How to Make Sonic’s Bursting Bubbles Drink at Home

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Sonic's Bursting Bubbles Drink
Sonic’s Bursting Bubbles Drink

When I found out that Sonic had a new popping boba drink I just had to try it out. Luckily I had a Sonic right down the street from where I lived, so I just rode my bike down there. I pulled up to one of the parking spots with the menu and intercom and ordered.

Come to find out, they only had two flavors available at my location: The cherry flavor and the blueberry with only one flavor for the bursting boba, green apple.

The drink came as is or as a slush, but since I didn’t want anything cold despite it being summer, I just ordered a cherry flavored drink.

When I finally arrived home to try it, I was actually surprised at how good it was. It came with a boba straw, so I had the pleasure of drinking it the proper way. Some had reported that they did not receive a boba straw to drink it with from the Dunkin Donuts they ordered theirs from.

The best feature of Sonic’s version of the bubble tea was the popping boba, which could be sipped up through the straw.

The drink tasted like a cherry fanta with a hint of green apples from the exploding boba.

After the first few sips, I just ended up drinking it with the bubbles until all I had left were the bubbles. I definitely didn’t mind since the green apple bursting boba was good all by itself.

Unfortunately, when I tried to order it again from Sonic, it was already discontinued. The bursting bubbles drink left as fast as it came in.

The lady working there also sounded disappointed as she told me that it was pretty popular while they had it.

So I decided to recreate this simple drink myself. It isn’t hard to make after all if you have all the right ingredients.

The Ingredients for the recipe:

The drink that I received from Sonic was made very quickly. It was fizzy, which I noticed as I was putting my straw into the cup. I took the lid off to drink it without it because I wanted to look at the beautiful boba.

This is what it looked like..

Inside of the Sonic Bursting Bubbles Drink
Inside of the Sonic Bursting Bubbles Drink

The bubbles on the side of the cup told me that this wasn’t just juice, but probably soda. Of course I found this out after I tried it, but I still couldn’t figure out what soda it was.

That was the hardest part as I pondered this to the point that I just ended up asking Sonic what soda it was. They confirmed that the bursting bubbles drink was made with sprite.

But since the regular cherry sprite from Coca-Cola is actually clear in color, I figured they used a syrup to flavor the original sprite, or a powder. I really thought it was Fanta.

How to Make Sonic Popping Boba Drink Step by Step

So with all the information gathered and after personally trying it for myself it was easy to make a step-by-step diy copycat Sonic bursting boba drink.. This is for a 20 ounce drink.

1. Add around 2 tablespoons of cherry syrup to your cup.

Add the syrup to the bottom of your cup. If you are making a very small 8 ounce drink, then it would be half of the amount, which is only 1 tablespoon.

You can add more flavor if you like, but this was good enough for me.

2. Add 14 ounces of sprite to your cup.

Add in your sprite now. Use around 14 ounces, which is 70% of a 20 ounce Sprite bottle. You can chill the sprite in the refrigerator or freezer for a little bit first if you want the drink to be cold.

3. Stir it up.

Stir your cherry syrup into the sprite until it is mixed together.

4. Add in your green apple bursting boba.

Put your green apple bursting boba into the cup. Around 2 to 3 ounces was enough for me, but you can add more if you like.

You will want to add these in with a spoon if you can to avoid making a mess. You don’t want to add them first before the other ingredients, since the popping boba is a little fragile. While stirring they could burst and spoil your fun.

I enjoyed eating these after drinking them with the sprite. They were fun and delicious. I couldn’t stop eating them, and when I did, I wanted more.

You can try substituting the original sprite with the cherry sprite soda if that is easier. It is more simplistic. I just really wanted to have that red color to go along with it.

To make the slush, you will need a blender and ice. Just take the same ingredients (except the popping pearls of course), and blend them with ice in the blender. You will need a cup or more of ice. Add the popping boba afterwards.

To make the blueberry flavored Sonic bursting bubbles drink, use blueberry fanta or mix blueberry syrup with sprite.

Follow all the same instructions as before for the cherry flavor.

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