Cut Vegetables & Fruits Without A Knife (Automatic Slicers)

Chop Vegetables Without A Knife

These are slicers that can be used to cut fruits and vegetables without a knife. They all work really well, with the first option being the best. They all have automatic cutting features that will allow chopping fruits and vegetables without hands very easy. Some of them are great for restaurant usage, while others are more better suited for home.

If safety is the concern due to the possibilities of cutting one’s self with a knife, then you will find these options to be very useful and worth the time and money. Knives can wear out and eventually add up in cost having to constantly replace or sharpen them. The efficiency of some of the slicers provided can make chopping a whole vegetable or fruit appear to be instant with how fast it is done.

The choppers are great for commercial and home usage with easy to use functions. Most of them are also very easy to clean.

1. Robo Coupe R2 Continuous Food Processor

The Robo Coupe food chopper is the best fruit and vegetable chopper, with easy to use features, overall usability, and its built for lifelong usage. Cutting produce without using a knife doesn’t get any easier than this.

The slicer functions in two modes, which are automatic and manual through the push of a button. The automatic button allows produce to continuously get cut, which is great for feeding the machine, and the manual button allows for controlled cuts.

The cutter comes with a safety feature, which prevents usage while the lid on the top of the machine is off. The machine also will not work if it isn’t assembled properly. This makes it safe and very hard for the user to injure themselves by getting cut.

The top of the machine has a hole where liquids can be poured into while the machine is chopping, allowing a blending feature as well. The top can be switched to a fruit and vegetables prep top that comes with the food processor. It can cut both small and large produce pieces with ease, and does it in a fraction of a second.

It comes with durable long lasting blades that can be adjusted for thin slices and grating with additional add-ons that can be changed and replaced with ease. The grating can be used to shred vegetables or cheese for salads.

This machine has lasted up to 30 years some individuals, and it is the standard for many chefs in their own kitchen. Most vegetable choppers in its class do not last long, which is why many decide to buy this, because it does. It can slice a large variety of vegetables without ever getting overwhelmed by whatever load is placed on it.

2. Clivia Automatic Vegetable Chopper

The Clivia vegetable chopper is fully automatic, and uses a feeder with a blade at the bottom to cut the vegetables without needing to use a knife at all.

The only thing that is needed to chop the vegetables with the hands is pressing the lever at the top down after inserting the vegetables into the machine. The lever has a press on the bottom of it that makes contact with the vegetables that are inserted, sending them through the blades and out the spitter.

The only thing about this vegetable chopper is the placement of the spitter. It seems to sit a little too high, making it shoot a few of the vegetables out that can possibly miss the tray trying to catch them.

The automatic veggie cutter comes with many add-ons that make it easy to shred cheese and vegetables into very thin pieces. It also chops the vegetables very fast.

3. Newhai Fruit & Vegetable Slicer

The Newhai fruit and veggie slicer is an automatic and manual slicer that can slicer anything that can fit in its holder. Majority of the machine is designed to hold fruits in its holder that stabilizes the produce before it is cut. The disk shaped portion houses the blade for slicing and shredding.

The fruit and veggies are placed inside and pressed up against the disk housing the blades, which slices the produce and sends it out of the bottom of the disk. The spitter is well covered, so the slices shoot out and appear to slide down and out of the machine for the least possible mess. The machine isn’t designed for heavy commercial usage, but it is more suitable for chopping vegetables and fruits at home at a reasonable pace.

The only time it takes up is the initial setup of every produce before it is sliced. As mentioned, the slicer is also manual. It has a lever that can be hooked unto the machine that turns and operates the blade and the holder. The auto feature is activated with a push of an on and off switch.

It doesn’t have a continuous feeder or changeable cutting functions, but it can get the job done, cutting fruits and vegetables safer without the use of hands. All it has is an adjustable notch to regulate the size of the slices of the chopped produce.

4. Diyarea Fruit & Vegetable Grinder

The Diyarea fruit and vegetable grinder works like a grinder with a blade that quickly minces any fruits or vegetables that are placed into it. Because of its smaller blade, it is better designed for home usage than commercial.

The spitter shoots the minced produce out pretty fast, so it does require a good container to prevent pieces from flying all over the place. This vegetable and fruit chopper doesn’t require a knife, but it also only has one function, which is designed only for mincing.

Using a vegetable chopper is the most sensible way to chop vegetables and fruits without using the hands with a knife. There are other ways, but they aren’t designed to guarantee safe usage for cutting produce.

There is an ‘automatic’ fruit and vegetable peeler for shaving off the skin of potatoes, lemons, limes, oranges, and other produce. It isn’t the most effective, and people struggle with coordinating it, but most people think it works good enough.

It may solve any peeling problems you might have for prepping vegetables and fruits for cutting without a knife before they are placed into whichever automatic produce chopper you decide to use.

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