Do Restaurants Use Real Eggs?

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Real or fake restaurant eggs?
Restaurant eggs fake or real?

Preparing and cooking eggs is a really easy process. They do not take long to cook, and the only skill needed is cracking the egg. When restaurants make eggs they tend to use something different than what most people would use at home. Some of the eggs that come from restaurants actually come from a carton. These are known as liquid eggs.

Liquid eggs are whole eggs that have already been cracked open, mixed, and put into a carton that is similar to a milk carton. Liquid eggs are completely safe, and they are approved for use by the FDA. Not all restaurants use liquid eggs, simply because they are not very familiar with the different style of using eggs. Some restaurants may also use whole eggs instead to crack and cook, because of inaccessibility to liquid eggs from a plant that makes them.

Restaurants may also use powdered eggs. All of these come from real whole eggs, so yes they are real eggs. They are just processed in different forms for various reasons. Store location, inaccessibility to whole eggs, cost, speed of orders, and convenience are some of the reasons why restaurants may decide to use these instead of whole eggs that are cracked open.

Frozen eggs are liquid eggs that have been frozen by manufacturers, and kept cold until use for buyers of the product. They can also come in the form of shapes, like circles, rectangles, or squares. These types are packaged like frozen breakfast, lunch, or dinners found in grocery stores. These are more convenient for restaurants, since they only need to be taken out of the pack and heated.

When large breakfast restaurants make their decision on what egg type to use, it usually has to do with the labor of repeatedly making the breakfast with eggs in it for so many customers. This means that more processed versions of the eggs are used in placed of the whole eggs to meet the demands of their morning customers during breakfast time.

The frozen eggs, liquid eggs, and powered eggs are also easier to deal with when trying to save as much cooked egg as possible without having to waste anything due to whole eggs cracking for example.

If you are looking for restaurants that will make the eggs on the grill every time, then your best bet is to go to a dine-in breakfast/brunch restaurant. These restaurants do not consider it a hassle as much to cook eggs on a grill, since they are already preparing majority of the breakfast or brunch on the grill anyways. For them, it is as simple as adding the eggs on the grill with everything else.

What fast food chain uses real eggs?

All fast food chains use real eggs to make their food. However, some of the eggs may contain additional ingredients in them to enhance the color or the taste of the eggs. For example, turmeric (a super food) may be used as a means in processed eggs to make them more yellow. Turmeric is an extremely healthy spice. Just Eggs makes folded eggs that are colored by using turmeric.

Since individuals are used to seeing a perfectly rounded or folded egg, they may assume that it could be fake, because it looks and feels better than their eggs that they make at home. Folded eggs and rounded eggs are made primarily from liquid eggs. The liquid egg can be poured into egg molds, which are then pressed by panini grills to cook the top and the bottom.

These eggs can be pre-cooked this way and then frozen for later. They are reheated to serve during morning rushes in restaurants. This is what McDonald’s and many other large food chains do to form their folded and rounded eggs. The eggs are nothing short of real.

I seen a video where individuals actually watched McDonald’s make their rounded eggs and folded eggs. They were allowed to see with their eyes the whole egg cracking, and the eggs being placed in the egg molds with the panini press grill grilling them. One individual claimed that because he saw the actual whole egg being cracked, that it was the better choice then the folded egg, because it was just simply taken out of a package and reheated.

Depending on your perspective, the cracked egg made into the rounded egg may be the superior choice from that specific McDonald’s establishment, but the folded eggs were basically made the same way. The only difference is that it was pre-cooked, frozen in advance, then packaged. This makes the folded egg less fresh, but then again, you are eating from a fast food restaurant after all. Many of the foods, including the meats are also pre-packaged and pre-cooked.

Another thing to note is that, even though a fast food chain uses an overall cooking method for production of their eggs, not all of the same restaurants in that chain do. Some of them do actually make rounded and folded eggs fresh on the grill, while other establishments in other locations don’t. It depends on their geographic location, and what is easily available from their suppliers in the area.

Also, restaurants that are bigger with more money tend to have better equipment. Some establishments in the same food chain brand are big, while others are smaller. The bigger restaurants will be able to make real eggs that aren’t pre-cooked and frozen in a timely manner with their better grills. Restaurants lacking an efficient grill with the right equipment, will use pre-cooked and frozen eggs instead if available.

All eggs from all fast food restaurants are safe to eat, and they are all real eggs. Restaurants just have different methods of preparation for them. Some use whole eggs or liquid, powered, or frozen eggs instead. If your issue is with whether or not the food is pre-cooked, then yes most of the eggs in fast food restaurants are, but they are certainly real.

This restaurant trick of freezing eggs that are in liquid form, instead of trying to save them in their shelled form by freezing them as whole eggs, is a great technique that an individual can use at home. Freezing shelled eggs can cause them to expand on the inside and crack.

All of the different types of eggs (including whole egg cracking) and methods are used by large faster food places like Bojangles, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Denny’s, Dunkin Donuts, Ihop, Starbucks, and others. This also includes fast food joints that are local, and the ones that don’t serve breakfast at all. Many restaurants use eggs in other things as well to make their food, like fast food chicken restaurants for example.

Restaurants that make desserts will also use powered eggs and liquid eggs too, instead of the traditional whole egg cracking. These eggs may contain additional ingredients and preservatives (not all the time but they can), but you can be sure that they are definitely real eggs. The FDA makes sure of that. Adulterated or misbranded food is a crime.

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