50+ Boba Bubble Tea Flavors to Try & Buy

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All Bubble Tea Flavors

I was thinking to myself the other day, “What are all the Boba Tea flavors to buy and try out?” So I decided to make a list of them all here for a reference, and add new ones if any more came out in the future!

After going through each one and counting the flavors, I discovered that there were over 38 commonly used flavors from both the powder mixes and the loose leaf tea flavors.

Mixing one tea leaf flavor with a flavoring gave us hundreds of possibilities, and combining the powders and loose tea leaves as you please, gave us thousands of combinations. That’s pretty insane right?

This isn’t counting the syrups that can be added to the base of milk tea to create even more.

Important Note: To make the Bubble Tea with flavored syrups, make sure to use Milk as a base first, then add the syrup to the milk. For a vegan drink, use Soy Milk. Almond milk is packed with vitamin E, and low calories, if you want something besides the whole milk.

Powders are easy to add to the drink. Just add about 3 to 4 tablespoons of the choice powder (for every 16oz of fluid), shake or mix drink (preferably while it is hot), and add ice afterwards to cool it down.

Over 50 boba flavors and 1000+ ideas. Here is the list!

1. Milk Tea

Milk tea is the first in the list with its very own flavoring powder; even though it is used normally as the base for making the rest of the flavors. This one is a classic (literally).

2. Taro Milk Tea

Taro Milk Tea is made from the taro vegetable. It resembles the taste of vanilla and sweet potato, and the taro flavoring is splendid.

3. Matcha (Green) Milk Tea

Matcha Milk Tea is the ‘green tea’ of the boba drinks, with the same great taste of the regular green tea, but a little creamier.

4. Okinawa (Brown Sugar) Milk Tea

Okinawa Milk Tea is the same flavor as brown sugar, which is made different than the sugar in the U.S. Don’t let the name throw you off; this is the tiger sugar milk tea with the white and brownish orange stripes; like a tiger.

5. Peach Milk Tea

Peach Milk Tea is a fruity tea made from fine mixing powder, with a superb taste. Peaches and Cream always comes to mind as a cool refreshing bubble tea smoothie in the hot weather.

6. Mango Milk Tea

Mango bubble tea is one of the best fruit tea flavors, and it has a great smell to it!

7. Lychee Milk Tea

Lychee is the fruit that no one has heard of that hits the top of the billboards when you try it out. With a taste similar to grapes, Lychee boba can be combined with almost any fruit to create many variations.

8. Honeydew Milk Tea

Honeydew Milk Tea is a pretty stand alone stable drink to comsume on a regular basis. It’s sweet taste comes from the honey, and the melon flavor resembles canteloupes.

9. Almond Milk Tea

Almond Milk Tea is a very nice mellow, lighter drink to have with its nutty coconut milk flavor. It is a nice change up from the fruit teas.

10. Yogurt Milk Tea

I am so glad that they have a Yogurt flavored boba tea. I mean, yogurt in itself can have so many different sub-fruit flavors when syrups and sweetners are used, so why wouldn’t they?

11. Nagasaki Milk Tea

The Nagasaki Milk Tea is the honey version of the green milk tea. The taste of honey is not as present, but provides hints of it to the taste buds, giving you the honey green milk tea.

12. Vanilla Milk Tea

A classic flavor that just had to make its appearance in the Milk Tea flavorings. Vanilla already goes well with milk; now just add the tea for more mixing surprises.

13. Lavender Milk Tea

Lavender Milk Tea is a really special drink. This beautiful floral masterpiece has the taste of flowers, with the scent of Lavenders right in your cup. For looks and scent, it is hard to resist the imagination of whipping this together as a new drink for your friends to try.

14. Coconut Milk Tea

Coconut Milk Tea is good, of course, if you like coconuts (by the way, this is not coconut milk). I myself love coconut, but I have met quite a few people that don’t care for them. Other drinks that I have tried that are coconut have been excellent, and this no exception; especially served cold.

15. Chocolate Milk Tea

Why would you think that chocolate milk tea would not be here? Of course it is, and it is better than chocolate milk, and it is decked with boba pearls.

16. Strawberry Milk Tea

Strawberry Milk Tea has been upgraded from your basic Nestle Quik strawberry milk; to your favorite smoothie, slush, or milkshake with chewy boba!

17. Banana Milk Tea

Bananas have never been my favorite, because I have a slight allergy to them (not enough to stop me), but you might like it. It is another good cold drink to have with a banana flavoring.

18. Watermelon Bubble Tea

Watermelon Milk tea is nice because of the less fruity, and more calm watery fruit taste of watermelon. It reminds me of Vitamin Water, except it actually has some flavoring to it!

19. Sea Salt Cream Milk Tea

Sea Salt Bubble Tea does not taste like the depths of the salty ocean, in case you are wondering. It has a slight saltiness that pairs well with tea leaves and coffee. Make sure you drink this during an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants to get the full effect.

20. Papaya Milk Tea

Papaya Milk Tea is a drink with a flavor to remember. The smell of papayas is not the most pleasant, but that is my opinion, and the taste is not sweet either. It has a taste similar to homemade coffee, which goes well with smoothies (oddly enough). You should try a Papaya bubble tea smoothie.

21. Jackfruit Bubble Tea

Jackfruit Bubble Tea has quite a unique vegetable and fruit taste to it (by the way, it is a fruit). It has a pineapple and sweet potato taste (more on the vegetable side though).

