Starbucks Bubble Tea: Matcha Latte How To Make It

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Starbucks Boba Tea: Matcha Latte
Starbucks Bubble Tea

After trying the starbucks matcha iced latte for the first time among other drinks, I came to the conclusion that this was one of the top drinks that I liked. It had more sweetness than the vanilla and caramel flavors that I tried, maybe that is why.

The taste was like leaves that had been sweetened with honey. The flavor was very present compared to the caramel and vanilla latte.

Here we will go over how to create the Starbucks matcha latte as a bubble tea drink. It will be a homemade copycat recipe. For making this drink at home you will need a way to froth your milk. Of course, since it is a boba tea, it will include the delicious tapioca pearls. There will be 3 recommended types, with one of them being the matcha flavor to try with this bubble tea.

How to Make A Simple Starbucks Bubble Tea Matcha Latte

Here are the ingredients for making the Starbucks diy copycat matcha latte bubble tea:

Additional Equipment for Frothing Milk

The exact ingredients for a 16 ounce drink is:

Tapioca Pearls – 2.5 Ounces (about 1/3 cup)

Matcha Powder – 1 Ounce (2 Tablespoon)

Milk – 10 Ounces (1 ¼ Cups)

Espresso – 2 Ounces (4 Tablespoons)

1. Cook the tapioca pearls first.

Start by cooking your tapioca pearls first. There are 3 options to choose from that will go well with this starbucks boba tea: The normal tapioca pearls, the green tea boba instant pearls, and Wufuyuan’s instant pearls. The green tea boba is pretty much the same as matcha, as matcha is finely grounded green tea leaves. The regular tapioca pearls will take longer to cook, but will have better quality, while the instant take around 10 minutes from start to finish.

2. Prepare your espresso.

Prepare 2 ounces of espresso for your starbucks matcha bubble tea. The Starbucks blonde espresso can be used along with the nespresso machine if you’re really into espresso. Other than that, I recommend the easy to use instant espresso. Once you have your espresso made, put it into your drinking cup.

3. Put your cooked boba into the cup.

Carefully place your cooked boba into the cup preferably with a spoon. This way it doesn’t splash everywhere. It is better to put your boba in sooner than later. This is a good time to put in ice if you want it iced. Fill your cup with lots of ice, but remember that the milk still needs to be added. More ice will prevent it all from melting when the milk is placed in.

4. Heat and froth your milk.

Here are multiple ways to froth your milk:

Place the milk into a jar, shake it well for 30 seconds, then place it into the microwave without the life for 30 seconds. This will create frothed milk. It can be placed into the microwave 3 more times for 10 seconds for better results.

Another way is to purchase a small whisk, heat the milk, then use a small electronic whisk to create frothed milk by placing the whisk at the bottom and whisking.

Use a an Areoccino to froth the milk by placing it in it. The Areoccino will basically do all the work for you. A good investment if you plan on frothing a lot of milk in the future.

Once done pour your frothed milk into cup with your espresso. You can save some of the foam left over from frothing until after step 5.

5. Put your matcha into the cup.

Place 2 tablespoons of matcha powder into the boba drink and stir. Stir it well to make sure that the powder is mixed into the drink.

6. Place the remaining milk foam on top.

If you saved the foam from the frothed milk, then place it into the drink last. This is it for the basics of making the Starbucks copycat Matcha Latte Bubble Tea.

How to Make A Matcha Iced Latte Bubble Tea

Place plenty of ice into the drink during step 3 after the boba to make it a starbucks iced matcha latte boba tea. The ice has to be placed into the drink eventually, and this is a good time to do it.

How To Make Starbucks Matcha Latte Boba With Milk Tea

To make the copycat starbucks matcha boba tea with milk tea, simply add milk tea mix into the milk before adding it into the drink with the espresso. It will take 3¾ tablespoons of milk tea powder to turn it into milk tea. Easy, quick, and simple. The milk tea mix already contains black tea in it as well.

Another way is by adding half of the amount of milk that you would normally have, and exchanging it for steeped tea from a loose tea leaf flavors of your choice. The tea leaf flavors are black teas, oolong, green tea loose leaves, and more to choose from and customize your drink.

The brewed tea would be added after the espresso, then the milk.

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