Do Restaurants Use Chemicals In Their Foods, Drinks, Desserts?

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When restaurants make their food, are they putting poisonous chemicals in our food? Many individuals that do not work in restaurants find it mysterious when restaurants set an excellent meal with a beverage on their table when they dine in. Even, the individuals that work at their restaurant, all the way up to management, may not know all that is in their own food.

Usually, the general manager and the owners of these establishments do. They know all the ingredients and exactly how the dish is made. They even know where all of their food and drinks comes from. How do they know this? Because they are the ones that are placing in the orders to refill any depleting stock on any foods made in the restaurant.

Most of the time the general staff of employees at a restaurant are oblivious to what is in the foods they are making, even when asked if their meals are gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, or fat-free. They usually will just go and get their manager when asked these questions.

The foods, drinks, and desserts that are made by restaurants is real food, but are their chemicals in the food? Do they include any special bad ingredients in their foods that can be unsafe and poison you or cause cancer? Unfortunately that is kind of left up to the decision of the individual actually making the food, but fortunately this is not the case 99.9% of the time.

Restaurants are watched by health inspectors to ensure that unsafe chemicals aren’t being placed in the foods and desserts in a restaurant (by accident, and on purpose). Doing so can lead to the suspension or termination of that establishment. What ever the FDA has approved to be food safe, is the only things that a restaurant is allowed to use in their foods.

Just to make things clear; all foods, desserts, and drinks are made of chemicals, even the foods that are made at home. Even water is considered to be a chemical. Since this is the case, then really the solution would be to find which of these ‘chemicals’ are safe for consumption in our foods and drinks.

In fact, there are rules and regulations about where chemicals can be stored in a restaurant. They cannot be stored near food prep and cooking areas. Also, these same chemicals, most of them, cannot be used to clean food areas where food is laid. The cleaning solutions used to wipe down these areas have to be food safe too. Bleach cannot be used to wipe down a food space where food is constantly made, else it would put chemicals in the food.

Restaurants are also very careful to not put harmful things in the food, as often times they are also the guests eating that same food when they are on break, hungry, or famished. Putting poisonous or harmful substances in their food would not only hurt their customers, but also themselves and their families. Some of the employees will occasionally bring the food from their restaurant home for their family to eat.

Also, putting any harmful chemicals in their food would hurt their reputation, which would result in a loss of profit. Restaurants do their best to protect this, even if they aren’t following the simply rules, like washing their hands regularly. They know that doing such things can result in a loss of their job, or their whole company entirely.

Of course, it would be bad business if even a small percentage of their guests fell over frequently after eating their food. They don’t want their guests to die, they want them to keep buying and eating their food.

Is fast food full of chemicals?

Yes, some restaurants do use chemicals in their food that have been approved by the FDA, that the general population considers bad. Majority of the time, these establishments are fast food joints. However, not every fast food place does this, and some are really healthy. The fast food restaurants that would be more prone to using the most unhealthy chemicals in their food would be the ones with a large variety of various types of different food items to choose from.

They most likely are not making their food from scratch. They may be ordering a lot of pre-cooked food from other sources. This is how they are able to cook all of their varieties of foods so fast. Also meals that include a main course with many sides to choose from, could also include many of the chemical preservatives that the general population considers bad.

Do Restaurants Put Chemicals In Their Drinks?

Most drinks that are offered in restaurants aren’t actual fruit drinks. Many of them are filled in with artificial flavorings, and do not provide the real health benefits of the fruit flavors mentioned in the title of the drink. Obviously sodas are one of them, but this does include lemonade, lime, strawberry, orange, berries, and other fruit flavors. Many of them do contain chemicals that are used in place to replicate the flavor of the fruit drink.

Other flavored fountain drinks that aren’t fruit flavors can’t be guaranteed either to fully come without unhealthy chemicals in them to replicate or enhance the flavor. It is best to just stick with tasty simple and not complex drinks when ordering from restaurants. They will have the highest chance of not containing any chemicals in them that you might find harmful to you or your family.

When ordering drinks from restaurants, it is best to avoid these and go with regular sweet or unsweetened tea instead. The ingredients for these is usually just brewed tea and water, unless it is a fruit tea. In this case, it could contain a chemical that is used to replicate the fruit flavor without providing the real health benefits of the actual fruit.

If the restaurant is selling apple juice, orange juice, or milk, then these are usually ok. They will not contain any of the artificial flavorings used as chemicals to enhance the flavor. Bottled water is also a good option.

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