Is Cow Bone Marrow Good? (Wagyu Too)

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Bone marrow has been sought out by individuals both for its taste and its health benefits. However, the question is: Is cow marrow really that good? We will look at some health facts here, and also see what cow marrow is used for in cooking. Since wagyu bone marrow is also from a cow, we will see if there is any difference between the wagyu bone marrow and other cows.

The first thing to note is that if you are already consuming bone marrow in your diet, cow bone marrow can be a very good way to get more bone marrow into your diet. The bones are much bigger than chicken bones; therefore it has more bone marrow.

Cow bone marrow, when it is cooked correctly, contains large amounts of bone marrow that can be scooped out and eaten with a spoon. Most individuals use the bone marrow to spread it on toast, which they describe as being “like beef butter”. The flavor of cow bone marrow is also described as being slightly sweet with a beefy flavor, and the texture is creamy. The best time to consume cooked cow bone marrow is while it is hot or warm, as it is less flavorful when it is cooler.

The cow bone marrow can be eaten straight out of the bone. Many dishes have been prepared this way by simply taking the bone with the marrow in it and seasoning the marrow, then cooking it. Cooking the cow marrow has been a difficult task for most people, because if it is cooked too long, or at high heats, it basically melts away. If this happens, then there is nothing left to eat or use, as it will run out of the bone into the bottom of the pan as a liquid fat.

In order to prevent this from happening, the cow marrow has to be cooked at a very low temperature with a higher time.

Cow bone marrow can be used best from the cow’s tibia bone, or the femur bone. These come with the end of the bones being sawed off on both sides. This leaves holes on both sides of the bone to gain access to the marrow. It is also sawed in half the long ways horizontally to give full access to the marrow.

Is Cow Bone Marrow Healthy?

Cow bone marrow contains atleast 90% fat, with a lot of the marrow being compromised of collagen. It also has protein, which can make up about 7% to 8% of the bone marrow. The protein is made up of amino acids, which are vital for the body’s survival.

Proline is an amino acid that helps the body break down proteins, and form tissues in the ligaments. Glycine is an amino acid that helps the DNA and RNA in the body. Arginine is an amino acid that helps the body regulate blood flow, which can help improve the cardiovascular system. All of the these are amino acids found in cow bone marrow. These are found in both cow bone marrow, and wagyu cow bone marrow.

Since the cow bone marrow is compromised of much fat, it is also good for weight loss, as fats take a long time for the body to digest, making an individual feel full for longer. This can prevent overeating. Eating healthy fats can also help burn fats and stored up the metabolism.

The calories in cow bone marrow can average out to be around 113 grams for 1 tablespoon. This is a lot of calories if the bone marrow is being consumed with a spoon straight from the bone. This means that the cow bone marrow would be better spread lightly unto toast, than to consume it straight from the bone, if you are watching your calorie intake. It is also not good for individuals with high cholesterol.

Wagyu Cow Bone Marrow

Wagyu cow bone marrow has the same health benefits as regular cow bone marrow. The thing that makes wagyu cows different is their intramuscular fat, not the fat content in their bones. The taste and texture of the bone marrow within the wagyu cow is very similar to that of a regular cow.

If you happen to have a wagyu cow bone to spare after prep or cooking, then it can still be used to receive the collagen and amino acid benefits found in cow bone marrow. The cow bone marrow still needs to be cooked at a lower temperature to keep the marrow from completely melting like butter.

To cook the wagyu cow bone marrow, simply season it with salt (and garlic too if you like), then bake it (roast) on a pan at 150°F for about 50 minutes. If an attempt is made to try to cook the marrow at 190°F for 30 minutes, then you risk losing the marrow, and it melting in the pan.

Before the bone marrow is cooked, the entire bone can be placed in a container with water, and refrigerated. Over time the blood in the bone marrow will leave the bone and the marrow, making it nice and clean for presentation. Also the outside of the bone usually still has meat on it. After it is placed in the water, the meat can be scraped off with a scraper, or left on to cook with the bone and marrow to eat after it is cooked.

Another way to cook the bone marrow without losing it is to excessive heat is to vacuum seal the entire thing and cook it in water.

The bone marrow is enjoyed the most when it is eaten after it is spread on baguette toast. Cow bone marrow soup can also be made from it.

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