Why Soda Tastes Better In A Glass Bottle, Cup, Can, Or Plastic Bottle

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Here we will cover why soda tastes better in a glass bottle, a can, a plastic bottle, or a fountain cup (tap). We will see what the real differences is between each one of them when it comes to taste.placedw

I think it is only right to have a look at every different type in order to give a clear evaluation of which tastes better to an individual; and why. There is an obvious difference between the four, even though the companies that make their soda products claim that they do not change any of the ingredients for either one before they are packaged and shipped, right?

So if this is the case, then what makes each one actually taste different?

The main thing that has always driven the flavor for any soda beverages (including coke) is the carbonation. This is the main thing that individuals complain about in restaraunts or other places where they buy soda that doesn’t taste good to them. The mysterious flavor of the carbonation of the soda is picked up by the same taste buds that taste sour flavors on the tongue.

Since the companies delivering the products say that they do not change the ingredients of either glass bottles, plastic bottles, canned, or cup, then that leaves two main factors to why soda can taste different in either one: carbonation, and what it is placed in.

Many individuals hold their opinion that glass bottled soda, and canned soda are the best in taste. However, there are individuals that do prefer their soda in a plastic bottle or cup.

Also, Coca-Cola says that another taste factor is keeping the soda beverage cold, so we will count that one too. Most individuals would also agree that soda is also better when it is cold.

Does Soda Taste Better In A Glass Bottle?

Why soda is better in a glass bottle.

Many individuals say that soda in a glass tastes better. This is because, it just simply is in a glass bottle. They think that the carbonation stays in the glass better than plastic, and that the glass itself doesn’t make the soda taste like metal like it would with canned soda. This, to these individuals, just makes glass bottled soda taste better.

Does Soda Taste Better In A Plastic Bottle?

Does Soda taste better in plastic bottles?

Some individuals prefer their soda in a plastic bottle, but most agree that canned soda tastes better, and so does soda in a glass bottle. It is widely believed that soda in a plastic bottle loses its carbonation whenever it sits too long. The individuals that believe this, think that the plastic material allows the carbonation to seep through over time, therefore making the soda taste more flat.

However, many different soda flavors are used in plastic bottled soda for fun experiments involving placing Mentos candy in them to shoot soda out of the container. These experiments couldn’t actually work if it wasn’t for the carbonation sealed in the plastic bottles. Since many different flavors are used to do this (including unpopular ones that would suit on the shelf longer), then this can’t be the case.

Does Soda Taste Better In A Can?

Many individuals strongly believe that soda in a can is the best over bottled soda, and soda in a cup (tap). This is because, many believe that the carbonation in canned soda is kept in longer over time than plastic bottles. It is the sealed carbonation in the can that wins them over when it comes to preference.

When looking at canned sodas structure, there actual might be some truth to canned soda tasting better, because of the way that it is packaged.

Does Soda Taste Better In A Cup?

Does Soda in a cup taste better?

Soda in a cup is the most widely controversial among the four when it comes to taste. Many individuals are split on whether or not it tastes better or not. Some people do prefer soda in a cup over any others. One thing that most individuals agree on when taste testing, is that the soda in a cup from a dispenser can be told apart from bottled and canned soda.

The truth is that soda in a cup is the only one that can actually be confirmed that it can taste different than bottled or canned soda. This is because the soda is made from equipment by the seller of the fountain drinks from the dispensers right there on the spot.

Their equipment could be better, worse,or the same for provide great taste as the companies themselves. It is also able to lose its carbonation faster, since it is already exposed to the air after it has been dispensed into the cup.

Which is better, plastic bottled, canned, glass bottle, or cup soda?

The final verdict is that from a factual perspective based off of the ingredients in each soda type, neither is better or worst in taste. They will all provide the same taste when consumed in either one, as long as the carbonation is the same.

Taste tests have been done to see which tastes better, but neither have any factual points to say one tastes different than the other except for soda made from fountain drink machines. When the beverages were mixed up for each, neither individual could repeatedly tell which soda was from a glass bottle, plastic, bottle, or can. Glass bottled soda was confused with plastic or canned soda repeatedly.

The taste of metal from the canned soda was just a psychological effect when it was taken out of the can and tasted in a glass. The only thing that could justify tasting the metal in a can compared to soda in other containers, was an individual actually putting their tongue on the metal flap when drinking the soda, after opening the can.

Also, the inside of soda cans are covered with a water-based varnish, which prevents the inside of a soda can from tasting like aluminum (metal). This means that there is no way that claims of tasting the metal in the actual soda in the can can be true, unless they are made without this covering on the inside.

The inside of the soda can is specifically coated with this varnish to keep the soda from tasting like aluminum, and to protect the can from being eaten away from acid during production.

For individuals that think that cold iced soda tastes better (as soda companies recommend serving it), then the best soda to have for taste would actually be well carbonated soda from a fountain drink machine, soda in a plastic bottle, or soda in a glass bottle.

All of these would be better than canned soda at keeping the beverage colder for a longer period of time, as metal is better for allowing heat to pass through it. This is considering that the soda will sit at room temperature for awhile before it is fully consumed after it has been chilled.

However, soda in a can tastes better to individuals that like more carbonation, since the soda is filled almost to the brim inside of soda cans. This leaves little room for carbonation to easily escape in the space left inside the can after being disrupted, making them hard to shake when attempting to free the carbon dioxide from the liquids. This means that they could possibly taste better than glass bottled soda, soda in a cup, and definitely soda in a plastic bottle.

All of the other three are more vulnerable to losing its carbonation after being disrupted, therefore making them more flat when compared to canned soda. The other two (the plastic and glass bottled soda) can be disrupted more easily when transported during shipping and storage, resulting in more carbonation freeing itself once they have their seals opened.

Soda in the plastic bottle is the most vulnerable to losing its flavor, since the plastic bottle that the soda is often thin and more flexible than glass bottles.

The carbonation in the plastic bottle has a better chance of escaping, because of all the extra room left inside of plastic bottle soda. When the bottle is shaken, more of the carbon dioxide can easily leave the bottle when the seal is finally broken, resulting in a more flat flavor.

This makes canned soda capable of providing a better taste than bottled soda if this happens.

However, if they aren’t disrupted, all of the soda in cans and bottles will taste the same.

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