Equipment Needed To Make Bubble Tea At Home

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Thinking about making your own bubble tea drinks at home? Here we will cover the basic equipment that you will need to make boba drinks at home.

All of the equipment listed will make making the bubble tea and milk tea drinks regularly, a lot easier. Most of the equipment is not just helpful, but necessary.

1. Pot

A pot will be one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will need when making bubble tea. Without the pot the tapioca pearls cannot be cooked. All bubble tea drinks have to have boba to be classified as bubble tea.

The pot doesn’t need to be huge if you are just making bubble tea for yourself and a few others, but it does need to be atleast the standard size. Tapioca pearls need room if they are going to cook properly without crowding them to the point that they can’t cook right in the pot.

Get a pot that is big enough to allow all the boba that you are cooking to float easily once it starts to cook in the boiling water.

2. Boba straw

A boba straw is a must if you are going to drink the bubble tea drinks the correct way. A regular straw will not do, as it will be too small for the boba to fit in the straw.

It will make your life easier if you use a boba straw, and most individuals use a reusable boba straw if they plan on drinking bubble regularly. Using a reusable straw will save money over using disposable ones.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of cleaning it everytime, then go with the disposable boba straws. It is still a good option using the disposable ones, as straws in general are not that expensive. They are pretty cheap.

Just make sure that you get a boba straw. It would be upsetting to make a great drink that you can’t drink and eat with the boba pearls at the same time.

3. Tea pot with a tea infuser

Bubble tea usually has tea in it, so you are going to need a tea pot with a tea infuser. Tea leaves are often called loose tea leaves, because they don’t come in the tea bags. They come as tea leaves that are placed directly into the hot water to make tea from them.

A tea pot will help to steep the tea, and the tea infuser will help to keep the tea leaves from getting into your milk tea or bubble tea when you make your drinks.

4. Mesh strainer

A mesh strainer is important to have for after the tapioca pearls have finished cooking in the pot. The boba has to be placed into one to drain them and rinse them in cool water.

Rinsing the tapioca pearls after they have finished cooking in the mesh strainer, will stop the cooking process of the boba, and prevent them from overcooking.

Two mesh strainers, one large and one small, are recommended. The small one can scoop out the tapioca pearls from the pot without scooping the hot water up too, and the large mesh strainer can hold all the boba so that they can be rinsed all at one time.

5. A bowl

A bowl helps by giving the cooked tapioca pearls something to set in while they are sweetened with sweeteners. Tapioca pearls, along with other boba types often need to be soaked in a sugar mixture after they are cooked. A bowl is usually what it is done in.

6. Measuring cup

This is standard cooking equipment that is used for all types of cooking. It will come in handy when you are making bubble tea too. It will help to measure out the correct amount of milk, tea, and tapioca pearls for the size of your cup that you plan on drinking your bubble tea from.

7. Measuring spoon

This is even more important than a measuring cup. A measuring spoon will help to measure out the correct amount of sugar, powder flavor, the bubble tea flavor, syrup for the bubble tea flavor, and more. It will keep you from making your bubble tea drinks too sweet, or with too much powder or syrup flavor.

8. Bubble tea cup

Sure, you can drink your bubble tea in any cup, but most individuals use a bubble tea cup. Your bubble tea cup can be a cup that fits the size of the drink that you like to drink regularly for bubble tea.

When the boba pearls are added to a bubble tea drink, thought has to be taken into account when selecting a cup, for the extra tapioca pearls in the drink. A regular cup may be too small to fit everything you like into your current cup.

9. Mixing spoon

A mixing spoon for stirring the tapioca pearls in the pot while they are cooking, will keep them from sticking easily in the pot. The extra long spoon will be able to reach the bottom of the pot too and prevent any tapioca pearls at the bottom from possibly melting in the pot.

Tapioca pearls have a tendency to try to stick to the bottom of the pot before they have a chance to start floating in the water sometimes. They need to be stirred a few times to prevent them from being ruined while they are cooking.

10. Cup shaker

Many boba shops use a cup shaker, but you can also use one at home too. They make the mixing process of milk tea and bubble tea convenient and easy.

Cup shakers allow ice to be easily mixed with the base of the bubble tea or milk tea drink, so all that needs to be done after the mixing, is pouring it in the bubble tea cup with the boba pearls.

There is a guide showing how cup shakers are used to make bubble tea drink with powders or syrups from beginning to the end. They are really simple to use once you know how to use them. Cup shakers help make cold and chilled boba tea drinks a breeze. They are also good for fruit boba teas.

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