How To Make Food Crispy

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There are a few simple general methods used by restaurants and home cookers to obtain crisper food. We will go over how this is done for all foods that are placed in the air fryer, oven, and a deep fryer.

There isn’t a way to get the food more crispy using a microwave. Microwaves use a different method to heat the food than other heating elements used for cooking. The water in the food vibrates and rubs against each other, causing the food to heat when using a microwave. It creates steam, which heats the food.

So if flour is placed on chicken, and then placed in the microwave to cook, the result is overcooked rubbery floured chicken in the end with no crispy texture. The microwave excels at cooking foods in water.

How To Make Crispy Food In An Airfryer

Making crispy food in an air fryer is quite simple. It is one of the best ways to produce crispy foods, because it doesn’t need oil to fry or cook the food. Air fryers can not only make foods crispy, but it can also add crunchiness to the food. Here are simple things to try.

  • Space out the food in the air fryer.
    • Space out the food you are cooking in the airfyer to give all sides of the food a chance to cook evenly.
    • If the food isn’t properly spaced out or laid out correctly, it can cause some parts of the food to become crispy and other parts not. This can lead to burns on the crunchy parts that are ready if an attempt to cook the food longer is made for the parts that aren’t crispy.
  • Use an air fryer rack.
    • Set your food on a rack instead of a tray. This will allow the oils and juices to fall out of the food and into the pan under it in the air fryer. This makes the food more crispy in the end, and even possibly crunchy too.
    • The rack will also allow the air fryer to cook the bottom and the top of the food simultaneously.
  • Apply oil.
    • Adding a little oil to the food with a spray bottle will also help to give the food extra crispness. The air fryer fries the food, however not the same way that deep fryers fry food. The oil helps to create a crispy texture when the food is fried.
  • Apply flour with baking powder.
    • This is an old trick used by home cookers, but not restaurants as much. Sprinkle flour and baking powder unto the food, covering it. It will give the food a crispy skin after it is cooked.
    • It works best if a little oil is applied first to the food, then the baking powder and flour, and sprinkled on the food afterwards.

How To Make Crispy Food In An Oven

Making food that is crispy in the oven isn’t as simple as it would be for an air fryer, but it isn’t that difficult. The oven takes the longest to cook foods, so it can take 30 minutes to an hour for certain foods to finish. Use a cooking pan. This is what you can do to make foods crispy. Obviously these are for foods that aren’t baked in water in the oven. The pan the food is cooking in may have to be flipped along with the food as it cooks in the oven.

  • Applying some oil.
    • Applying oil on the food still works well when trying to make crispy food in the oven. Put oil on the bottom on the pan to keep the food from sticking and spray light oil on the food.
  • Applying flour and baking powder.
    • Coat the food in flour and baking powder as you would for frying chicken (particularly for poultry). This works really well for frying wings for example. A thin coat of each works really well.
  • Cooking the food longer.
    • Simply cooking the food for a longer period of time than usual also produces extra crispy foods. Just be careful to not burn your food.

How To Make Crispy Food In A Deep Fryer

Making crispy food in a deep fryer is fairly simple but requires some extra equipment. You will need a deep fryer of course, but also a cooling/cooking rack to place the food on after it is done deep frying.

Place the food in the deep fryer to cook as it normally would be, but leave the food in the deep fryer to cook for an additional 1 to 3 minutes at the temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

This works really well for poultry and french fries to easily make them extra crispy. The only thing is that you will have to carefully watch the food to make sure that it doesn’t burn. When food is left in the deep fryer for an extended period of time after it has finished cooking, it will become harder and more crispy.

The cool thing is that the inside of the food will remain soft or fluffy. This is how crispy fries are made with their fluffy textures on the inside. Deep fryers cook the entire food very well when it fries it, but still cooks the inside of the food at a slower rate.

You can tell when the food has become extra crispy in the deep fryer by observing its outer color. Once it is cooked, it will begin to turn brown. The browner the color, the harder the food becomes, resulting in a crispy outer shell texture.

Using a deep fryer is one of the best ways to get great tasting extra crispy food without needing any extra ingredients.

Once the food is done cooking, it needs to be placed on a mesh tray to allow the excessive oils to leave the food. The food will dry out, leaving the crisp texture and juice in the middle. If the oils are not allowed to leave the food, then the food will not be as crispy, but might even become soggy with excessive oil. It is very important that the food is placed on a cooling rack over a pan when it is done.

You can also add flour and baking powder to the food just like you would for the air fryer and oven cooking methods. The outside of the food will have an even better crisp if flour is added.

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