What Happens If You Only Drink Soda And Eat Pizza?

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Here we will talk about what happens if you were to eat and drink soda and pizza everyday. We are using an individual that had done this every single day of their life for 2 years, me. I would usually order pizza after I got off of work if the pizza place was still open, and always ordered a 2 liter soda to go with it. On the weekends or the days that I had off, this was the main thing that I did: order pizza with soda.

The type of pizza that I ordered was usually the meat lovers, but sometimes I would mix it up and do the supreme or something else. At this time, I was a young teenager that had just graduated out of school with their first apartment on their own. My job was comprised of working over 11 hours a day for about 5 days a week on average.

The fact that I ate pizza and drank soda like this for that long, should be evidence enough that it isn’t as bad as some people try to act like it is; considering that you are a normal individual with no real prescribed health problems.

Getting Fat

From those two years of eating mostly pizza and drinking soda, I did not get fat. This is because I only ate when I was actually hungry, and I never ate past the point of feeling full, as the full feeling was quite unpleasant. I actually did not gain or lose weight at all. I stayed pretty consistent on my weight the entire time of eating pizza and drinking soda.

This is not because I am some type of special person that doesn’t gain weight whenever they eat/drink a lot of foods or drinks that are considered to “make you fat”. I just simply ate like normal and didn’t eat after I was full. The reason why I know that this is the case, is because I deliberately put on 20 extra pounds in 2 months when I wanted to, after I stopped my pizza and soda only diet, once I decided that I was joining the military (which I will talk about later).

So, nothing will happen if you think that pizza or soda will make you fat, as long as you don’t overeat. Weight gain is effected by the amount of calories that you consume a day, not the type of food that you are eating.

Health problems:

While eating the pizza and drinking the soda for the two years, that I consistently bought from a restaurant, I experienced zero health problems that I could actually pin point to being the cause of drinking soda and eating pizza everyday. This was confirmed after I joined the military.

The military does extensive tests before and during basic training to see what conditions you have that might disqualify you from completing or finishing basic training. Their tests showed that I had no major conditions effecting me that would stop me from completing the training. In other words, eating pizza and drinking soda everyday isn’t so bad that an individual can’t be healthy enough to join the military and complete basic training.

Of course, not everyone is the same, but this is what happened to me after I ate pizza and drank soda a lot for about 2 years. I’m not recommending that it is ok to do this. I am just stating the facts about what happened to me when I consumed them for a long period of time.

We often forget that the human body is more capable than we think it is of handling eating the same types of food over an extended period of time. It is a bigger problem to overeat and do drugs, when it is compared to eating pizza or drinking soda. Some individual’s stories that talk about the effects of not drinking soda anymore are a bit over-exaggerated. One individual for example compared quitting their soda habit to the effects of quiting cigarettes. Those two things are no where close to the same things.

Our bodies can actually benefit from drinking soda and eating pizza (even though there are better options), because they are actual foods. Foods should never be compared to chemicals like drugs as having similar effects, no matter how unhealthy they are claimed to be. Soda is not poison and neither is pizza. If they had major negative effects, then I wouldn’t have been able to get through basic training, even qualify for joining the military.

Also, during my time in basic training, pizza was offered to us for one of our three meals for the day. This happened frequently, sometimes three times a week. Soda was free for us to consume in the military as we pleased after we had graduated from basic training. At this time, I was about as toned and ripped in physique as I could be.

Side effects:

Even though eating pizza and drinking soda everyday may be ok, there are still some side effects that I did experience from quiting the habit. The side effects of eating pizza everyday, is that I was filling my body everyday with food like I needed, but not the healthiest foods that I could have been eating instead. My exercise and training in the military during my basic training could have gone a lot smoother.

For soda, the side effect was a craving for soda and or sugars, since I had drank soda all the time. It wasn’t occasional or severe, but it did happen. It was a really mild craving that sometimes caused a faint nausea from time to time. These effects however, went away after about a month or two. There were no changes in the health of my teeth either.

In fact, there was a day when one of my friends actually claimed that my teeth were somehow whiter during training. I am not saying that pizza or soda makes your teeth whiter, i am just saying that it had no little to no effect on the quality of my teeth during the time of drinking the soda.

Even though nothing will/may happen to you if you eat and drink pizza and soda everyday, your physical life in terms of optimal exercise and productivity may be lacking. The fact is that soda and most pizzas are considered to be empty calories. These can have a long term effect if these empty calories are consumed for a long period of time, since they are lacking in nutrients. The effects can be more prominent if your usual daily life is void of physical activities.

For me, eating pizza and drinking soda everyday may have not had much of an effect, because the type of work I did before I joined the military, and afterwards, was pretty physical. Before I joined the military and ate this way, I was already moving around 50 to 200 pounds everyday at my job. Granted, most of that weight was done by a machine, but it still needed some guidance from me.

The 20 pounds that I gained after I stopped my pizza and soda everyday habit was to bulk up to prepare for basic training. I began lifting heavy weights during that time before I finally went to basic training. I was eating healthier foods during that time, which included plain chicken sandwiches with no additives, and drinking glasses of milk.


Eating pizza or drinking soda everyday for a few years has no real/major effect on the conditions of the body if you are a regular individual with no severe health problems. The worst that can happen is not getting the optimal nutrients that you could have had if you were eating healthier foods. It still isn’t recommended that you consume only pizza or soda everyday, as majority of these types of foods are considered to be empty calories.

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