Fountain Drink Cup Sizes

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These are all the generic sizes for fountain drink cups. This will also give the sizes of cups in between the general sizes found in restaurants, stores, and other places. A listing of each fountain drink size and what they are commonly used for in terms of specific drinks and desserts are given in detail, with the source of where they can be purchased.

Fountain drink cup sizes:

3 ounce fountain drink cups

These cups are used for espresso shots for 2 to 3 ounces in size. Espresso can be poured into cups of this size and consumed as is. These are also used for making small delicious dessert treats called dessert shooters. Dessert shooters are made with layers of treats that can compromise of cheesecake, pudding, icecream, fruits, whip cream, and crumbled cookies for example.

7 ounce fountain drink cups

These are great for children at the stage of toddlers. The cup is easy to hold for most toddler hands. These cups are also good for holding mixtures for arts and craft, even though they are intended as drinking cups.

8 ounce fountain drink cups

A cup size that is commonly used for small iced coffees. Starbucks’ small coffee drinks come in this size for example. These are also used as drinking cups for kids, small parties, and for holding fresh fruit treats like a cup of strawberries for example.

10 ounce fountain drink cups

These are small cups that are typically used as water cups in restaurants. They are also the perfect drink cup size for most kids in general when they are eating their kid’s meals in restaurants. It is a standard smallest cup size used in most restaurants. These are also used to make small milkshakes, and other small dessert drinks. The cups are a little bit bigger than the 8 ounce cups, which makes them better suited for fountain drinks with ice.

12 ounce fountain drink cups

These are used for making small cups of iced coffee. This is what Starbucks would classify as a tall small coffee. They are used primarily for desserts, milkshakes and smoothies. Also, larger desserts, like banana pudding (and excellent for parfaits), will come in this cup size. This is also a great cup size for parties and weddings for both drinks and desserts.

14 ounce fountain drink cups

The 14 ounce fountain drink cups are used sometimes for making iced coffees. These are the perfect size for making standard sized dessert fountain drinks, like milkshakes, and smoothies. They are also a good size for parfaits. They are also used to make many other standard sized desserts.

16 ounce fountain drink cups

This is the standard size for a small fountain drink at most restaurants. It is offered as a cup size for small drinks to come with their meals. This cup size is used as larger cups for parties and weddings. It is also considered a standard size for a regular sized bubble tea drink. This size is also what Starbucks classifies as a medium sized coffee drinking cup.

20 ounce fountain drink cups

This fountain drink cup size is good for 16 ounce drinks that need extra room for toppings or extra ice. It is the smallest standard size cup used in most convenience stores and restaurants. Some restaurants will only have 10 ounce cups for water cups, then will use 20 ounce cups as a regular sized drink for their customers’ meals. Starbucks classifies this cup size as a large for their hot coffee drinks.

24 ounce fountain drink cups

This is the cup size used by Starbucks cold coffee drinks, which they classify as a large sized drink. This cup size is sometimes used as the standard for restaurants for their regular sized drinks, just like the 20 ounce cup. This cup size is good for drinks that have extra toppings, like whip cream for example. This is also used as a large cup size for bubble tea drinks, and is perfect for bubble tea drinks with many toppings and more ice.

32 ounce fountain drink cups

This is the standard size of large fountain drinks in many restaurants. This is usually automatically included with the biggest meals on a restaurant’s menu. It is rare for restaurants to not have this size if they are using disposable fountain drink cups.

When customers want to increase their size to a large drink on a meal from restaurants, this is what they can expect to get most of the time. It is large enough for most individuals that they do not need a refill, and the perfect size to satisfy their thirst, with or without ice.

This cup size is also the next size up in convenience stores offering fountain drinks with a cup and lid, and is used as a standard fountain drink cup size for larger/taller individuals.

44 ounce fountain drink cups

These are fountain drink cups that aren’t usually offered in restaurants or cafes. They appear more often in shops that specialize in making only fountain drinks. They are designed as fountain drink cup sizes for individuals that intend to drink beverages for an entire work day, as it has more than what is usually consumed in a single meal.

These are idea for making drinks for individuals that have to take long trips, and won’t have access to fountain drinks for awhile. It is best to get these drinks with little ice so the water doesn’t dilute the taste when the ice has melted, or to get a separate small cup with ice in it. Convenience stores will often have these sizes available for their thirsty truck drivers.

64 ounce fountain drink cup

These are nonexistent in most restaurants and convenience stores. Some convenience stores will carry a large 60 ounce cup size, but many do not. These are idea for long trips, and come with extra room for more ice, so the fountain drink can become less diluted by the melted ice.

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