Is Bottled Water Pure Water?

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Here we will discuss whether or not bottled water is pure water or not. We will give some information about what pure water is, and talk about purified water. Some types of water aren’t classified as purified water. Hopefully you will leave this article knowing the difference between what is pure water, purified water, and what is not.

So, let’s start with pure water. In order for water to be pure, it has to be 100% water with nothing in it. Getting water to this point is near impossible. It is possible to remove a large portion of the contaminants in water, but it isn’t possible to remove everything from the water. The best that any water purification system can do is remove 99% of the contaminants in water.

When we say contaminants, we aren’t talking about just things that the human body can do without. We are talking about anything that would be additionally in the water that would keep the water from being 100% pure water. The definition of pure means just that. It has to be water and nothing but water.

As soon as water touches most things, it can immediately take any substance on that surface into the molecules of the water. This means that water can become contaminated very easily if care isn’t taken to keep this from happening. A small portion of water can contain tens of trillions of water molecules. As stated, anything other than water in the water is considered a contaminate. It doesn’t have to be something that is harmful to the human body.

So, if you are searching for pure water, search no further, because it is near impossible to find. However, if you are looking for safe drinking water. You can find that fairly easily (hopefully you can) in your everyday drinking water. The city water is safe to drink and it has been filtered enough to make it so that it is. Most bottled water is filtered even better than the tap water and can be up 99% pure.

Purified Water

Purified water can be classified as any water that has been filtered, sterilized, or decontaminated by distillation, ozonation, reverse osmosis, the use of chlorine, an ultra violet light or by using a micron filter. Any of these or other methods similar to these can be classified as purified water.

The level of purification for any water that has been purified can vary depending on the equipment used to purify the water. The public drinking water (tap water) in America is also considered to be purified water.

So, is bottled water pure water?

Yes. Bottled water is purified water, but it is not pure water. Various brands of bottled water have different levels for how pure it is, based on how the bottled water is made and how it is purified. Some bottled water can have just the dirts and rust removed out of the water (the larger particles), while others can remove even smaller contaminations in the water.

Bottled water can come from many different sources, including the city’s tap water. Though tap water is usually purified water (filtered to remove parasites, chemicals, dirt, and other hazards), it can be used by some bottled water companies to further filter it and purify it.

Bottled water usually has majority of the good and bad things removed from them when any, or a combination of the purifying methods are used. This means that some bottled water has minerals that are placed back into the water once they are removed the first time with the bad stuff filtered out too. When this happens, the water is less pure than what it was before. However, this isn’t a bad thing, since minerals are good. The more additions that are added back into the purified water, the less pure the water is.

Making bottled water as pure as possible, isn’t always considered by everyone to be a good thing. This is the reason why people seek out less pure bottled water in place of distilled water, such as mineral water for example. The minerals in the water can be necessary or unnecessary depending on a person’s diet or health.

Is bottled water more pure than tap water?

Whether or not bottled water is more pure than tap water, depends on the filtering of the water itself for both types. In some cases, tap water can be more pure than bottled water. However, in general, most bottled water is more pure than tap water.

The reason why bottled water can be less pure than tap water in some cases, has to do with the equipment used to filter and decontaminate the water. Some bottled water companies have really good water filtration systems that have their water go through microns, ozonation, and ultra violet light to kill bacteria and remove chemicals. Other bottled water companies may use more or less equipment to go through all of the processes for purifying the soon to be bottled water.

Also, the source of the water can have an effect on whether or not the bottled water is more pure than the tap water. Bottled water can be made from springs, wells, icebergs, tap water, and other locations where water is available. This doesn’t mean that bottled water can just be made from any source, as new sources have to be approved by local jurisdiction or the state before it can be used as bottled water.

Because there are so many sources that bottled water can come from and various equipment and combinations of equipment that can be used to decontaminate water, bottled water can be less pure, just as pure, or more pure than tap water. There is no regulations that state that bottled water has to be more pure than the tap water in the region.

For some areas, the bottled water is one of the only sources of purified water. This would mean that bottled water for that area may be obviously more pure in general in that area.

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