How To Make Food Less Greasy?

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Greasy food.

This article will cover how to get the foods you fry and deep fry to be less oily after they are finished cooking. The main problem that people have after they fry food, is that the food is extra greasy after it is fried. It may be greasy all over, or underneath the food when it is lifted up after it has been sitting for awhile cooling down. So how do we fix that problem?

The fact is, that in order to deep fry foods, they have to be cooked in oil. However, just because foods of any type are cooked in oil, doesn’t mean that the end result after it is cooked has to result in greasy food.

It is possible to deep fry or fry foods in cooking oils of just about any kind, and end up with dry food too. If you have ever had a dry fried chicken breast, then you will know that this is possible. It haa been fried, but it is really dry instead of not greasy and juicy like it should be. Here are some ways to make all of yours foods less greasy while they are cooking, and after they have finished cooking. Try some of these tips..

  • Use an air fryer.
    • Air fryers are capable of frying foods really well with little to no grease needed.
    • They can be the best solution for making any foods less greasy and still taste good if done correctly. They can cook steak and all other poultry, and any foods that typically would have to be deep fried in oils.
    • They will solve any greasy food problems by simply using a different method to cook the food. Cooking the food this way also means that towels aren’t needed to absorb the extra grease after cooking.
  • Cook the food at a high temperature.
    • When the food is getting ready to be cooked in the oil, make sure that the oil is hot enough first. Wait for the oil to reach 350 degrees Fahrenheit first.
    • There is no point in throwing the food in the grease to cook before it is ready. This will make the food absorb more grease than it needs to before it is allowed to even start cooking. Wait until the cooking oil is heated all the way and ready.
    • Cooking the foods at higher temperatures will also cook the food faster, meaning that it spent less time in the grease while it was cooking. This gives the food less time to accumulate grease while it is cooking.
  • Use a cooking rack.
    • Setting your food on a cooking rack after it is finished frying/cooking is one of the best ways to reduce the greasiness in foods.
    • We fry foods in a deep fryer that inevitably comes out covered in grease. When the food is placed on a cooking rack, the extra oil has space to drip under the rack, which produces juicy, but not greasy fried food.
    • This is one of the easiest fixes. The food is taken out of the oil, placed on the rack, and the excessive oil drips off into the oil pan the rack is sitting on. No towels are needed to get rid of the grease on the food. It naturally leaves the food if given enough time to sit after it leaves the hot oil.
  • Space out your food.
    • Space out the food that you are frying. Too much food frying in a deep fry or pan at a time will lower the temperature of the hot oil. Lower cooking temperatures will result in a chance of extra greasy food.
    • This was tested on a deep fryer we use. We stuffed the deep fryer with a lot of chicken at one time, and it started heating again to get back up to temperature. Too much food will cause the temperature of the oil to drop, and cause the food to sit in the grease longer before it is cooked all the way.
    • Also, the food needs to be spaced out after it is set down after cooking. If the food is stacked up with the rest of the food, some of the food underneath will be greasy and never have a chance to air out and dry.
  • Hot-hold your food with a heating lamp.
    • Placing your food on a cooking rack, spacing it out and hot-holding the food is an effective way to quickly dry out greasy food after it is finished cooking.
    • Place a heating lamp over the food to keep it warm while it sits on a cooling rack. Have the heating lamp set to keep the food at atleast 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Over time, this will cause the grease to dry out from the food while it still remains hot and fresh.
    • This is a technique used by restaurants to keep their food hot and fresh, and it removes the grease while it is waiting.

All of these are great ways to make the food you are cooking in oils less oily. The reason why fried foods are so oily is because of the way they have to be cooked to produce fried food. However, this doesn’t mean that the food has to be oily when you eat it. There are steps that need to be taken after the food leaves the oil in order for it to not be greasy when you eat it.

The steps are simple:

  1. Fry the food at temperatures around 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Remove the food from the oil and place it on a cooling/cooking rack for foods.
  3. Let it sit until the grease is diminished or gone.

These are the basic steps to keeping fried foods less oily or greasy after they are finished cooking.

Let your food have a chance to breathe while it is sitting. Using a plate with napkins doesn’t allow the food to drain properly at the bottom, making the food really greasy underneath. The oil will leave the food, but once it has been absorbed by the paper towels, it will absorb back into the base of the food making it soggy. A cooking rack allows the food to elevate above the grease so it doesn’t return back into the food.

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