Why Is My Soda Going Flat So Fast?

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There are many reasons why soda can go flat really fast. Here are many of those reasons to try and help you get an idea of what you can do to prevent this. We will start out with the most common reasons, then go from there with the least common reasons.

  • The seal was previously opened.
    • Soda that comes in a bottle, can, glass, or any other means usually doesn’t have a problem with going flat until after it has been opened for the first time. If the initial seal on the soda was opened, then it is susceptible to going flat faster.
    • It is usually only a matter of time after that before it goes completely flat, or becomes significantly more flat.
  • The soda is being improperly handled.
    • Soda that has been roughly handled before it was opened will lose a lot more fizz faster after it has been initially opened. Shaking the soda will cause more of the carbon dioxide to free up inside of the drink, causing the soda to go flat faster.
    • Whenever soda begins to fizz up to the point that foam starts to rise, it is causing the soda to become more flat faster.
  • Opening the soda too often over time makes it go flat faster.
    • When the soda is repeatedly opened over and over again after sitting for long periods of time, then it will go flat faster. The pressure in the bottle will build up again after it has been released, when given enough time. This will happen every single time the soda is resealed and opened, causing the soda to go flat faster.
    • Opening the soda should be kept to a minimum to keep the fizz longer.
  • The soda isn’t kept in a well sealed bottle, container, or cup.
    • As mentioned, when the soda is initially opened for the first time, it usually is a matter of time before it goes flat. Not sealing the soda tightly in the bottle will allow the fizz to reduce, causing the soda to go flat faster.
    • Use a better bottle or storage container with a good seal to prevent the soda fizz from reducing from what is left.
  • The soda is opened to the air.
    • Leaving soda unsealed and exposed to the air, will cause it to go flat way faster than soda that is sealed.
    • Even if there is a cup with a secure lid on it, the carbon dioxide that makes the soda fizzy can escape through the holes in the lid of the cup. Even if there are no holes in the lid, the carbon dioxide can still find a way to escape, because the cup lid can’t seal the carbon dioxide well enough.
  • The soda is in a large container with a lot of open air.
    • When the soda in a bottle for example, begins to take up less space in the container that it is in, it will make the soda go flat faster, even if it is sealed. This is because more air in the container is present, which gives more room for carbon dioxide to escape.
    • The extra air in comparison to the amount of soda left in the bottle does make a difference. If the space of the air in the container is very spacious compared to the amount of soda, much more of the carbonation will escape into that area, leaving the soda tasting more flat.
    • Try transferring the soda to a more compact and sealed space like a smaller bottle. This will prevent more fizz from leaving the soda then if it was just left in the more spacious container after it is consumed.
  • The soda is being improperly stored.
    • Improperly storing the soda in areas where it can be easily disrupted (like a carried backpack while running or power walking) can cause the soda to become flat faster. The shaking and disruption will release more carbon dioxide from the soda. It can cause it to become flat faster than if it was stored in an area where there is no disruption.
    • Try storing the soda in the destination where you wish to arrive first beforehand, instead of taking the soda with you whenever you are running or in a rush to go to that destination.
  • The ice in the soda is making the soda go flat faster.
    • The more ice that is added to a cup of soda, the faster it will go flat once the ice melts. The ice is just plain water, so it will dilute the soda whenever the ice has melted.
    • Try chilling or freezing the soda while it is sealed instead, if the ice will sit in the cup for awhile. Bring the ice in a separate cup or container if you don’t want to do that and still want to add ice.
    • Also, the ice could be acting as mentos would act when placed in the soda. The surface of the ice could be making it easier for the carbon dioxide in the soda to escape. The same thing would be the case for other similar additives added to the soda.
    • If the soda fizzles up a lot when the ice is placed in the soda, then this is the case. The carbon dioxide is finding a way to form on the surface of the ice quickly, then it releases into the air, making the soda go flat.
  • You are heating the soda.
    • If soda is heated to a certain temperature, then it will lose its carbonation really fast. This is typically done on purpose by individuals who are trying to remove the carbonation in the soda quickly.
  • The soda is carbonated with something other than water.
    • If carbonated water isn’t the base for the soda, then the fizz can go away pretty fast. Making soda works best with carbonated water. Trying to carbonate thicker solutions can possibly carbonate it, but not well enough that it will last for an extended period of time.
    • The carbon dioxide in soda joins to water through high pressure, creating a temporary bond. If there is less water in something that has been mixed with other liquids, then the carbonation could possibly leave the soda faster. This would mean that it can go flat faster.

With all this said, the best method for preventing a soda from going flat is to restore the carbonation by using a soda kit, or by simply resealing the bottle on the soda immediately after it has been opened and used.

Other individuals have used soda pump fizz keeper to pressurize the soda bottle to keep the carbonation from escaping. Many individuals have claimed to have success using one, if they find a good one.

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