Firehouse Subs Veggies & Condiments For Each Sandwich

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These are all the main sandwiches at Firehouse Subs, with all of the ingredients (veggies, cheese, and condiments) that go on them.

If you want to know all of the meat, then check the post I created with all of the meats for each sub.

Firehouse shortens the explanation of what goes on some of their main subs by using a term called “fully involved”.

What does fully involved mean?

Fully involved means that the sub sandwich comes with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and deli mustard. The condiments and veggies are placed on the sub in this specific order from the bottom up.

1. Hook & Ladder

Fully involved with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and deli mustard.

Cheese: Monterey Jack

This sub is the basic sandwich used the most for adding extra vegetables to it, like jalapeños, bell peppers, and olives.

2. Meatball

The three meatball subs: the regular, pepperoni, and sweet & spicy do not have any vegetables added to them. The condiments vary a little for each type.

Cheese: Provolone

The meatball and the pepperoni meatball have the Italian shaker added to the top of them, while the sweet & spicy has their popular datil sauce and hot pepper seeds.

The meatballs on the subs come pre-marinated in the marinara sauce.

If there is a vegetable to add, people often go with olives, onions, banana peppers, or jalapeños.

3. New York Steamer

The New York Steamer has no veggies on it, and it comes with three condiments: mayo, deli mustard, and Italian dressing.

Cheese: Provolone

The Italian dressing is placed on the meat, underneath the cheese, instead of directly on the bread before it is placed into the steamer and steamed.

Some people get this sub without the Italian dressing, because they don’t like the extra tangy flavor.

4. Italian sub

The Italian sub is fully involved with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and deli mustard. It also has Italian seasoning placed on the meat after it is steamed in the steamer. The bread has Italian dressing placed on top of the vegetables.

Cheese: Provolone

The Italian sub is one of Firehouse Sub’s best sandwiches. It really hits the mark on what you would expect from a sub with veggies included. With the dressing spread on top of the veggies, this is like a salad on a bun with flavorful meat.

5. Turkey Bacon Ranch

The Turkey Bacon Ranch has mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and ranch as an additional condiment.

Cheese: Cheddar

This is a good sandwich with the ranch. It is often bought just as it is. People will sometimes add jalapeños or banana peppers for a little extra spice quenched by the ranch dressing. The banana peppers are a more common pick than the jalapeños.

6. Club On A Sub

The Club On A Sub is fully involved with the mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and deli mustard. It is the exact same thing as the Hook & Ladder, except it comes with bacon. Despite this one difference, the sub still gets its own classification.

Cheese: Monterey Jack

Just like the Hook & Ladder, people use this sub a lot to customize with extra vegetables toppings.

7. Steak & Cheese

The Steak & Cheese has strips of sliced bell peppers and onions marinated in au jus sauce for its veggies, and mayo and deli mustard for its condiments.

Cheese: Provolone

The additional veggie that naturally comes with this is mushrooms. This is the other option for this sandwich, known as the Steak & Cheese with Mushrooms.

People like this sub, but often get it without the deli mustard. Jalapeños and banana peppers are the two most common additives. Extra cheese is also requested seldom too, since the sub sandwich may appear to not have any after it is steamed.

8. Engineer

The Engineer comes fully involved with the mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and deli mustard. Adding mushrooms is an option for the Steak & Cheese, but this one always comes with mushrooms on it.

Cheese: Swiss

This is one of their least popular sandwiches, but it does taste good. The flavor is more centered around the juice from the mushrooms, and the swiss cheese.

People rarely make any alterations to this sub, leaving it just how it is.

9. Firehouse Hero

The Firehouse Hero is fully involved with the mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and deli mustard. This sub is made for the bigger folks, with additional meat added in.

Cheese: Provolone

Most like this sub just how it is, but sometimes additional toppings are added. This sandwich is seldom requested with salt and pepper.

10. Brisket

This is the only sandwich that comes with BBQ sauce. The other condiments is mayo spread on the bun. The Brisket doesn’t come with any vegetables.

Cheese: Cheddar

Extra cheese, extra BBQ sauce, or both, is requested seldom by customers. Sometimes the BBQ sauce is exchanged for ranch dressing. Few get it with the BBQ and dressing too.

Pastrami Reuben

The Pastrami Reuben is a special sub found at Firehouse during certain seasons at participating stores. Why they don’t add this to their menu permanently? I don’t know.

The veggies for this sandwich is cole slaw mixed with green cabbage, red cabbage, and carrots. Mayo and thousand island dressing are the condiments.

Cheese: Swiss

When this sandwich is available, people order it quite a bit. They sure do miss it when it is taken off the menu. It is ordered regularly with everything on it, with the cole slaw left out seldom. The highlight of the sub is the thousand island dressing.

The Most Popular Sauce At Firehouse

The most popular sauce at Firehouse Subs is their datil sauce. The sauce is both sweet and spicy in flavor, and it is mildly spicy. Customers asks for this as a side for just about any of the Firehouse subs they order.

The sauce is a brand of the company.

Some of them love the sauce so much that they won’t eat their sandwich without it.

It iis the same sauce that is found on their sweet & spicy meatball sub.

The Vegetables & Condiments For The Single Meat Subs

The vegetables and condiments for their single meat subs are all the same. The only difference is the meat used. These are the build your own sub choices that are outside of their main menu.

These sandwiches can be made with many combinations of vegetable toppings and sauces, including their hot sauce collection when it is available.

For example, a roast beef sub with mayo, olives, and cherry peppers can be made with only these ingredients. The hot sauces are normally set out for the customers to choose from after they receive their order.

The single meat can end up being a cheaper options if you’re looking to create subs piled with toppings and sauces.

If there is a certain veggie or condiment that you don’t like, then it can be requested to leave it out when they make your sub. This can be done for their main sandwiches, the single meats, and any other special signature sandwiches that they may have during certain seasons.

I would advise making sure that the cashier repeats the order back to you to ensure that it is made correctly. When they fail to do so, orders could get messed up.

If you make a lot of customizations to your sub, definitely make sure that they repeat it back to you. Check your bag before you leave the store to make sure everything is correct with all your condiments.

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