Are Burgers Better Than Pizza? (Pizza Vs Burgers)

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Pizza vs Burgers

Here we will discuss mainly two things about burgers and pizza to see which one is better: the health and the flavor. Of course, the second one is opinion based, as everyone will have different answers, but we will look at what other people think about burgers and pizza too to let you decide for yourself. Both of these foods are very common and very popular, with plenty of restaurants that sell both of these foods.

Both of these foods are also very customizable, which means that either one of these foods can fall outside of the general information given in this article. However, for this article, we will look at both the burger and pizza in general to answer the question. This means that we will focus mostly on the basic components of each food the most to give a solid answer.

Are burgers healthier than pizza?

Let’s look at the health side of each food first. The base ingredients for a burger are meat, cheese, and buns, while the base of a pizza is bread, sauce and cheese.

Just from looking at these components, a burger with the same amount of calories of a pizza or spices of pizza, would be a healthier choice. Burgers would have less saturated fats (the bad fats that can clog arteries) than a whole pizza. The saturated fats in burgers would be coming from the beef fats and the American slice of cheese, while the saturated fats in a pizza would be coming from the cheese.

Per calorie, both the burger and the pizza would have about the same amount of saturated fats. However, a burger would contain more protein and have less carbs per calorie than a pizza would per calorie. If we kept a burger as a basic burger with just meat and cheese, and a pizza with just its bread, sauce, and cheese, then this would be the case.

However, adding more cheese on the pizza or burger would increase the amount of saturated fats, which could easily make either more unhealthy in those terms per calorie.

It also should be taken to account the eating habits of a person. Burgers are usually eaten as one burger with a side, while some people may have a tendency when eating pizza to eat more than one slice from a whole pizza. Of course, there are some people that eat more than one burger in a sitting, but we are speaking in general.

In the terms of nutrition, a pizza would be less nutritional versus a burger, even if chopped vegetables were added as extra toppings on a regular pizza. A whole tomato slice is what is usually placed in a burger, not chopped vegetable pieces like it would be for a typical pizza. Of course, a pizza can be more nutritional than a burger per calorie if more than the usual amount of vegetables were added as toppings. This means that a vegetarian pizza would be healthier than a typical burger.

Simply put, a typical burger with typical veggies has more vegetables per calorie than a typical pizza would have that has veggies.

It is true that a pizza with sauce that is made with tomato sauce can have more nutrients, but it also isn’t uncommon for burgers to have ketchup. Ketchup is also made from tomatoes. However, pizza sauce does contain more nutrients than ketchup on a usual basis.

Do burgers taste better than pizza?

Both burgers and pizza are considered as really flavorful foods by many people. Many people also eat both foods. However, looking at both foods in their basic forms, pizza is more flavorful (better than burgers) in these terms. Pizza has more flavors, because of the sauce that is under the cheese and on top of the bread, and the cheese itself, which also adds a lot of flavor to food in general. Pizza has more sauce and cheese than a burger does in general.

Also, the pizza toppings generally have a lot of flavor on the pizza too, if it has meat toppings. A burger, on the other hand, is more dependent on having sauce for extra flavor than a pizza is. A pizza still has plenty of cheese to add to flavor, even if the sauce is taken away. It also has very flavorful toppings, like sausage and pepporoni that are often added to pizza too, which can make pizza taste good too, depending on personal preferences. A meat and cheese beef burger has its flavor coming from less cheese per bite and a (hopefully) well seasoned beef patty. Burgers in general are more prone to being less flavorful than a pizza would be for these reasons.

For this reason, it is easier to find pizza that’s flavorful in general in various places than burgers that are flavorful in various places. Pizza is generally consumed more as still being flavorful, despite different common toppings being changed. Burgers, on the other hand, are usually enjoyed by people in less varieties, meaning that people prefer their burgers to be made a certain way for them to be more flavorful.

In comparison, the same person may still enjoy eating a pepporoni, sausage, a supreme, or a cheese pizza, while that same person won’t eat a burger with/without tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, pickles, or any other common add-ons for a burger. A pizza is generally more dependable more flavor than burgers are for the general population. Pizza joints also possibly generate more profit annually than burger joints do, even though both profit very well annually. Top burger joints like McDonald’s are the only exception to this, as bring in possibly 5 to 10 times more profit annually than the top pizza joints.


Burgers are better than pizza in general in the terms of which is healthier. Burgers can also leave a person feeling more satiated per calorie than a pizza would. They have less bad fats than a whole pizza or 3 slices of pizza would have. Pizzas, however, have the potential to be healthier than a burger can be when customized, even when a burger is also customized to be healthier. In the terms of flavor, pizza is also considered by most to be more flavorful than burgers are in general. They have more of the things that are added to food that can make food more flavorful in general than the typical burger has.

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