown sugar in a cup. Oatmeal with brown sugar has always been good, and coffee in the morning with your breakfast has always been a thing, so no wonder this drink became a hit. Right?

The ingredients needed to make this starbucks boba tea will include the actual brown sugar syrup to give a more authentic taste, but there will be instructions on making your own brown sugar syrup as well. Most boba shops use brown sugar as a sweetener for their tapioca pearls, so this will make the brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso drink really good with the boba.

How to Make The Starbucks Bubble Tea Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso

This is everything you need to make brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso bubble tea version:

This will be a 16 ounce drink, but ensure that the cup this will be consumed from is bigger for the additional toppings. Here are the exact measurements for the ingredients:

  • Tapioca Pearls – 2.5 Ounces (about 1/3 cup)
  • Brown Sugar Syrup – 3 Ounces (6 Tablespoons)
  • Cinnamon – A dash (1/8 Teaspoon)
  • Espresso – 3 Ounces (6 Tablespoons)
  • Oatmilk – 9 Ounces

1. Start by cooking the tapioca pearls first.

The tapioca pearls will take the longest, so start by cooking them first. There is thorough information on cooking them, located in the ‘how to cook tapioca pearls‘ guide. There are instant tapioca pearls, which take 10 minutes from start to finish, and the original tapioca pearls that take much longer. The original boba pearls will yield better texture and flavor in the end. If you decide to use the instant tapioca, then use Wufuyuan’s instant pearls. Additional help with soaking the boba in brown sugar is found in the ‘making the perfect tapioca pearls‘ guide.

2. Put brown sugar syrup into the shaker.

Start by pouring 3 ounces of brown sugar syrup (3 pumps) into the cup shaker. If you make bubble tea drinks regularly, then you’re probably familiar with brown sugar and making/turning it into a syrup, or you might just simply purchase it for use. I prefer having a bottle on hand instead of making it, to save clean up time. To make brown sugar syrup, just place brown sugar and the same amount of water into a pot or pan and bring it to a simmer, add 1 tsp of vanilla extract, then stir when simmering. It happens very quickly (2 – 3 minutes), so be ready to take it off the heat. It is ok to have it not so thick, as this mixes better.

3. Put ice into the shaker.

Put some ice into your shaker to make it a nice cold drink. Leave plenty of room to put your other ingredients in.

4. Put a dash of cinnamon into the shaker.

It doesn’t take much cinnamon, but you can add more if you like.

5. Put espresso into the shaker.

Put 3 ounces of espresso into the shaker. This is equivalent to 3 pumps. The instant espresso made by Caffé D’Vita works well, but if you want the exact espresso used for the oatmilk shaken espresso, then use the blonde espresso. There is an espresso machine that the capsules fit perfectly into with this.

6. Shake the ingredients in the shaker.

Put the lid unto your cup shaker and give it a good shake until everything is mixed together.

7. Take your tapioca pearls and place them into the cup you are going to drink from.

The tapioca pearls will be placed at the bottom first to prevent unnecessary splash.

8. Pour the mixture from the shaker into the cup.

Pour your brown sugar espresso shaker mix on top of the cooked tapioca pearls; if there is foam after shaking, that too. It has the brown sugar flavor in it.

9. Pour the oatmilk into the cup.

Pour the 9 ounces of oatmilk into the cup until the drink is about topped off, or you used all 9 ounces of milk. You can get oat milk at the local grocery store, and the one that I used is the extra creamy. The milk is dairy free, nut free, gluten-free, and vegan, so the brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso can be enjoyed by many!

How To Make Starbucks Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso Boba With Milk Tea

Making this into a milk is as simple as mixing milk tea powder into the oat milk separately before putting it into the rest of the drink. Take 3 ¾ tablespoons of the milk tea mix and mix it thoroughly into the oat milk to make it quickly into milk tea. Once done, then pour it as normal into the cup as shown in step 9. The milk tea mix is already premade into the classic black milk tea, which includes the black tea leaves.

If you would like to experience with other tea flavors, then instead of using the milk tea mix, use half of the milk required to make the shaken espresso bubble tea, and add half of the tea flavor of your choice.

The oats topping is a special topping to try instead of the regular tapioca pearls, that match well with this drink. To add them, just exchange them for the tapioca pearls! Adding a little more brown sugar is recommended, since some of it is lost from the tapioca pearls that were dipped in it. With this, you will really have oatmeal in your cup! Have fun barista, and don’t forget your boba straw!

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