How To Make Any Bubble Tea Flavor

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Here we will cover many ways on how you can easily make literally any bubble tea flavor. Making bubble tea is a pretty straightforward process, which usually doesn’t take too much effort or time. We will discuss the different ways used to flavor bubble tea, and go over how it is done.

There are three main ways to flavor bubble tea. To create a boba flavor, either a flavored syrup, a powder mix, a purée or the blended up contents of the flavor have to be used. Of these, the usage of flavored syrup is the one of best and most efficient way.

What is used to flavor bubble tea?

Flavored syrups

However, with some flavored syrups, it may require using more of the syrup flavor than other types to obtain the desired taste. This can apply for the same flavor of syrup, for example, cherry to cherry. Different brands use different recipes to make their flavored syrups. There is no standard specific amount for each type.

Almost any standard flavor syrup can be used, which usually takes 2 to 3 tablespoons of the sweetener to sweeten boba tea to the desired flavor in a 16 ounce drink. This can be placed into a cup shaker or directly into a cup and mixed with water, milk, or milk tea.

There is a very large variety of syrups that can be used, which also include many different brands for one flavor. These syrups can be chocolate, vanilla, nuts, or fruit flavors for example. There are even custom flavors that can be found, which can be used to make very specific boba flavors without mixing many different ingredients at once.

For a regular pearl milk tea (neutral flavored boba tea), a simple syrup solution can be made easily by using hot water in combination with regular granulated sugar. A equal amount of hot filtered water to sugar is mixed together in a bottle and thoroughly shaken together. This is all that is required to make a simple syrup.

The simple syrup is then used as a regular syrup with 2 to 3 tablespoons of the syrup to sweeten the bubble tea.

Powders flavors

Powders flavors are really useful for creating almost any bubble tea flavor. The powders are usually made with a blend of the actual grinded contents of the specified flavor, milk, and tea sometimes. These of course are the powders made for bubble tea drinks: bubble tea powders. Other powders may only include just the grinded up flavor itself.

Powder flavors are great for making bubble tea flavors, as they are able to make bubble tea drinks taste more flavorful and natural than some syrup flavors. As long as the correct amount of flavored powder is used, then this is a possibility.

For flavored bubble tea powders, usually around 3 to 5 tablespoons of the flavored powder is used to create the bubble tea flavor for a 16 ounce drink. Usually this is enough flavoring to flavor the boba drink without adding too much powder.

If an individual is looking to get the most natural taste with no texture changes to a specific flavor, then flavored powders are a better option than syrups.

For information and step-by-step instructions on making simple bubble tea drinks like the boba shops at home, refer to the guide to making bubble tea with powders or syrups. It covers some basic equipment and more that will make bubble tea making easier.

Blending the ingredients

Another way to make bubble tea flavors is by taking whole vegetables, fruits, nuts, or other foods, and blending them into a blender after all the contents of the food has been cut and peeled properly for blending. This can be done by simply placing the pieces of the food into the blender with a decent amount of water, and blending it until it becomes drinkable.

Doing this however, will result in a thicker or creamier texture to the bubble tea, which may even make the boba tea a little grainy. For the best results, a good top quality blender should be used. The more water that is added to the contents when it is blended, the better the mixture will be for drinking purposes.

This method is usually used as a last resort when the desired syrup flavoring or powder mix for making the specific bubble tea flavor isn’t available. Then, the actual food itself is prepared for a blender and blended into the drink with a good amount of water. Sugar is also added too to sweeten it before it is blended.


Fruit and vegetable purèes are also used to flavor bubble drinks. Purèes are made from crushed fruits or vegetables that do not have any lumps. Purèes usually have plenty of flavor, so they only require 2 teaspoons of it mixed with milk or water to get the desired flavor of the bubble tea drink.

Purèes are commonly used to make bubble tea smoothie drinks and other regular smoothies.

What is the liquid used in boba drinks?

The base of the bubble tea drink is usually milk and tea. Milk tea is commonly used to make a pearl milk tea (one of the most common bubble tea flavors), and as the starting point for mixing in other flavors with powders, syrups, purèe, sugar, or blended contents.

Sometimes the base of bubble tea drinks is made with just tea and no milk. Also the base can be only milk as well. All of these are classified as a bubble tea as long as boba is added to them. Only tea as the base is also used sometimes when making a bubble tea drink.

This allows a large variety of different aesthetics and flavors for a bubble tea drink, which can often lead to an individual questioning how these boba drinks are made. Some bubble tea drinks are even layered with different mixture that are added into the drink one layer at a time after they are mixed together.

The liquid in bubble tea drinks really isn’t as complex as it looks, and the color is easily changed by the syrup, powder mix, or one of the other methods for making any flavor used in the base of the drink (milk or tea).

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