Cayenne Pepper Boba Pearls

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Cayenne Boba Pearls
Cayenne Boba PearlsheatWe

Cayenne pepper boba pearls are spicy boba pearls that have actual cayenne pepper in them. This will cover in detail on how they are made with step-by-step insructions. They are great for herbal teas, spiced milk teas, like chai tea, and regular teas and milk tea drinks. They also have the benefit of being flavored by spice instead sugars, making them a better choice than regular tapioca pearls.

There are a few main health benefits associated with cayenne pepper. They include digestive system relief, and improvements in hair and skin health.

A simple spicy drink can be made by combining it with a vegetable blended drink and including cayenne pepper boba in it. Salads with cayenne boba pearls in them to spice it up is also another use for them. They would look and taste wonderful in a salad.

How To Make Cayenne Pepper Boba Pearls

Cayenne pepper boba pearls are made with tapioca starch or cassava flour. If you are used to making boba from scratch, then making these we will be easier for you to do. If you need additional help when making the dough for the cayenne boba, then please check the troubleshooting guide for fixing tapioca dough.

Equipment needed to make cayenne tapioca pearls:

  • A non-stick pan.
  • A heat resistant spatula.
  • A measuring cup.
  • A measuring spoon.

Ingredients for making cayenne tapioca pearls:

1. Put 1.5 ounces of water into a pan.

Start with 1.5 ounces of water.

Only a small portion of water is needed to make these tapioca pearls from scratch. Use the measuring cup to measure out the water.

2. Heat the pan on the stove at medium-low heat.

Heat the pan on the stove to a temperature just below medium. This will be needed to form and cook the dough. The cayenne dough will form faster towards the end, so don’t place the temperature too high. It could unevenly cook the tapioca dough.

3. Put 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper into the pan. Mix it into the water.

1 teaspoon of cayenne in a pan.

1 teaspoon of the cayenne pepper will make the boba pearls pretty spicy, but not super spicy. Put less if you want it only a little spicy (half a teaspoon). If you want really spicy boba, then add in more than a teaspoon. Mix it into the water.

4. Add in a pinch of xanthan gum to the mix. Thoroughly mix it in.

A pinch of xathan gum added in.

A pinch of xanthan gum is all that is needed. Don’t add too much, or it will kill the mixture by turning it instantly into jelly. Thoroughly mix in the xanthan gum.

5. Add in half a portion of tapioca starch or cassava flour into the mix. Thoroughly mix it in.

Tapioca starch or cassava flour added to the cayenne pepper mix.

Add in an amount of tapioca starch or cassava flour around the amount of half of the entire cayenne pepper mixture. If you aren’t sure, then go with a little less than half. It doesn’t need to be an exact amount, just make sure to not add too much. If too much is added, just balalance it out with a little more water. The mixture needs to still be somewhat runny or liquid. Thoroughly mix the starch/flour into the cayenne pepper mixture.

6. Keep stirring the mixture on medium-low low heat until it becomes really thick and sticky.

Stirring the cayenne pepper mixture until it thickens.

As the heated mixture is continuously stirred, it will become thicker and thicker. Keep stirring the mixture while keeping it all together and near the center of the pan. Once it becomes a sticky thick paste, then it is ready for the next step.

Thick sticky paste ready for more starch/flour.

7. Add in more tapioca starch or cassava flour around the amount and size of the sticky dough.

More tapioca starch or cassava flour added to the sticky dough for kneading.

Add in the starch/flour and knead it into the dough. Start by adding the starch/flour into the pan on the side of the dough, then place the dough on top of it. Use the spatula to knead in the starch/flour into the dough until it becomes no longer sticky. Fold the dough and flatten it over and over to knead the starch/flour into it.

Keep doing this until the dough can not hold anymore. Once this is finished it can be taken out of the pan.

8. Take the dough out of the pan and place it on a flat surface. Hand knead in more starch/flour as needed.

Cayenne dough placed on a flat surface.

Take the dough out of the pan and thoroughly knead it with your hands. If the dough is still a little sticky to the touch, knead in more starch/flour as needed until it is no longer sticky at all. Also, keep kneading in more starch/flour if the dough doesn’t have a slightly grainy feel to it. Once the dough is ready, it is time to form the cayenne pepper tapioca pearls.

Cayenne pepper dough ready for cooking.
Cayenne pepper dough ready to form tapioca pearls.

9. Form cayenne pepper tapioca pearls from the dough.

Cayenne tapioca pearls that are formed from the cayenne dough.

Form the cayenne tapioca pearls by taking pieces of the dough off and rolling them into balls in the palm of your hands. Take the first one and measure it to the diameter of a boba straw to make sure it is big enough, but small enough to fit in a boba straw. Make the rest of the pearls around the same size as the first. Roll them gently into tapioca starch or cassava flour to cover them. This will prevent them from sticking to each other after they are formed.

After this, the cayenne pepper tapioca pearls are finished, they just need to be cooked. They cook at the same times as original tapioca pearls (30 minutes boiling, and 30 minutes simmering).

Cayenne pepper tapioca pearls made from scratch.
Cooked cayenne pepper tapioca pearls.

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