Why Does Soda Make You Burp

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Soda burping

This will go over the reason that soda makes you burp, the reason that we burp (sometimes immediately), and how to stop the excessive belching when drinking it. After drinking soda, it is because of how the carbon dioxide in the soda reacts when it is in the liquids, that causes burping. This carbon dioxide is around 5 times more in the glass of soda, than what is actually liquids in the glass. Since carbon dioxide is a gas, it will naturally try to find its way back into the atmosphere.

When we are drinking soda, we are actually ‘drinking’ the carbon dioxide too in the soda. The same way that the carbon dioxide tries to escape for the water in the soda, it will do the same once consumed into our bodies. This is why when we burp after drinking soda, there is a carbonated soda aftertaste and feel in the back of our throats.

Why do we burp so often when drinking soda?

The reason that we burp so often when drinking soda, is because of how carbon dioxide works when it is joined with water. Carbon dioxide and water do not actually mix well together, because carbon dioxide is a gas, and water is a liquid.

When soda is made, both are being mixed together in their natural form. It takes a lot of pressure for both of them to actually mix together to form soda. However, the bond is short lived. As soon as the carbon dioxide can find a way back into the atmosphere, it does. The bubbles forming in the soda are actually the carbon dioxide trying to escape. This process continues whenever soda is consumed, causing frequent burping.

The carbon dioxide gathers in the stomach, then releases through the easiest way out, the mouth. This burping is amplified whenever we drink soda and swallow the air too naturally when swallowing with our drink.

This short lived bond between the carbon dioxide and water can not only be seen from the bubbles in the carbonated drink, but also through some cool experiments done with soda. Some of these experiments really show how carbon dioxide is really trying to escape this bond by how much of it escapes into the atmosphere whenever a bottle of soda with its top on is shaken, then opened.

Is it good to burp after drinking soda?

Yes. It is a very good thing to burp after drinking soda. One way or another, this gas has to come out. If the body fails to burp the carbon dioxide up after continously drinking soda or carbonated water, then it could lead to stomach aches.

As a kid I had too much soda while at a baby sitter. I had to find this out the hard way, after I couldn’t burp up the excessive amount of carbon dioxide in my stomach (I had way more soda than what I should of had). Drinking too much soda in one sitting will cause a bloated pain in the stomach area if the body can’t expel the carbon dioxide fast enough. Even though most air actually settles in the esophagus, some of it does reach the stomach.

It is a good thing to be able to burp when you are frequently drinking soda throughout the day. Soda can also be expelled as gas too, not just burping. For individuals that are drinking soda on a regular basis, expelling the carbonated soda more frequently is a good thing. It keeps the pressure down in the digestive system.

What soda makes you burp the most?

The soda that will make you burp the most are sodas that are heavily carbonated. The more carbon dioxide in the drink, the more burping will occur when drinking the carbonated drink. One way to tell how much carbon dioxide is in the drink without using equipment is by how strong the soda tastes. The more bite or kick there is in the soda, means that there is probably more carbon dioxide in it, which will lead to more burping when it is consumed.

If the fountain drink is from a restaurant, then the amount of carbon dioxide in the soda can vary. Restaurants make their own soda with their own equipment if it is coming from a bottle. The carbon dioxide in fountain drinks in cups can be lower or higher. If all the fountain drinks are coming from the same source, then they will all have the same amount of carbonation.

Most people agree that soda tastes better when it is more carbonated, so if you like really like carbonated soda, then you will have to deal with more burping if you consume them.

How do you stop burping after drinking soda?

There is no real way to stop the burping after consuming soda. The carbon dioxide has to be expelled, but there are some things that can be done to reduce the burping.

Some ways to reduce the burping is by learning to bring up the carbon dioxide quietly when you feel that you need to burp. This can be done by squeezing the throat muscles and closing the esophagus in a way that it feels like you are trying to pull up the gases from out of your throat to encourage it to release out of the body. Doing this will minimize the possibility of releasing a loud belch all at once. In any case, it isn’t a good thing to try to keep your body from burping.

Another trick is to release the carbon dioxide in the soda by exposing it to the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide will eventually all go back into the atmosphere, which will reduce burping significantly when drinking carbonated beverages. Of course, if you wait too long, then the soda will become flat. However, waiting a little while before drinking the soda by exposing it to the atmosphere for awhile will stop the excessive burping.

You don’t have to wait until the soda becomes completely flat, but just enough time to reduce the fizz so that it is still good whenever you finally do drink it.

If the soda came in a bottle with a cap, you can lightly shake the bottle with the cap on and slowly release the carbon dioxide by slowly twisting the top off, then sealing it back if the pressure of the liquids rise too much. This will make the soda less carbonated, which will significantly reduce burping when it is consumed the more times that this is repeated and done.

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