How To Make Any Fruit Tea With Popping Boba

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This article will go into detail on how to make any fruit tea flavor with popping boba in it. It will also show you how to make a fruit tea with boba jellies. It will give a general idea on how much of each ingredient is needed to create any popping boba fruit tea drink.

There are many different fruit tea flavors that can be made easily, and also many popping boba fruit flavors to experiment with.

These drinks can be made really fast if using the right equipment. I highly recommend using a cup shaker for this instead of just making them directly in a regular cup.

This is the equipment that is needed to make fruit tea drinks with popping boba:

Ingredients for a 16 ounce fruit tea drink with popping boba:

I recommend going with Tea Zone for fruit syrups, as they have selections that are made from the real juice. They also have a ton of fruit syrup flavors available for making fruit teas.

Instructions for making any fruit tea flavor with popping boba:

1. Make the 16 ounces of tea.

Start by making the tea first. The best choice for making any fruit with tea is black tea. This is the tea that is used by restaurants, cafes, and boba shops the most as a base tea.

Almost all restaurants go with this for their sweet and unsweetened tea. They also use black tea for making their own fruit teas sometimes as well.

It is a strong tea that works well with sweeteners, because it is so dark.

The tea can be made with loose tea leaves, or with tea packets. To make the tea, just simply use the teapot, fill it with water, heat it to 200 degrees Farenheit, insert the tea packet or loose tea leaves, and heat the tea for 2 to 3 minutes.

2. Put 4 tablespoons of fruit syrup into the cup.

4 tablespoons (2 ounces) is the recommended amount of syrup if you are using the easy to use Tea Zone fruit syrups. Of course, you will have to use the corresponding fruit syrup for the flavor of fruit tea that you are trying to make. All of the flavors require a recommended 4 tablespoons for a 16 ounce drink.

If other brands of fruit syrup is used, then try 2 to 4 tablespoons of the flavor, as not all syrups are the same. Start with the least amount of tablespoons first, since more can be added later to your liking without adding too much. More sweetener is usually added since the ice can dilute the flavor, making the fruit tea weak.

3. Put 2/3 ice in the cup shaker.

Grab the cup shaker and put 2/3 ice in it. This will be enough to cool the tea and make the tea ice cold. If you want the tea to be hot, then don’t put the ice in it. Just skip this step.

4. Pour the tea into the cup shaker.

After the desired ice and fruit syrup flavor have been added to the cup shaker, add the brewed tea. The hot tea will melt some of the ice, and the fruit tea will become cooler.

5. Put the lid on the cup shaker and shake it for 1 minute.

Shake the tea, ice, and fruit tea syrup in the cup shaker for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. More of the ice will dissolve and the fruit syrup will mix into the drink, making a nice cold fruit tea.

6. Place 1/3 cup of popping boba/boba jelly into your drinking cup.

The popping boba will go into the cup that you will drink your fruit tea from, not in the cup shaker that you made your fruit tea in.

Trade the popping boba for boba jelly if you want to have any fruit tea flavor drink with boba jellies instead.

7. Pour the fruit tea on top of the popping boba in the cup.

Finally, pour the mixed fruit tea from the cup shaker into the drinking cup with the popping boba. This will complete the fruit tea with popping boba.

Any type of fruit tea flavor can be made with the instructions provided to create a fruit tea with popping boba drink.

Syrups are the best way to easily make any fruit tea flavor, because they dissolve and mix easily into other liquids, no matter what temperature they are (hot or cold). They can be used to make drinks really fast into fruit teas without worrying about uneven mixtures and chunks or powder settling in the drink.

Also a bit of fructose syrup can be used in creating fruit tea drinks. It isn’t necessary, but they are a better alternative to sugar. They work really well for fruit teas.

The Tea Zone syrups already mentioned, have fructose already in them, so all is needed is to just add the 4 tablespoons of what ever fruit syrup flavor it is you are using to create what ever flavor of fruit tea you are making.

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