Is Bubble Tea Good For Sore Throat?

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Here we will look at bubble tea to see if it is ok to have for a sore throat, and if it actually could help when you have one. We will see what will help soothe a sore throat when you have one, and what could possibly make it worse.

Not every bubble tea is ok to drink if you are looking for relief from a sore throat, but of course, not every bubble tea is bad. Luckily, most are fine as long as you avoid some of the ones listed below that have certain key ingredients that could irritate the lining of the esophagus even further.

There are three main components of the bubble tea to look at: tapioca pearls, milk, tea.


Not only is the milk in bubble tea good for you, it is said to be soothing when it is consumed while it is cold. However, too much milk, if you already have allergies, can make the throat feel like it is filled with mucus, resulting in clearing of the throat. This will make the sore throat worse if this is the case. It is recommended to drink bubble tea with milk, but keep it light if you are prone to stuffiness during the pollen seasons.

For faster recovery, a turmeric bubble tea is perfect for a sore throat, as the turmeric has many health benefits. If turmeric is combined with milk, this is known as golden milk tea. Turmeric can be combined with raw honey, which provides even more health benefits, and is good for soothing sore throats.

If the sore throat is caused by stomach acid, it is best to avoid high fat milk. Instead go with low-fat milk, or even no fat.


Tea has been used for a long time to help boost the immune system and to fight sore throats. Chamomile tea is used to deal with sore throats, along with the common green tea and black tea. Turmeric tea is also a very good option.

Experts say that fruit teas that are high in citric acid should be avoided. This would be grapefruit, kumquat, lemon, lime, and orange fruits teas made with boba. Also, adding these flavors as boba in milk tea or bubble tea drinks can cause further irritation to a sore throat. These would be popping boba, and boba jelly flavors made with any of these fruit flavors.

Herbal teas made with strong spices, like chai tea, can also cause irritation to the throat, even though chai tea is a very healthy tea. If your goal is to soothe the effects of a sore throat, then avoid spice teas, and fruit teas with high citric acid. They may cause a stinging sensation in the throat when consumed.

Tapioca pearls

The regular tapioca pearls would be the best option for a sore throat when drinking bubble tea. Soft and sweet are a good combination for an irritated dry throat. Sugar has been known to relieve sore throats. Tapioca pearls that are sweet will do just that. It helps that the tapioca pearls are also naturally soft and chewy in texture. Also, tapioca pearls can be soaked in raw honey, which will help to soothe a sore throat even more.

Try soaking the tapioca pearls in raw honey instead of sugar to increase the health benefits. The tapioca starch from the tapioca pearls themselves won’t help much, but it won’t do any harm either.

Making healthy boba pearls from scratch at home can help increase the recovery. For example, peppermint boba pearls can soothe and help fight sickness.

High citric popping pearls and boba jelly fruit flavors should be avoided as already mentioned. These can also trigger individuals with acid reflux, making the sore throat worse.

Can you drink bubble tea with a sore throat?

Yes you can drink bubble tea with a sore throat. Individuals have reported that bubble tea, depending on the flavor, can be quite soothing for a sore throat. However, avoid the fruit tea boba drinks with a lot of citric acid. The effects of these types of bubble tea might not be so soothing in the throat.

Bubble tea drinks that are warm or cold are good, as individuals often drink warmer drinks for sore throats. However, experts say that cold drinks are better with some ice for relief.

Also, watch the milk in your bubble tea, as high fat milk (soy and whole milk for example) can make the throat feel clogged with phlegm. The things that help to get through a sore throat is it try and avoid irritating it even further while it is like this. Certain things can make the esophagus feel as if it needs to be cleared out frequently by coughing. Milk that is high in fat can do that.

What kind of bubble tea is good for your throat?

The best bubble tea for a sore throat if you can make it from home, is a turmeric bubble tea with raw honey as the sweetener. It can help to reduce inflammation in the esophagus, which can reduce coughing. Reducing the inflammation makes the throat feel more free, instead of like something is stuck in it that needs to be coughed up.

If you can’t make this at home, then go with a low-fat milk pearl milk tea. The black tea in pearl milk tea can also help reduce inflammation. Other great choices are peppermint, banana, and yogurt bubble tea flavors.

Avoid spicy chai bubble tea drinks, and other spiced boba drinks until the throat is better. If you aren’t sick and some how you have a sore throat, then it could be caused from stomach acid if you have acid reflux. Don’t drink chai tea if this is the case, and always avoid the citric fruits that have been mentioned above.

Drinking a coffee bubble tea can also ease coughing, and help to relieve sore throat, as long as it isn’t too hot. Really hot drinks are not advised.

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