Things That People Should Never Do At A Restaurant

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This will cover some things that people should never do at a restaurant. These things, if done, can annoy the restaurant employees, other guests at the restaraunt, or even cause the individual doing it to become/feel embarrassed later on. Some of these things listed can even end up being things that the restaraunt will infamously remember as the “remember that time” moment and talk about on their breaks.

People should avoid doing these things at restaurants, as some of them can get them banned, fired, or even arrested. Some are not that bad, but still annoying enough to cause anger and commotion.

5. Ordering Extra Food At The Drive Thru Window After The Order Has Been Made And Payed For

Ordering additional food items in the drive-thru after arriving at the final window where the order is received is something that can annoy both the restaurant and the guests. This is especially bad when the guest doing it is asking for an entire meal or multiple extra orders.

Restaurants have a time that they record for how long each of their drive-thru orders take. It is there to ensure that all orders for guests in a line are done in a timely manner. It starts as soon as the guest drives up to the intercom to take their order. Nothing kills that time more than for a guest to order additional food at the last minute, and then sit there at the window until that food is received.

If a guest orders additional food at the last minute, they should pull out of the drive-thru and wait for the additional food in the parking lot if possible. The timer will not finish for their order until they drive away, and it will run up all the timers of all the other cars behind them that are waiting. This will kill the restaurant’s morale and also annoy the people in the line trying to order that also want their food behind them in the line.

Restaurants are able to deliver food faster to the guests through the drive-thru when they know what the customer wants before they arrive at the final window. They can possibly start preparing and cooking the food as needed before the guest arrives to the final window to pick the food up. Ordering more food at the last minute when it is time to receive the food and leave messes up the flow of the line.

4. Ordering Massive Amounts Of Food At Once Without Giving Prior Notification

It is not the guest’s fault if they have to feed a ton of people at one time and they order from a restaurant to do it. However, showing up at a restaurant without notice to make incredibly large orders is. An individual ordering food for 17 or more people to eat at a restaurant should always call the restaurant hours or days before (depending on how large the order is) they show up to the restaurant to order.

Restaurants have a food supply and other people need to eat too. Don’t be that individual that holds up the line, because they are that person who showed up unexpectedly at the restaraunt to place a huge order.

If the restaurant has to make a huge order for one ticket, it will effect everyone else that orders their food afterwards. Orders that would be out for them in a reasonable amount of time can end up taking twice as long. Some of the guests will ask for refunds or put in customer complaints. It isn’t the restaurant’s fault that their orders are taking so long, it is the individual that showed up out of no where and ordered a massive order without giving prior notice.

People that need to make very large orders at a restaurant should call in advance and let the restaurant know what it is they wish to order when they show up. The restaurant will be able to prepare beforehand, and will even be able to make the order a lot faster when the person/people finally show up to the restaurant to order. This way they can still feed their other guests too in a timely manner.

3. Asking For Multiple Additions And Changes For Food

Asking for multiple specifications and changes to food when ordering can cause the order to take extremely long and make other guests have to wait longer for their food. Don’t be “that guy/woman” who orders their food with every single topping and sauce that the restaurant has. Getting every single meal ordered with extra specifications on large orders is tedious and time consuming.

The restaurant will remember it and talk about it, especially if they do this everytime the restaurant is swamped or busy. Keep the changes to a minimum if possible.

2. Making A Scene

Making a scene at a restaurant because they did something wrong is the not the best way to handle situations in the restaurant. If an individual is unhappy with how a restaurant presents their food, they should let the restaurant know in a calm and polite manner. They shouldn’t run around the restaurant or yell as if Armageddon is upon everyone.

There are civil ways of handling bad customer service at a restaurant by filing a customer complaint, speaking to a manager, notifying the corporate, or contacting the local health department when applicable. Starting a protest on the restaurant’s property is a bad idea.

Throwing food or drinks at employees is the same thing as physically hitting a restaurant employee. It is assault. An individual will find themselves banned from the restaurant for good, charged with assault, and possibly arrested. These things shouldn’t be done as retaliation for anything that a restaurant has done. Do not threaten restaurants either.

They are just making food. There is no reason to act self entitled, or for an individual to act like they are better than the restaurant employees, becausethey aren’t one. Usually these same people that are acting this way can’t cook better than the individuals working at the restaraunt, which is why they are going to the restaurant to eat food instead of cooking their own food anyways. Always treat people like they are people. They are not indentured servants or anyone’s maid.

Most restaurants want to provide great hospitality and customer service, but not to the point that they are demeaned.

1. Asking For Free Food Or Giving Out Free Food

Everything that a restaurant gives to their guests has to be paid for by the restaurant to prepare and make them for their guests. It isn’t a good idea to try and find sneaky ways to get free food from a restaurant without paying. Someone that works for the restaurant has to pay for it. It will affect all of the employees at the restaraunt negatively if free food is given out to the guests too often and too frequently.

Restaurant owners, managers, and corporate hate it when incompetent employees give out free food or other items that should be payed for to their guests without their permission. The employee doing this is basically stealing from the restaurant and giving it to someone else, as if they are the ones with the budget paying for all the restaurant’s supplies.

Don’t be an annoying snake oil guest that tries to get free things by blackmailing the restaurant or using other sly means. An individual should pay for what they can pay for. If they can’t afford to eat at a certain restaurant or eat certain things at the restaraunt, then they should go to a restaurant that they can afford to eat at, or make their own food at home.

These things can lead to a restaurant firing an employee or refusing to serve a guest that is doing this. They could also end up banned from the restaurant or in some type of legal trouble with the law of it gets out of hand.

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