What Restaurants Clean With

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Here is a list of all the cleaning chemicals that restaurants use for cleaning different things in their restaurant. Also, a list of all the common equipment that restaurants use to clean their floors, tables, countertops, and others things will also be listed.

A common misconception is that restaurants use bleach to clean everything in their establishment. This is not true. Though every restaurant may use and have bleach, it may not be primarily used to clean most of the restaurant. There are other cleaning solutions that are used to disinfect surfaces besides bleach. Restaurants may choose to avoid using bleach to prevent degradation of certain equipment caused by bleach, the strong smell of the bleach, and the risk of bleach coming in contact with food. These are some of the common reasons why restaurants use another cleaning method instead.

Restaurants never use just straight water to clean any of their surfaces. Everything from their food countertops to their bathrooms are always cleaned with some type of cleaning solution.

The Cleaners That Restaurants Use To Clean With Chart
Cleaners used by restaurants for cleaning.
  • John Boos Butcher Block Mystery Oil
    • This is used to maintain tables, cutting boards, and other surfaces in the restaurant that are made out of wood. It is used every 3 to 4 weeks to keep the wood from drying, cracking, or splitting. It is food safe.
  • Clean Quick Broad Range Sanitizer
    • This is one of the most commonly used cleaning solutions in restaurants. This is what restaurants use to clean dining room tables and other surfaces where food is prepped and served.
    • The other uses of sanitizer include sanitizing washed dishes, cleaning equipment, cleaning drink dispenser machines, soaking drink nozzles, and cleaning baby stations in the bathroom.
  • Comet Disinfectant Cleaner With Bleach
    • Restaurants use this mainly for cleaning bathroom toilets and urinals.
    • It is also used to clean areas that can cause cross contamination from raw meat prep. Whenever raw meat dishes are washed in the sink, it can be used to disinfect the sinks by cleaning it with the solution. This way dishes that aren’t used for handling raw meat can be washed too in the same sink without causing cross contamination after it is disinfected.
    • It is also used to clean the sink area where mops are stored, tough stains on walls, and dunnage racks (metal racks used to keep food safely stored from making contact with the ground).
  • Dawn Professional Heavy Duty Degreaser
    • This is used by restaurants to clean equipment, surfaces, and floors that have large quantities of grease on them. It can be used to clean grill areas, deep fryer equipment, and other cooking equipment and areas.
  • Dawn Professional Manual Pot And Pan Detergent
    • This is used as the primary detergent for cleaning and washing all restaurant dishes, including pots and pans, and washable equipment parts from cooking appliances. It is sometimes used in combination with a degreaser to clean tough cooking dishes (pots, pans, and grills).
  • Dawn Professional Power Dissolver
    • This is used by restaurants to clean areas with tough grease. This can be used to take off tough grease on deep fryers, grills and griddles.
    • It is sprayed on the tough grease surface, and then it sits for 15 minutes before the area is wiped and cleaned. It can be used to clean the outside floors of the restaurant where the trash and dumpsters are as well in combination with a pressure washer.
  • DCT Delimer Liquid.
    • This is used to remove the rust, calcium, and lime build up left behind after water evaporates off of the surface of equipment.
    • Lime build up usually happens in sink areas (faucets), bathroom areas, and on bathroom tiles in restaurants. It can also appear on the surface of dispensers and ice machines.
  • High Temperature Grill Cleaner
    • This is a very effective cleaner for cleaning grills after heavy usage. It can be used on grills while they are heated at temperatures of around 350°F, which is the best time to clean them.
    • In combination with basic grill cleaning equipment, it does a great job at effectively removing build up and tough grease from grills of all types.
  • DCT Stainless Steel Cleaner And Polish
    • This is used primarily for cleaning all stainless steel surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen, on walls, handles, and all stainless steel restaurant equipment.
    • It can be used on both small and large equipment like refrigerators and coolers. It does an excellent job at removing smudges, while simultaneously cleaning the surface.
    • This is not for cleaning surfaces where food is prepped or served that are made of stainless steel.
  • Fryer Boil Out by Cascade Professional
    • Used for boil outs on deep fryers whenever it is time for restaurants to boil out and clean/change the oil in deep fryers.
  • Goo Gone Professional Strength Adhesive Remover
    • Used to remove adhesive buildup from oils, wax, gum, glue, stickers, and tape that might be left behind on surfaces where objects were attached. It works really well on wood surfaces, windows, countertops, tiles, floors, and also carpets without leaving any discoloration.
  • Magnesol Frying Oil Saver
  • Mr. Clean Finished Floor Cleaner
    • This is used in restaurants to wax dining room floors after they have been swept and mopped. It can be used on wood tile and stone floors.
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
    • Used on many different surfaces to remove dirt and dust predominantly. Very commonly used in restaurants to clean ceiling tiles and vents.
    • It is one of the few cleaning objects that can clean surfaces without the use of chemicals. This makes it excellent for cleaning electronic equipment in restaurants like computers, cash registers, and screens.
  • Sani Wipes
    • These are disposable wipes that are used by restaurants primarily to clean tables and sanitize chairs in the dining room area.
    • They can also be used on any food surface to sanitize it. These wipes are multipurpose, meaning that they can be used for cleaning many surfaces.
    • The sanitization wipes have also been used to remove some forms of tough thick grease build ups very well with ease.
  • Spic And Span Disinfecting All Purpose Spray And Glass Cleaner
    • This is a disinfectant spray for cleaning windows and mirrors in restaurants without leaving any smudges.
    • The cleaning spray is also used for disinfecting all surfaces, including food surfaces as long as the surface is wiped off with sanitizer after its usage.
  • Spic And Span Floor And Multi-Surface Cleaner
    • This is the main solution that restaurants use to clean their floors with. They fill this in a mop bucket, and mop all dining room, bathroom, and kitchen floors with this.

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