Do Restaurants Allow Teenagers To Order From The Kid’s Menu?

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This article will cover whether or not restaurants allow teenagers to order from the kid’s menu. We are also writing this article to hint to restaurants that may have such policies that prevent teenagers from ordering from the kid’s menu, better options. These options could benefit both the customer and the restaurant as a whole. We understand that there are two sides of this question that can be taken for it and against it. Our goal here is to try and find a middle ground for both sides that can benefit the restaurant and the guests.

For individuals reading this article and wondering if there are restaurants that do allow teenagers to order from the kid’s menu, there are. Usually these restaurants that do allow this are also allowing anyone of any age to order from their kid’s menu as they please. They have no restrictions on any of their food items, on any of their menus.

The restaurants that do not all anyone to order from the kid’s menu unless they are 12 and under are doing so for a reason. They are trying to protect themselves from being at a deficit by older people abusing the system and ordering from the kid’s menu. These systems that restaurants have are usually created to try and first benefit the restaurant, but also look appealing to families; because of the cheaper prices for children in their kid’s menu.

Ultimately, an individual should respect this system without making a fuss. It is helping large families and families altogether that are trying to eat at restaurants at an affordable price. The restaurants that do have restrictions that only allow kids 12 and under to order from the kid’s menu are rightly protecting this system, if they want to keep themselves from getting swindled and their system abused.

No one has to eat at the restaraunt that they go to. They can simply leave the restaurant and go to another. As stated, there are restaurants out there that do allow teenagers to order from the kid’s menu. As we discussed in another article, some restaurants even do better financially than the restaurants that have restrictions on their kid’s menus.

The restaurants that don’t have restrictions on their kid’s menu are offering higher prices for their kid’s meals, but they attract a mass of teenagers daily to their restaurant. Ultimately, people go to restaurants expecting to pay for food. They don’t have to, but they do because they like the food. For some people, they don’t mind paying the prices they are supposed to pay for kid’s meals. Some teenagers are smaller than others, and the meals that are on the main menu may be just too much food for them.

Now, we have seen another answer to this question with someone else, claiming to have worked in the restaurant industry 5 days a week, claim that only 1 or 2 teenagers a week tried to order food from the kid’s menu in her restaurant. Whether it is true or not, it doesn’t answer the question generally for what most restaurants get daily. Many restaurants get teenagers daily (50 or more) that come in requesting orders from the kid’s menu.

These teens aren’t thinking about if they can order from a kid’s menu or not; they just want some good portion of food to eat. Many restaurants are close enough to schools to receive a mass of teenagers during the school hours during the weekdays. When these teens start entering the restaurant and the employees spot them, the employees tell the kitchen, “here comes the rush!”, because they are about to get slammed.

These teenagers come in and order food as they please to satisfy their appetites. Some of them order one big meal from the main menu for 2, while others order meals individually, repeatedly coming from the kid’s menu.

These restaurants that allow teenagers to order from the kid’s menu are offering balanced prices for everyone of any age, that are decided by the quantity of food that they order. They aren’t offering exclusive family friendly meals that restrict individuals of certain ages from eating from certain menus. These are the more flexible restaurants that are able to sale individual food items to someone that wants that, instead of a whole entire meal as well.

The prices at these restaurants may be higher than some restaurants offering exclusive, kid-friendly deals, but they are more appealing for people (and cheaper options) for vegetarians, vegans, people that are gluten intolerant, and individuals with lesser appetites. There are also other individuals out there that would like to order things from the kid’s menu, instead of the main menu, for various other important reasons.

We would love to tell you that the restaurants with restrictions for teens and adults on their kid’s menu should just let them order from the kid’s menu, but that wouldn’t be fair to those restaurants. The restrictions are there for a reason, and you can’t expect them to lift them, unless they are going to raise the prices. Without doing so, someone would be basically getting the food they offer on the kid’s menu at such a low price, that the restaurant would have made that order for free (made no profit).

A restaurant should profit from every single order that they make for their guests. It is the right way to do things. Restaurants have to pay for the food and ingredients needed to make the foods that they make. They should be paid for their labor. They also have to pay their employees what is right and pay to upkeep their equipment and for the building. No restaurant should have to feel wrong for having to turn down a guest because of a problem like this.

They should shamelessly raise the prices as needed to get paid for their work. This is why some restaurants may not allow teenagers to order from the kid’s menu. Cheaper prices that are offered to families with children for their children are great. It is sometimes ok to let a teenager rarely order from the kid’s menu when there are restrictions. However, a restaurant needs to do something different if the deals they are offering are so cheap and sweet to the customer, that it is putting them in the hole financially. This is why these options may not be available at certain restaurants.

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