Top 10 Best Boba Bubble Tea Flavors

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These are the top 10 best Boba tea flavors of all time including Black Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, and Tiger Sugar Milk Tea ranked from top to bottom. All boba flavors will include the rank on an actual best bubble tea flavors poll from Facebook.

I made a poll of the top 10 best Boba Tea flavors and allowed everyone to put additional flavors in if their favorite flavor wasn’t there. Three of my inputs were bumped to the bottom which were, Chocolate boba (surprisingly), Vanilla (I mean wow), and Strawberry (no comment).

Of course, if you drink Bubble Tea on a regular basis, you would know that Matcha Bubble Tea (green tea boba) made the list. It’s green tea, so of course it did right? It’s a classic Asian flavor thats spread across the world for good reasons; it tastes great.

Any of these drinks can be turned into Non-dairy beverages by simply using tea only when making the drinks, instead of turning it into Milk Tea.

1. Milk Tea

Milk Tea came in number one, but really this shouldn’t be surprising considering that this was the first before any other flavors were invented. 

Despite its simplicity, the drink can be made from several tea flavors, making it an absolute favorite. Black milk tea is one of them, which is made by using black (red) tea as the base. 

Black milk tea is loved for it’s strong taste that is formed primarily from the black tea itself.

Other forms have been created, like the Golden Milk Tea, which changes the milk flavoring more than the tea flavoring, as opposed to Black Milk Tea.

2. Taro Milk Tea

Taro Milk Tea comes in second place, beaten by the classic version (makes you wonder why Coca-Cola Classic is still number one). Taro Milk Tea was outvoted by more than half the votes. Probably because its great taste, as great as it is, can’t be changed as much as original Milk Tea’s can (and the original is pretty good too).

Taro Milk Bubble Tea’s ingredients, the Taro, is a plant-based natural vegetable. A Taro (potato looking) vegetable beating all the fruit teas says quite a bit. Its sweet potato vanilla taste brings out the best in the tea world, and this purple bubble tea can satisfy the taste buds just as much as any other colorful fruit tea.

The purple bubble tea with the taro flavoring is here to stay.

3. Matcha Bubble Tea

Matcha Boba Tea ranks in at number 3 on the list of most popular flavors, beaten by Taro by a few votes. Matcha Bubble Tea is known as the “green tea boba,” because, not only does it taste like green tea, it basically is. They are green tea leaves that have been grinded into powder to form Matcha.

Green tea boba is popular for its matcha flavor, and its widely excepted health benefits due to the green tea leaves. Green tea is awesome, so of course there would be a best Matcha Boba Tea!

4. Tiger Sugar Milk Tea

I can hear the bubble drinkers now, “Where’s my Tiger boba!” Yes, it made the list, the brown sugar milk tea. You’re probably wondering why brown sugar boba is called “Tiger Milk Tea”. Well, when the drink is mixed it forms aesthetic ‘stripes’ in the mixture giving it the triumphant name. The Asian drink is made with Okinawa Brown Sugar (Okinawa is an island of Japan) quite frequently, which is a sugar made different than the American brown sugar. 

The drink has developed sub-drinks, Black Tiger milk tea (black sugar milk tea) and Fire Tiger Milk. Fire Tiger Bubble Tea made its way to Taiwan, and apparently people from Taiwan can spit hot fire, and give it to you too. Tiger Milk Tea is a drink that you just have to try atleast once (or was it Dylan that spits hot fire?).

5. Peach Milk Tea

Peach Milk Tea (one of my favorite fruits) made it on the list as number 5 best tea drinks! I guess you really could say it is number one of the fruit teas. 

Bubble tea peach flavor is actually pretty good for a seasonal spring or summer drink. You can put cream cheese on top of this and make peaches and cream boba tea! Peach milk tea also goes well with mango flavoring and other fruit flavors. Of course, there is a mango milk tea just like the peach boba tea, which I say, should rank number 5 as well.

Make yourself a glass of peach boba tea, and don’t forget the cream! Whip Cream mixed evenly with Cream Cheese can really get your taste buds going.

6. Lychee Milk Tea 

Lychee Milk Tea ranks in at number 6 of the list of most popular drinks as the second best fruit teas, and for a good reason.

Lychee Bubble Tea consists of the fruit called “Lychee” that resembles the taste of grapes. However, this fruit mixes extremely well with other fruits: watermelon, strawberry, peach, mango, lemon, lime (I think you get the picture). 

Lychee boba pairs well with Durian, and Jackfruit, but also ginger spice. Since Lychee Milk Tea pairs well with peach and ginger, you can combine it with peach ginger if you love that flavor.

Lychee Milk Tea is the bubble tea for making fun fruit flavors of all kinds, along with tropical drinks.

7. Passion Fruit Boba Tea

Speaking of tropical fruits, Passion Fruit Boba Tea makes the list as number seven as a tropical bubble tea.

Passion fruit is native to South America, with a beautiful shiny purplish color on the outside. The inside of the fruit has many seeds in cased in a yellowish juicy fruit meat, with a smell of berries. The taste is like eating a sour pineapple. 

If you want a Boba tea drink with a kick to it and a great flavor, Passion Fruit Boba Tea is your pick (the flavor is intense but good).

8. Hokkaido Milk Tea

Hokkaido Milk Tea is a tea made with milk from the second largest island in Japan, Hokkaido (hence the name). It is a very popular Asian drink. Even though the milk is specially made from Japan, the tea is made from black leaves known as “Assam Black Tea Leaves”.

The Black Tea family is known for its strong tea flavoring, and is very popular in the Asian providence including India. If you are looking for milk tea flavor that leans more towards the tea taste rather than fruits and veggies, this is recommended.

Hokkaido Milk Boba Tea is very similar to the normal milk tea listed as number one, except this one is specifically made with a special milk and tea flavor to create a Hokkaido Bubble Tea straight from the islands of Japan.

9. Almond Milk Tea

Almond Milk Tea Boba comes in at spot number nine as a light milk tea. It isn’t as heavy as actual milk because it is made by filtering almonds and water to make a plant milk.

Almond Milk Tea has a more bready and nutty taste than the other teas, with additional sugars added into it for some types. If tapioca pearls are added, it may not need sugars because the tapioca pearls are already sweet.

Also, if powders are used to make Almond Milk Bubble Tea, then the sugars are most likely already added. This a great mild and less sugary drink with less calories than ordinary milk, while still enjoying the Bubble Tea experience with tapioca pearl’s chewy Boba.

10. Honeydew Milk Tea

Honeydew Milk Tea comes in at number ten on the list of top 10 bubble tea drinks with its sweet canteloupes taste. If you love canteloupes, then this is your drink, minus the after taste of the canteloupe.

The sweet taste comes from honey, as its combined with the melon flavor. If you want something sweet with a mixture of mild fruit flavor, like dipping a canteloupe into honey and eating it, go for it!

Thai Milk Tea

Thai Milk Tea made it unto the list, but not the top 10, despite its sweet popular flavor. Thai Milk Tea is still great none the less, and actually tied with honeydew boba tea.

This is a screenshot of the rankings based off of Boba tea lovers that drink bubble tea and try different flavors on a regular basis:

Top 10 Best Bubble Tea Flavors
Top 10 Bubble Tea Poll
Top 10 (2) Best Bubble Tea Flavors

As you can see, Strawberry, Hazelnut, and Rose Boba bubble teas made it on the list along with Thai Milk Tea. Thai Boba Tea ranked the top of the bottom picks, and Chocolate Bubble Tea received no votes.

The poll comprised of over 70 people total.

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