Are Burgers Good For Bulking?

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Are burgers good for bulking up? This article will cover some facts about burgers and the results of eating burgers primarily for the day to bulk in a diet. Burgers are known as a common unhealthy food that is been made this way by the image that fast food restaurants have set for them. However, an individual can make their own burgers at home fairly easily that are a lot healthier. The burgers eaten from a fast food restaurant can make an individual gain weight, but they also will provide bad things as well, which can make bulking up when eating them less effective.

If an individual wants to maximize their bulk diet from burgers, then making them at home, or eating them at restaurants that aren’t fast food restaurants, may be the way to go. If an individual wants to maximize what they can get from bulking up using burgers, then it is recommended that they consume beef burgers. Turkey or chicken aren’t necessarily the best ways to bulk up, as the meats for these are usually lean. The same is true for making burgers out of these meats, unless more fat is added to them when making burger patties or if them.

Regular beef burgers have a good amount of fat in them and they contain a hefty amount of calories and protein. They are very good for building muscle and gaining weight at the same time. Of course, all of this requires an actual workout plan that still challenges muscle growth at the same time while consuming excessive calories for a period of time. Without this, an individual is going to only end up with extra pounds and minimal to no gains after cutting.

A burger, as mentioned, already has a lot of protein, so eating them for bulking is a good idea. It is like eating a big sandwich packed with natural protein. This automatically eliminates the worry of consuming enough protein to ensure maximum muscle gains. The burger buns will also cover some of the energy needed to fuel an individual’s workouts, by providing a decent source of carbohydrates. The amount of carbohydrates however, are dependent on the size of the burger buns and how thick they are, among other factors.

Our recommendation is to keep in mind how creative you can be when making or ordering burgers. The burger buns can be changed as well as the type of meat and the extras in the burger. All of these changes can possibly drastically effect the bulking results that you get from eating burgers during a bulking diet.

Dirty Bulking With Burgers

If you are planning on not making your own burgers at home, and just picking any restaurant to eat your burgers from, then this may fall in the category of dirty bulking. This means that you are just going to eat burgers how ever you want whenever you want. As mentioned already, it isn’t the optimum way to bulk with burgers, but it can still yield some ok results (or even good results) when combined with a good workout plan.

An individual is going to have to work harder with this diet, but it is still possible to bulk with burgers eating this way. It is also a good idea to keep track of the daily calories that you are consuming, even when you are bulking.

Clean Bulking With Burgers

Clean bulking is obviously the best way to go when eating burgers to bulk up. This means that for the best results, the burgers should be made without sauces and cheese. The cheese might be tasty for a burger, but it has saturated fats and high sodium, which is not healthy.

Our advice is to maximize the gains that you receive when bulking by trying to keep all the unhealthy things out of the diet. Our bodies will turn any excessive things that we consume into possible extra fat. This could throw off our bulking results or confuse us on how much muscle was actually gained after cutting.

Simply making beef patties at home from ground beef from a grocery store is exceptional. The ground beef that is used should be the 80/20 lean to fat ratio. You will be glad to know that this is also the ground beef that has the best flavor according to most people. Burgers made from this ratio are going to be the best for bulking up.

Beef burgers contain a lot of essential amino acids, which are the building blocks for muscle gains, muscle recovery, and muscle building. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in red meats more than in turkey and chicken. This is why we recommend beef burgers over them. These fatty acids are extremely healthy for the body and are found in the beef fat. This is why we are recommending eating burgers with 80% meat and 20% fat. Of course, the brain isn’t a muscle, but it still needs to be kept healthy too. Taking care of our brains needs can increase muscle gains as well in indirect ways.


Burgers are an excellent choice for bulking, because they contain more than enough protein when enough are consumed in comparison to the typical calories that they have. They also provide energy from the important carbohydrates that are found in the burger buns, which are important when bulking up.

Despite, burgers being a great food for bulking, cutting results can be lack luster still if the individual bulking from burgers doesn’t put the effort forth in their workouts needed to build sufficient muscle while bulking, just like any food. Also, muscle gains can be maximized more by further avoiding fast food style burgers.

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