Does Diet Soda Make You Fat?

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Does Diet Soda Make You Fat?

Diet soda of any kind (as long as it doesn’t contain calories) cannot directly cause anyone to become fat. The fact that these soda companies have sincerely made an effort into implementing a soda beverage without calories or sugars, shows that the goal of diet soda is to help with weight loss.

Calories are the main driving factor that determines whether an individual will gain weight or lose weight. Take it from me when I say as a hardgainer, that I avoid diet soda for this reason (hardgainers have trouble gaining weight). If hardgainers drink diet soda as a replacement for other foods and drinks that have sufficient calories, then they will experience drastically noticeable weight loss.

Why? Because there are no calories in diet sodas.

It is the natural tendency of the body to try and fill its usual calories that it gets over the day, weeks, or even months. If an individual eats or drinks any other foods or drinks that are proven to be good for weight loss instead of consuming diet sodas, then they will experience this effort too.

So it is not the diet soda that is the culprit, it is the old habits that die hard. It is hard for individuals to accept and believe that their own bodies is capable of actually keeping track of our daily calories, but it does.

If an individual begins to add diet soda to their diet in an attempt to replace their regular soda that is filled with sugar and calories, then their body will try to add something else into their diet to replace those missing sugars and calories. The body is aware of that fact that it is missing those calories and sugars.

One doesn’t simply replace their foods and drinks with calories in them for foods/drink that don’t, and experience a weight loss, without the body catching on to what is going on. It will try to make up for it that same day, a week later, or even months and years later. This is how individuals end up being the same weight no matter if they are skinny, fit, chunky, or obese. It can stay this way for years.

It isn’t the whole reason, but it is a huge factor. That is why they appear to remain to look the same over the course of years, despite getting a personal trainer and changing their eating and drinking habits by switching the food and drinks around.

No weight loss will happen until the individual begins to eat or drink less calories instead of substituting other foods or drinks to replace those calories (even with healthier foods).

Diet soda doesn’t make you fat. It isn’t the popular thing to say, but it is true. The popular thing to tell people is the undying fad that diet soda does magically make fat. Why? Because nobody actually knows anything about the ingredients in diet soda, so it is easy to manipulate them.

As mentioned, if an individual were to instead replace water with their meal for the day by going on a fast, their body will quickly realize what is going on and respond with hunger. The body is doing its job like it is supposed to, and telling the person, “You cannot live long by just drinking water. I need food.”

Diet soda isn’t the best replacement for actual sodas with sugars and calories, but it sure is a huge step up from the regular soda; if an individual drinks a lot of soda. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that it is not, because it is. Diet soda becomes a health benefit in this case.

There is proof that diet soda is indeed a drastically better option than regular soda:

It is said that elevated sugar levels that stay elevated for higher periods of time, can increase weight gain. The video above shows a simple test of how diet soda doesn’t spike sugar levels, making it a healthier choice than regular sodas.

“A few years ago I lost 80lbs while still drinking diet drinks. I would drink one instead of grabbing a snack when I was feeling like one, or was bored, and it worked. I only recently gained back the 60lbs of the 80 I lost because I had some recent stress and troubles and went off my diet and stopped exercising.”

An individual who commented on the video above about losing weight while drinking diet soda in 2017. Source –

“Do diet drinks make you fat? Short answer: No Long answer: Noooooooooooo”

An individual who commented in response to the same video.

The YouTube channel for the video is ran by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). They are a very factual and accredited source.

I felt that it was necessary to gather this information for you from this source, instead of some health guru on YouTube about the subject. BBC was able to provide an unbiased, no click bait view on diet drinks in general, while using a diet soda as a test for their experiment to answer a simple question.

Though there are some better choices than diet sodas, it is possible to drink zero sugar sodas and diet sodas and lose weight, belly fat, and fat all together everyday.

It also isn’t right to purposely and knowingly make diet soda the culprit of weight gain without real proof. There is nothing in the soda that can be directly and realistically linked to weight gain. Instead the challenge should be for anyone to see how long they can go only drinking diet sodas without getting the calories their body actually needs. That is harder than gaining weight from directly drinking diet soda only.

Many health gurus are willing to easily make individuals believe that they are in danger of gaining weight while drinking zero calorie diet sodas, but they aren’t willing to admit the fact that you cannot gain weight daily unless you actually consume real calories above what your body can burn daily. No psychological effects will change that.

You cannot give diet soda to a starving country and expect them to be filled without giving them foods (or atleast a shake) that actually have calories.

If an individual is gaining weight while drinking diet sodas, it is because they are still eating or drinking other foods that are supplying their old habits of overeating. There is no proof that diet coke will make an individual crave more food than they usually eat, therefore causing weight gain.

In order for obesity to diminish, the focus needs to be on the calories and exercise more than secret foods that do or don’t make you fat. Don’t fall down this endless rabbit hole, putting all your focus on singling out specific foods. Start by eating and drinking less first and exercising.

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