How Restaurants Make Lemonade (With Or Without Sugar)

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How to make lemonade just like the restaurants.

This is how restaurants make real lemonade juice to serve to their guests for the day. This will cover what restaurants do to make it, and how to make it. All of the ingredients will be listed as well for making a large amount for restaurants, and a gallon for use at home.

Lemonade is a really popular drink in restaurants, because it tastes good; and guests love to have real juice that they can drink with their meal. Customers are always pleased and impressed when they find out that a restaurant actually makes their own real lemonade with natural ingredients.

Luckily it is a very simple thing to make regardless if it is for restaurant usage, or home usage. The lemonade that we are making is 100% natural, and made with real lemons. In our restaurant, this drink sells more than all of the other fountain drinks. The only thing that sells more is the sweet and unsweetened tea.

The lemonade will also come out with no pulp, which has to be taken out if you wish to serve the lemonade cold, and in the best way possible for your guests. The good thing about lemons is that they have a powerful enough flavor in them that only a small amount of the juice from the lemons is needed for making a large gallon or more of lemonade with sugar.

It will not take long to extract the juice from the lemons if you use the right equipment to do the job, otherwise it could take all day. We will cover how to make lemonade with and without sugar the way the restaurants do it.

The equipment needed for making real lemonade:

Ingredients for making fresh lemonade:

  • Lemons
  • Water
  • Sugar (No sugar if making it with no sugar.)

How To Make Fresh Lemonade Like The Restaurants

Here is the instructions for making fresh lemonade by the gallons (if necessary) just like the restaurants do it. Once you have all the equipment, it is very easy. It doesn’t require much labor and effort to get it done either.

Instructions and ingredients for making gallons of lemonade (around 4 gallons):


  • 36 lemons
  • 15 liters of water
  • 3 to 4 cups of sugar
Best Restaurants Fresh Lemonade Made From Real Lemons
Restaurant Lemonade

To make lemonade without the sugar, then don’t add the sugar as part of the ingredients. Depending on personal preference, you may want to add more of the lemon juice to give the lemonade more of a naturally sweetened taste. Using half of the amount of lemon juice for the water you would use to make the lemonade is recommended.

To make just 1 gallon of lemonade, you will need 7 to 9 lemons; so to make 4 gallons, you will need 28 to 36 lemons.

You will need more lemons for this if you are making lemonade without sugar. You will need around 35 to 45 lemons to make a gallon.

1. Cut/Slice the lemons in half across the shorter part of the lemon (horizontal), not the longer part (vertical).

Lemons cut in half.

2. Use the lemon juice extractor to extract the juice from the lemons that have been cut in half. Make sure that there is a container to catch the extracted juice from the machine.

The flesh of the lemon halves are placed on the spinning extractor bulb, which extracts all of the juice from the lemon. Once done, the leftover part of the lemon with the skin can be disposed of.

3. Once all of the lemon juice has been extracted, take a strainer and place it above a new container and pour the extracted lemon juice over the strainer and into the new container. Move the strainer around alittle to get the extra juice to drain out of the strainer.

This is how all of the pulp from the lemon juice is removed.

4. Fill the large food container up with 15 Liters of water.

This would be 7 liters of water for lemonade with no added sugar.

5. Pour 3 to 4 cups of sugar into the container with water. (Skip this step if you are making lemonade without sugar.)

This is the amount of sugar to make sure that it is sweet enough without being too sweet for most people. You can start with 3 cups and then try 4 if it isn’t sweet enough. Keep in mind that the natural sweetness of the lemon juice will have to be taken into account as well.

6. Pour 48 ounces of the extracted strained lemon juice into the container.

This would be 7 liters of extracted lemon juice for lemonade without the sugar.

7. Whisk it all together until it is fully mixed.

If you want to just make a gallon of fresh lemonade just for yourself, then use these ingredients:

  • 7 to 9 lemons
  • 4 liters of water
  • 1 cup of sugar

Leave the sugar out if you are making lemonade without sugar.

Follow the same instructions above to create the lemonade.

How To Keep Lemonade Cold And Fresh All Day

If you are planning on serving the lemonade to guests over an extended period of time, then use a refrigerated drink dispenser. The drink dispenser will keep the lemonade cold and fresh while it is in it.

Restaurants also premake the sugar and water with the 15 liters of water and 4 cups of sugar already mixed and kept in the large containers. They are stored in their large refrigerators like this until they are ready to make the full lemonade.

From here, they will use the juice extractor to extract the juice from the lemons, then pull out the premade sugar water containers and pour the 48 ounces of lemon juice into the water and mix it. The containers of lemonade are then used to fill and refill the refrigerated drink dispensers to serve to their guests all throughout the day.

To prep the lemonade without the sugar, then just make the water containers without the sugar and store them cold.

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