Is Milk Tea Good For Sleep?

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Milk tea help you sleep better?

Is milk tea good for sleep? Let’s look into this to find out what is in the components of milk tea. Let’s see if it improves sleep by having some before bed, or makes it worse.

The components of milk tea are nothing more than milk and tea for the most part, with some individuals adding a 2 tablespoons or more of sugar to sweeten the tea. Milk tea has been consumed in many forms all throughout history in the world, and used for many natural health remedies. The ratio of milk to tea can be different for different forms of milk tea, but it is all still milk tea.

Also milk tea can be consumed with different types of milk and different types of tea too. Milk tea is also a prime base for bubble tea drinks.


The best known type of milk for drinking before sleep is whole milk. Is there some truth to drinking milk before bedtime to get better sleep? Yes. There actually is some truth to it. Milk contains an amino acid called tryptophan. It has one of the highest amounts of this amino acid.

Tryptophan produces serotonin and melatonin in the body, which both help the body to sleep better.

Melatonin helps regulate the internal clock in our bodies that tells us that it is time to go to sleep. This helps to keep the body from sleeping and waking up at weird times. This can prevent the body from suddenly waking up out of good sleep whenever the body is still tired. It can help the body to sleep all the way through the entire sleep cycle, with less disruptions.

Serotonin is said to help with mood by making an individual feel happier, while also helping with sleep and pain. It is difficult to sleep with pain, even if it is really minor sometimes. Serotonin is said to help with not only helping an individual sleep better, but also feel better while they are sleeping.

The milk that contains the most tryptophan amino acids is whole milk. It contains more than 30% more tryptophan than 2% milk. Almond milk is also a good substitute for whole milk for getting better sleep for individuals that cannot drink whole milk, because they are lactose intolerant, or vegan for example. Almond milk also has a good amount of tryptophan.

A warm glass of milk is recommended over a cold glass of milk for better sleep.


Tea has been consumed for thousands of years as a drink to provide a wide range of benefits. It has also been consumed for helping individuals sleep better too. Although dark teas, like black tea, can be high in caffeine and keep individuals awake longer, chamomile tea has been consumed for years by many to help with sleeping better.

Chamomile tea is said to be one of the best teas to take before going to bed, which can help improve sleep in the long term if consumed regularly. It has been tried by experts who also agree that chamomile helps individuals sleep better. It also triggers receptors in the brain that help the body to relax.

White teas have the most tryptophan, which makes them more idea for consuming before bed, than the dark teas, since dark teas have more caffeine. Dark teas do not contain as much caffeine as coffee, but they certainly have a noticeable amount of it.

It’s also advised that teas should be steeped for their usual times or less, so that they do not extract more caffeine from them if they are to be consumed before sleeping.

Why does milk tea make me sleepy?

Milk tea makes individuals sleepy after consuming it, because of the amino acid tryptophan found in the milk and the tea. Tryptophan releases serotonin and melatonin, which both in combination help an individual sleep better. It is actually the serotonin that puts an individual in the mood for wanting to go to sleep.

This should be no surprise when we consider that children drink milk in their youth and eventually fall asleep afterwards.

The tea in the milk tea may be having the effect, but it is mostly coming from the milk, rather than the tea. The tea can have both serotonin and melatonin, just like milk. As mentioned white teas have more of a sleeping effect. Green tea for example has an amino acid called l-theanine. This amino acid also produces serotonin in the body, which put an individual in a better mood for sleeping.

Is it good to drink tea or milk at night?

Both milk and tea can be consumed together at night time to enhance the quality of sleep. The best milk tea to make would be a combination of whole milk with chamomile tea. A cup of chamomile tea can be brewed with a portion of milk poured into it. This combination has been recommended by experts as one of the best substitutes for sleeping pills.

However, if one or the other had to be decided on which is better for consumption before bedtime, definitely go with the milk. It has a better effect to help improve sleep, and it improves one’s overall health by being more nutritious than tea.

If you still prefer tea over milk, then go with green tea or chamomile tea if you can get your hands on it. Just avoid sleeping pills if you can.

Milk tea is an excellent combination for enhancing sleep by consuming it before bed time. Both of them can provide the key amino acids that help improve an individuals overall sleep, l-theanine and tryptophan. Both of these amino acids help the body to regulate sleep to tell the body when it is time to go to sleep, and help the body relax and stay asleep.

A warm glass of milk combined with freshly brewed tea is recommended for the best results without sugar. Adding too much sugar in the milk tea can make the body’s glucose spike before bedtime, which can last for 30 minutes or more depending on the amount of sugar.

Individuals consuming milk tea have reported falling asleep faster by up to 20 minutes earlier, with some having better results than sleeping pills.

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