Why Do People Eat Their Burgers Upside Down?

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This will explain why some people eat their burgers upside down, and if it actually makes a difference if they do. There are plenty of people that have tried the method of eating their burger upside down for the first time, and what they had to say about it was mixed as a whole. There are some key things however, that they have found to be the same, when eating a burger upside down and then trying it right side up.

First off, we are not here to tell you that you have been eating your burger the ‘wrong way’ the entire time if you eat it right side up; because eating the burger upside down is clearly the wrong way to eat it in comparison. If this was the case (that eating the burger upside down is correct), then we should all have be walking on our hands, because we have been doing it wrong.

We aren’t talking about the personal preferences of eating the burger here when we say this, but the fact that hamburger buns have a top bun and a bottom bun. It was clearly intended that the bottom bun should be on the bottom, but it’s OK if you like to eat your burger upside down, just don’t lie to yourself.

So, if this is the case, then why do people eat their burgers upside down?

Some people eat their burgers upside down, because the top bun supposedly absorbs more of the juices in the burger, which inevitably leads to a less soggy burger. Also, some believe that it prevents the contents in the burger from falling out so easily when they bite into a well stacked burger. Others eat their burger this way for better flavor. However, some of the supposed benefits to eating a burger upside down seems to have been a little exaggerated..

The reason for eating the burger upside down is centered around the top burger bun more than anything else. There really isn’t a good point to eating the burger upside down if it was personally made at home for the sake of eating it thus way for better flavor, or for the order of the contents in the burger; since the contents between the burger bun can just be assembled in the burger in what ever order the consumer likes.

The reason revolves around the top bun being better suited for soaking up the juice in the burger when the burger is eaten upside down. Of course, this wouldn’t be a problem for burgers that aren’t that juicy to begin with, or a burger that is eaten long before it soaks the bun. From this point of view, the person eating the burger upside down is just doing so out of habit and personal preference under these circumstances.

If the reason for eating the burger upside down has to do with keeping the contents in the burger from falling out, then this reason is actually the one that would seem to make the least sense of them all. If the burger comes wrapped by a restaurant, then the problem is solved by simply leaving the burger in the wrapper and eating it in the wrapper this way. This would keep their burger from falling apart better than eating it upside down.

Of course, if the burger didn’t come wrapped, then there could possibly be a reason for eating the burger upside down, except for the fact there are other ways to eat a burger right side up without it falling apart. When holding the burger, the pinky on both hands can be used to help support the bottom hamburger bun with the thumbs to keep the contents inside the burger from falling out when biting the burger. This is the correct way to eat a burger.

Another thing that could be done is to just simply use a burger toothpick to hold the burger together while it is being eaten. This is way more effective than eating a burger upside down in an attempt to keep it from falling apart. The burger toothpick also works better for taller burgers that are harder to hold with the hands. This is what restaurants do to keep the burgers together for their guests.

Flipping the burger upside down to keep it from falling apart while eating it, isn’t the best advice under many circumstances. The circumference of the hamburger buns remain the same regardless of whether the burger is eaten right side up or upside down. This means that it is false information to tell someone that eating the same burger upside down, will keep the contents of the burger from falling out.

The only thing that would make this somewhat true is, flipping the burger upside down, could possibly keep the contents from falling out; because the order of the ingredients in the burger are being reversed. Of course, this would still not be as reliable as just telling someone that the correct way to eat a burger by holding it with the pinky fingers supporting the bottom of the burger with the thumbs, or by using a burger toothpick for support.

From what we examined from some individuals that stated that everyone was eating their burgers the wrong way by eating it right side up, is that some of them were purposely holding the burger they ate right side up in a way (the wrong way or in a more vulnerable way) that it made it easier for the contents to fall out of the burger when they took a bite. This made their point seem more valid to why people should eat their burgers upside down.

Another individual was seen purposely over-squeezing a burger that had a lot of sauce in it with their hands, while taking a bite of the burger at the same time to make it look more dramatic and incorrect when the burger was eaten right side up. Done for comedy or not, it doesn’t really give a solid reason to why someone should eat their burger upside down, if they were serious about convincing someone, plus it is misleading and false information.

The same individuals doing this to prove that eating a burger upside down to keep the burger from falling apart (or the contents from falling out), still managed to have contents fall out of their burger when eating the same type of burger right side up and upside down.


Eating the burger upside down when the sauce is on the top of the burger when it is right side up, can result in different flavor experiences. The sauce becomes the preference for the burger, instead of the meat itself. This just depends on what an individual likes better, if they choose to eat their burger upside down.

Some individuals like to eat their burgers upside down, because they like the initial taste of the sauce first before tasting the meat. This is really the only benefit to eating the burger upside down, besides the juices soaking better into the top hamburger bun if the top bun is thicker. However, many would agree that the sauce isn’t the main focus of the burger. The meat itself is; and the sauce is there to compliment the taste of the meat.


People eat their burgers upside down to keep their burgers from getting soggy too fast, and to experience tasting the burger in a different way. The individuals claiming that eating a burger upside down to keep it from falling apart, have no real support for this claim, since there are many other better ways to do this, regardless if the burger is upside down or right side up. Eating the burger upside down has little to no effect on preventing the contents from falling out, because the circumference of the bottom and top bun are the same.

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