22. Avocado Bubble Tea

If you like Avocados, then try this Avocado Milk Tea to relive the moments of your favorite veggie (it’s actually a fruit if you didn’t know) in a glass, with sweet tapioca pearls.

23. Black Sesame Milk Tea

With the taste of coffee, mocha, and cappuccino combined; it is the Black Sesame bubble tea! But really, it actually has more of a peanut taste to it than anything.

24. Red Bean Milk Tea

Red Bean Milk Tea is another veggie-like drink, besides the Avocado Milk tea. This one has the taste of red beans mixed with sugar for a sweet vegetable flavor.

Now all the brewed tea flavors.

25. Golden Milk Tea

Golden Milk Tea, also known as Turmeric milk, is used for bubble tea too! Mix your boba pearls into this ancient Indian beverage.

26. Black Milk Tea

Black Milk Tea is made with the black tea leaves that are known for their rich tea flavors. This is often called the original Milk Tea, but it really is just one of the many variations. This drink is made with the Black Red tea leaves most of the time.

27. Green Boba Milk Tea

Green tea with milk is back again, but this one is the regular brewed green tea leaves instead of the matcha (which is more finely chopped).

28. Jasmine Milk Tea

Jasmine milk tea is made from Jasmine Flowers with a scenty flowery taste, just like the Lavender boba. This one one is mixed with green tea to bring out a more exquisite flavor.

29. Thai Milk Tea

Thai Milk Tea, to me, has a chocolate sweet flavor to it that most others find yummy and delicious, but the taste can be acquired as some think it is too sweet. It is on the level of a Milkshake on sweetness.

30. Oolong Milk Tea

Buttery sweet in flavor, Oolong Milk Tea is a popular Asian tea flavor that deserves its own unique spot.

31. Butterfly Milk Tea

Butterfly Milk Tea is just straight up beautiful. When brewing is finished, it is hard to not pull out your camera and share the rainbow colored pictures of the layers of blues, pinks, and purples to your friends!

32. Assam Milk Tea

Assam Milk Tea has Assam black tea leaves in the mixture, which gives it a rich flavor. The tea leaves originated from India, so I guess you can call this one the “Indian Bubble Tea”.

33. Osmanthus Milk Tea

Osmanthus Milk Tea is another wonderful aroma flower drink with a mild taste.

34. Passion Fruit Bubble Tea

Passion fruit bubble tea has a tangy kick to it that you will love if you prefer your beverages fruity sour!

35. Rose Bubble Tea

As the name says, Rose Milk Tea has the taste of roses with the red rose smell (and yes, roses are edible).

36. Plum Bubble Tea

Plums are one of my favorite all time fruits that have a tangy sweet juicy taste; now in your tea.

37. Plum (Shiso) Bubble Tea

Similar to the plum bubble tea, Shiso gives this one a minty plum taste that makes your mouth tingle with freshness.

38. Pineapple Bubble Tea

Pineapple bubble tea is yet another fun fruit flavor to add to your tea.

39. Kumquat Bubble Tea

Kumquat bubble tea is another sour flavor; just like the passion fruit, except it has a little bit of sweetness too.

40. Red Guava Bubble Tea

Red Guava Bubble Tea is excellent, with the taste of both strawberries and pears!

41. Kiwi Bubble Tea

I love Kiwi, so this bubble tea made with syrups, was a win win. One of my favorite fruit drinks.

42. Ginger Bubble Tea

Ginger Bubble Tea is very different and unique from the rest. It has a sweet and spicy taste. Very uncommon combination that actually works well as a Mexican drink.

43. Blueberry Bubble Tea

That is correct. You can make Blueberry Bubble Tea with the syrups provided. Knock yourself out.

44. Lime Bubble Tea

Lime Bubble Tea is here to add another classic tangy flavor to the boba list. A smoothie or milkshake like this would be fun to make.

45. Cherry Bubble Tea

Now this is getting pretty interesting. A Cherry Boba milkshake sounds excellent right now (as I was writing this). This is a first recommendation for my friends to try out with chewy boba!

46. Caramel Milk Tea

Obviously Caramel Milk Tea is a hit since caramel and milk itself goes well together (just be careful not to make it too sweet!)

47. Cotton Candy Bubble Tea

Yes, there is a flavored syrup for cotton candy in the hundred or so that is there! This would be great to have at a fair or amusement park with some whipped cream and sprinkles.

48. Peppermint Bubble Tea

A peppermint flavored bubble tea would be great if it was mixed with one of the fruit flavors, but I don’t drink this by itself. A holiday boba tea indeed.

49. White Chocolate Bubble Tea

White Chocolate flavored bubble tea to extend the chocolate lovers appetite.

50. Vanilla Bean Bubble Tea

Does Starbucks come to mind with there vanilla bean frappuccino? Well, boba tea can match it with a Vanilla bean boba, smoothie, or milkshake. Take that.

51. Raspberry Bubble Tea

Raspberry flavored bubble tea to go along with its other berry friends on the list. Berry good.

52. Wintermelon Bubble Tea

Wintermelon Bubble Tea is a hard to find flavor, that has the taste of cucumbers! This vegetable is said to have a lot of health benefits.

How to Make Milk Tea and Bubble Tea of any flavor?

Using the Milk Tea powder, add 3 to 4 tablespoons of the powder for every 16oz of fluid. To make any of the other flavors with powders and syrups; add 3 to 4 tablespoons of powder to the powder drinks; or 2 to 3 tablespoons for the syrup drinks.

Adjustments may be needed for mixing 2 or 3 flavors.

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