Best Bottled Water Systems

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These are the best water filtering systems for making bottled water and water jugs. These are all the best of their type, plus they are ranked for overall resourcefulness. Some of the filters go the extra step when creating filtered water that is safe to drink at home, an addition to a restaurant, an addition to a breakroom for employees, or just about anywhere you go.

The water filter systems are not only the best, but they have been carefully selected to see which are test for filling bottled water and jugs on the go. Consideration was taken into account for ranking the filtering systems that are the best of their kind for which would be the best for overall usage in many different situations.

For instance, some of the water filters are portable and one of them doesn’t require electricity for usage. The portable one can be used at a fair to fill and sell bottled water for example as a bottled water system.

All of the water filtering systems can work well for filling bottled water and jugs, and they all have TDS (total dissolved solids) reductions of 90.5% or greater.

This is better than some local bottled waters bought from stores that had TDS reductions around 60.5%.

In other words, having a filtered water system for making your own bottled water does a better job at water purification than the bottled water sold near you (and saves a ton of money). Having one means no longer buying bottled water from others too, but making your own.

No matter which water filter system that is chosen, you will be able to fill multiple empty water bottles as needed.

1. Waterdrop Tankless RO Water Filtration System

This Waterdrop water filtering system was chosen as the top pick for filling water bottles and jugs. It isn’t portable, but it filters water the best, and does it pretty fast with a thin faucet that can slide easily into bottles.

It has easy installation, which hooks into the sink underneath the sink. After it is installed, the Waterdrop filter system had easy replacing methods for changing the filters when they are used up. It took around 6 months to a year before they had to be replaced, but it was easy.

The faucet has a red light that flashes when 1 of the 3 filters on the water filter was ready to be changed. The water filter itself displayed exactly which of the 3 filters was ready to be changed, and it was as simple as turning the filter counterclockwise to take it out, and clockwise for replacing a new one. It flashed red just like the faucet, and turned blue after the new filter was installed to place the other one. There was no need for unscrewing anything. The filters sat horizontally in the water filter, and had big notches that made them easy to turn to take them out.

The water filtering system is a 4 stage filter that removed various different levels of contamination in the water.

The best feature of the water filter is that it is tankless.

Since it is tankless, this meant that it didn’t take up much space when it was installed underneath the sink. It also meant that it was able to consistently make filtered water without slowing down to a drizzle after a certain amount of gallons of water was filtered. Other water filter systems would store a certain amount of water in their tanks, and slow down substantially on its production after the tank began to run low. This is because it couldn’t keep up with the pace, and had to “rest” and refill for hours before it was able to filter water at a faster rate again. The Waterdrop simply doesn’t do this, because it doesn’t need a tank.

It can filter water all day, and fills a gallon in around 1 minute and 30 seconds (12 seconds for a 16 ounce bottled water container), making it one of the fastest filters.

The faucet it uses has a built in TDS meter, and reduced the TDS in water by 96% or more.

It’s filtered water to water waste ratio is 3:1, meaning that it can make 3 gallons of purified water while only wasting 1 gallon of unfiltered left over water. This means that it filters the best and saves the most money.

It runs off electricity, so it plugs into the wall.

2. Bluevua RO Countertop Water Filter System

The Bluevua water filtering system is a semi-portable water purifier, this means that it doesn’t need to be installed underneath a sink and hooked up to it to actually work. It works anywhere that has a working outlet. It is plugged into the wall, filled with tap water, and with a push of a button it purifies it.

The fact that it doesn’t need to be hooked up for it to work, makes it really stand out as a water filtering system. However, because it isn’t hooked up to the sink, it can only make a limited amount of purified water at a time, unlike the Waterdrop.

It uses a tank in the back of the machine to fill up with tap water that is eventually filtered into a borosilicate glass pitcher that can be removed. It can be used to pour into a jug or a bottled water container, or stored in the refrigerator for later consumption.

The machine has a built-in TDS reader. The front of the water filter has a screen that shows the current TDS readings in the water.

The filtering system has 4 stage filtering for removing various levels of contamination for the best results. The Bluevua water filter has a 1:1 filtered water to water waste ratio, but the good thing is that it isn’t immediately drained down the drain because it isn’t installed into the sink. This means the “bad” water can be used for something else other than consumption if one chooses to do so rather than dumping it.

3. AquaTru Countertop Water Filtration Purification System

The AquaTru is another portable water filtering system that can be used anywhere that it can be plugged in. It doesn’t need to be installed to a sink, and it performs similar to the Bluevua. The TDS readings weren’t as good as the other 2 previously mentioned above, but it performs very well.

It doesn’t have a built-in TDS reader, but it does have a cool looking screen that animates while the water filter is doing its filtering. It notifies the individual when it is done.

The AquaTru has 3 filter canisters for stage 4 filtering for maximum purification. It filters out sediments, lead, minerals; just like the other best filters, and even prescription drug residue found in contaminated water.

It has a nozzle that empties the filtered water pretty fast, but it does filter the water a slower rate. Despite the slower rate, it does have a better purified water to water waste ratio than the Bluevua. 60% of the water is purified with only 40% of the water left as the discarded waste.

It has 2 tanks instead of just 1, with one being used as the filler for tap water, and the other for the newly filtered water. It finishes its process of water purification in about 12 minutes when it is filled to the max with tap water. Both of the tanks can be removed, and the filtered water tank can be stored in the refrigerator if needed.

It has a filter specifically for making the water taste better.

4. Crown Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filtration System

This water filtering system is different from the others. The Crown Berkey water filtering system doesn’t need to be plugged into an outlet or installed into a sink to work. It is 100% portable, and it doesn’t require electricity. This means that if there is a power outage, it will still work.

It uses gravity by filtering the water from top to bottom with the water passing through the filters at the bottom. The filtered water is stored at the base of the machine where a nozzle similar to a tea urn nozzle is pressed to fill containers with purified water. The nozzles shape is very convenient for filling water bottles and jugs. The nozzle can also be changed out for something else, since it is a common nozzle used on many urns.

The weight of the water filter is worth mentioning, as it only weighs 12 pounds. However, when it is filled to the max, it can weigh about 60 pounds, making it a little bit of a workout if it has to be used repeatedly throughout the day when filling it and moving it if it has to be is moved.

The fact that it didn’t require electricity, still makes it one of the best filters to have for filling up bottled water containers to have. Especially since it can be used as a back along side an electric one.

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