What Is The Point Of The Bubbles In Bubble Tea?

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This will go over the point of the bubbles in a bubble tea drink. There are two main reasons why those bubbles are in the bubble tea, and we will go in to detail why. This will cover what they were used for initially, and how they are used today.

The bubbles in bubble tea aren’t actually called “bubbles”. They are commonly referred to as “boba” in general. They are also known as boba pearls, and tapioca pearls if they are the original black tapioca pearls. There are many different kinds, but bubble tea is the name of the beverage, despite the drink’s bubbles being called “boba”.

The boba in a bubble tea drink has two main purposes, which do not change for majority of bubble tea drinks, regardless of the type of boba that is used. The first main purpose of those bubbles in the drink is to add flavor to the beverage. This is the reason why bubble tea was first placed into a milk tea during its original creation.

It adds a flavorful ‘snack’ that can be eaten by chewing the boba after it is sucked through a straw. The tapioca pearls (boba) have a special ability to soak up a little bit of the flavor of the bubble tea’s base flavor when they are placed in the beverage. This makes boba extremely popular, and makes it grow in popularity even further.

No tapioca pearls that are made and placed into exclusively flavored bubble tea drinks are the same. They usually come bland and tasteless for the most part whenever they are bought in a package. This allows for a a large variation of unique flavoring for tapioca pearls when they are placed into various flavors.

However, because tapioca pearls are a little resilient to soaking up the flavor of the drink that they are placed in, they are often sweetened with sugar or syrup to enhance their flavor even more. Without the sugars, the tapioca pearls can still taste bland or almost flavorless, despite soaking up the flavor of the drink they are in.

So the first main purpose of having boba added to a bubble tea drink is for flavor enhancement. It makes the overall flavor of the drink better whenever it is added to a soon to be bubble tea drink, considering that they are made and cooked properly.

Some individuals do not like the bubbles (tapioca pearls) in their drink. Other types of boba were made with the same purpose of adding flavor to the drink, but with a different texture and taste than the original tapioca pearls. Popping pearls for example, are another type of boba that serves the same purpose of adding that extra flavor.

Popping pearls are boba pearls that are filled with real juice, that are very popular. They burst with the flavor of the juice in the bubble tea drink after being consumed through a boba straw and popped on the roof of the mouth. They solve the problem for individuals that do not like the soft and chewy texture of the more popular tapioca pearls.

Usually the texture of well made tapioca pearls isn’t a problem for most people. They are often enjoyed and preferred with the soft and chewy texture over other boba types. However, some people that try tapioca pearls in bubble tea drinks for the first time, end up with a bad experience, because their tapioca pearls weren’t prepared and cooked correctly before they are placed into a bubble tea drink.

When this happens, the tapioca pearls can be described by some as ‘disgusting’. This is very well understandable when they aren’t cooked properly or flavored properly. For some this could lead them to the question of, “What is the point of those boba pearls in bubble tea?” However, when tapioca pearls are prepared properly (which many individuals do struggle to do) they make the bubble tea drink better.

This bad experience doesn’t lead them to try something different (because they may not know that there are other types of boba and many types of bubble tea), so they conclude that there is no real purpose to the boba in the drink, and that it doesn’t have one.

However, it is actually really hard to not like boba with all the different types and variations available. If an individual didn’t like any types of bubble tea after trying a wide variety of boba types and better understanding to what it is, then they can conclude they they must be a really picky person, which is ok. Everyone is not entitled to like one specific thing, and they can have their reasons.

The popping pearls on the other hand, do not have an inward texture, since they are filled entirely with juice. They are basically juice filled bubbles, which illustrates the main purpose of the bubbles in bubble tea even better. They are for extra flavor and variety of flavor that can be suited for any type of drink. To some individuals the boba pearls have more purpose than the bubble tea base drink itself, as the boba is used extensively in food and desserts too.

Even though boba is not fish eggs (caviar) or frog eggs, it can be thought as such when it comes to proving its point in culinary. They may not find caviar to be purposeful and worth buying, but many people do, and they have great reasons why.

The fact that individuals always talk about those bubbles in the bubble tea, means that they are very purposeful. They can either make a bubble tea drink the best thing they have ever had, a regular experience, or in some cases seldomly a bad experience. Boba isn’t immune to bad cooking practices.

The Second Main Purpose Of Boba In Bubble Tea Drinks

The second main purpose of the boba pearls that are in bubble tea is the art. Besides adding in extra flavor to the beverage of an endless variety, they also are used to make the drink look better. Many individuals have also been mesmerized by the aesthetics of the bubble tea drinks that they have come across.

It has always been common practice of human beings to eat and drink their food/drinks first with their eyes and nose before consuming it. The tapioca pearls have been one of the best types of boba of all time to really make a bubble tea drink look extremely appetizing. The tapioca pearls become somewhat translucent when they are cooked, and look very appealing when they reflect off of light.

This has led to not only many different flavors of boba pearls being created, but also many different appearances, to expand upon the food and drink art. Many people love the drink for its taste and it’s beauty. Some people purposely buy certain types of boba just to add more visuality to their bubble tea drinks. Other individuals make art out of their boba in colors and symbols of their favorites TV shows and games.

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