Is Bubble Tea Easy To Make?

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How easy/hard it is to make bubble tea from scratch.

This article will go over the art of making bubble tea by giving a realistic approach to what makes bubble tea easy to make, and what makes it hard. Bubble tea has many different components that can be added to it, which gives it literally thousands of possibilities/combinations. However, many individuals stick with making a basic pearl milk tea.

The pearl milk tea consists of three main ingredients: milk (whole milk, 2% milk, or soy milk), black tea, and black tapioca pearls.

Now the problem with making bubble tea, and how easy it will be to do it, is dependant on how far an individual is willing to go to make the entire bubble tea from scratch. If an individual just wants to make the milk tea, and buy the tapioca pearls to cook them, then it will be fairly easy. However, even with this, many individuals struggle with cooking their tapioca pearls the way they want them to be.

Plenty of bubble tea kits have also been made to make bubble tea even easier to make. They usually come with the boba pearls, equipment to cook them, and even a flavor to go with them.

Making Bubble Tea With Powders Or Syrups

Making bubble tea with powders or syrups is the easiest and quickest way to make bubble tea of many different flavors. This is the usual way that boba shops and ‘do it yourself’ boba drinks are made at home. Bubble tea kits also use this method, but predominantly with powders, instead of the syrups. However, syrups are easier to mix into the drink than powders are.

What is the fastest/easiest way to make bubble tea?

The fastest and easiest way to make bubble tea is to use these:

Instant boba can cook in around 10 minutes total from start to finish, and a pre-made milk tea powder can be mixed into water or milk to make the base of the bubble tea drink. Both of these will make a quick and delicious bubble tea drink.

A milk tea powder mix can include everything in it (the right sweetness, tea leaf flavor, and milk). It is flat out the quickest and undisputed easiest way to make a quick bubble tea drink at home; just don’t forget the boba straw. Using a milk tea powder also means that no additional equipment will be needed to create the tea from the tea leaves either.

If you are trying bubble tea for the first time, this is highly recommended. This is usually the route that everyone decides to take when trying boba for the first time: Try the milk tea flavor all by itself first, then you can try some of the top 10 boba flavors recommended by individuals that have been drinking bubble tea for awhile.

Is Bubble Tea Hard To Make?

Now we will get into what makes making bubble tea hard. The main components of bubble tea that take the longest to make is the tea from tea leaves, the bubble tea flavor, and the boba pearls. Making a specific boba flavor from scratch can also be time consuming and a little difficult. Making the tapioca pearls from scratch can be very difficult, since majority of the time, people desire boba pearls with a good texture and flavor.

It is the texture of the boba pearls that make it or break it for most people when they drink bubble tea. So making excellent quality tapioca pearls from scratch can be very hard and time consuming. This isn’t even mentioning cooking them. It is possible to obtain the right tapioca pearls with good quality, and still struggle with cooking them correctly.

The boba pearls can come out hard (which is normally the case), or really mushy if they are cooked too long. Soft boba pearls is what is desired, but not without the chewy texture.

The hardest parts of making boba from scratch is making the dough for it, and cooking them correctly. Making the dough can be difficult if an individual is not just making it with tapioca starch and water, but also trying to include additional ingredients into the dough. Putting extra ingredients into the dough is possible, but it can break the integrity of the dough, and the quality of the boba after it has finished cooking.

After the dough is made, there is also the problem of having to roll each and every tapioca pearl into a ball to cook them. It can be very tedious. If they are made too large or small, it can drastically change their cooking times when they are finally cooked. This increases the chance of making bad boba that is too hard or really mushy.

The main key things to do to make making boba pearls from scratch easier, is to always make the tapioca dough really good when forming it. This will usually solve almost every other difficulty when making boba from scratch (even the cooking part).

Some individuals also desire to make their bubble tea flavors from scratch. This is because the flavor of the bubble tea may not be available in their region. This is easier to do than making and cooking the boba pearls, but still a little challenging. It requires getting the natural flavors, blending them in a blender (usually fruits or vegetables), and mixing them with water, tea, milk, or a combination of the three.

The only thing that is challenging after doing this, is getting the right portions of each to make the base of the bubble tea drink taste good. If you already know how much fruits or vegetables it takes to make the bubble tea flavor, then this part will be easy.

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