All Equipment Needed For Deep Frying

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Equipment For Deep Frying

This is a list of all the equipment needed for deep frying at a restaurant and at home. First, we will start with the equipment needed to deep fry at home. Next, we will cover the equipment needed to deep fry at a restaurant.

Deep Frying Equipment For Home

  1. A deep frying pan or pot.
    • A deep frying is essential for deep frying at home. The deeper the pan, the more oil can be added, making more food options available for frying. The food has to be fully submerged in the oil to properly deep fry.
  2. A deep fryer.
    • This isn’t a necessity in some cases, but in others it could be. It all depends on how many people the food is being fried for. A deep fryer can become just as important, if not more valuable than a frying pan or a pot. Having one can making deep frying a lot easier and efficient.
  3. Cooking oil, cooking grease, or fat.
    • A cooking oil is needed in order to deep fry the food. One of the best, most effective, and popular oils for deep frying is canola oil. Vegetable oil and peanut oil are other great options, but many other cooking oils can be used, including grease and fat.
    • The entire inner bottom surface of the pan will be filled with oil. The amount of oil needed from that points depends on how much it takes for whatever is being deep fried. More oil will be needed to effectively deep fry larger pieces of food.
  4. A skimmer.
    • A skimmer is needed to safely take any cooked foods out of the hot oil after it has finished cooking. A skimmer works great, since it can pick up the food out of the oil and it won’t pick up all the oil with it.
  5. Thermometer.
    • A thermometer isn’t necessary to have for deep frying at home, but it is definitely useful. Know what temperature the oil is when it is hot, can help to estimate a time when whatever that is cooking, will be finished.
  6. Stainless steel tongs.
    • Frying tongs are helpful for grabbing anything in the frying pan that might need some readjusting. Sometimes pieces of food end up stuck together in the process of cooking. It’s nice to have some tongs to help separate them. Sometimes fried food needs to be placed in a different area in the pan so that it can cook better. Having tongs will help to do what a skimmer can’t do.
  7. Flour.
    • Flour is important for deep frying, and may be even essential depending on what is being deep fried. If there is something like fish or chicken that needs to be deep fried, then flour is a necessity for adding breading to them.
  8. Baking powder.
    • Baking powder can be used in combination with flour to add more fluff and crisp to the breading of deep fried food.
  9. A colander with a mixing bowl.
    • Placing a colander inside of a mixing bowl and the fried food inside the colander is helpful when excessive oil continues to drain from the food after it has finished frying. The oil can fall down into the mixing bowl through the colander, preventing it from making contact again with the fried food. This keeps the food from getting soggy if it has breading, keeping the breading nice and crunchy.
  10. Oven mitt.
    • Even though food is being cooked in the oven, sometimes the frying pan can get too hot to handle. It is nice to have an oven mitt if the frying pan or pot needs to be moved for any reason.

Equipment Needed For Deep Frying In A Restaurant

Here is the equipment needed for deep frying in a restaurant:

  1. Commercial Deep Fryer.
    • Having a commercial deep fryer in a restaurant when having to excessively fry food is going to save a lot of time and labor. The customers will appreciate it, and the employees will too. They are capable of making large amounts of food in a very short period of time.
  2. A hot box for food.
    • A place to put all of the food that has been deep fried to keep it hot and fresh is important. Having an area where fried food can be safely stored with a heating lamp or fan above it is also helpful.
  3. Frying baskets.
    • Frying baskets are necessary for effectively placing the food in the commercial deep fryer, and taking it out. They are more effective than skimmers when cooking large food quantities. They are also an efficient way for handling large quantities of food.
  4. A skimmer with a stainless steel waste pan.
    • Over time crumbs and other food particles will build up from consecutively deep frying food. A skimmer can be used to skim out the food particles and prevent the commercial deep fryer from clogging later on when it has to be filtered and cleaned. The food particles can be placed into the heat resistant waste pan and dumped into the trash later.
  5. Thermometer.
    • Even though deep fryers come with a built in thermometer most of the time, it is good to have one to check the internal temperature of fried food after it has finished cooking. Even if the food appears to be thoroughly cooked, sometimes the inner portion needs a little more time to fry. The metal stick on thermometers can be used to “stab” the fried food and check the temperature at the center of the food to make sure that it is safe for consumption.
  6. An apron.
    • Working in the kitchen can get a little messy sometimes when working with grease. An apron can help to keep your clothes clean, and prevent them from making contact with the food everyone has to eat.
  7. A hat or a hair net.
    • No one wants to consume deep fried hair. Wear a hat or a hair net when cooking in the kitchen. Everyone wants to think that it’s not their hair when it is found in the food, but it probably is if they are cooking without a hat or hair net.

Extensive equipment is needed to filter and clean a commercial deep fryer, but, this is the main equipment needed when deep frying in a restaurant or at home. Having this equipment will keep you safe and make the process a lot easier and fun.

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