Is Water/Bottled Water Good For Weight Loss?

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Is bottled water and tap water good for weight loss?

Here we will answer the question on whether or not water or bottled water is really good for weight loss. Some individuals believe that water is more than just good for you, but also an excellent choice to add as a main consumption for weight loss in their diets. We will cover the real truth of the matter by looking at both sides of using water for weight loss, to see whether it has a real effect.

The first thing to note is that water itself has no calories. This is one of the most common things that is pointed out by individuals that promote that water is good for weight loss. However, there is already plenty of real life cases shown everywhere of people that drink plenty of water, and they are overweight. Water is something that a person can’t live without, so it is only natural that people would consume enough of it daily and still show signs of being overweight or obese.

I have worked with plenty of people in restaraunts that consumed nothing but bottled water, yet they were still overweight or obese, because of poor eating habits.

So the point here is that a person shouldn’t fall for a simple explanation given by anyone (a professional or not) that tells them that drinking water everyday will help them lose weight. The proof is in everyday life looking at everyone else, that it does not significantly or even slightly help a person lose weight without a real change in their diet, other than just simply drinking more water.

It is true that water can speed up the metabolism whenever it is consumed, because the water causes the body to drop from its normal internal temperatures. However, the body only needs to burn around 10 calories in order for it to heat back up. This is only 0.5% of the calories that an average person consumes on a daily basis. For taller and larger individuals, this percentage is even less.

This means that an individual has to consume a lot of water (gallons daily, which is not recommended due to the potential of water poisoning) in order to have small benefits to losing weight while drinking water. It is not a good weight loss plan. However, these small percentages combined with real changes in the actual diet by changing one’s eating habits, can help to improve weight loss by slowly chipping away the extra calories by drinking the water.

Either way, better results can be gained by drinking diet soda for weight loss with good eating habits, than it would be for an individual that was fooled into drinking more water for weight loss without changing their eating habits. The fact is that water isn’t the only thing that speeds up the metabolism, most of the things consumed by the body cause this effect too.

So if an individual believes that they are receiving additional benefits of drinking water in the terms of weight loss by using it to burn calories, every food and drink causes this phenomenon to happen in the body; not just water. The only edge that water has in this department is that it has no calories, making it a few free calories burned whenever it is consumed.

Can Water/Bottled Water Help Me Lose Weight?

Yes. Water can help you lose weight, but not by drinking more water in your diet. It will have little to no effect if it is consumed as a weight loss supplement to burn fat and lose weight; without real changes in one’s eating habits. This is why people that consume plenty of water daily, still are overweight and why some are not overweight, though they both drink plenty of water daily.

In order for water to help an individual lose weight, it has to be substituted for other drinks that are in the person’s diet that have actual calories in them. If a person were to eat the same amount of calories and drink water instead of what ever drink that they normally would consume that has calories, then they will experience weight loss in different proportions. This is dependent on how much calories are in the drink that is substituted with water, and how often they consume that beverage and substitute it for water.

However, the body may try to fill the missing calories with more food once the drink that has calories is substituted with water or bottled water, after it realizes that it is at a calorie deficit. Water is not a good filler for making the body feel full for helping it to burn weight. The body is able to use and dispose of water very fast, even if it is bottled water. Drinking more water will not help an individual feel less hungry for an extended period of time. Water can be digested and expelled from the body in about 5 to 10 minutes.

If an individual were to exchange their drinking habits (drinking alcohol) with water or bottled water instead, they would experience a huge weight loss for example, if they consumed a lot of alcohol daily. This is once again considering that they aren’t eating more food than usual after they exchanged water in the place of the alcohol. However, the same thing can be said if water (or any calorie free drink) was substituted in the place of high calorie foods or drinks in a person’s diet.


Water, or bottled water of any kind, is not good for weight-loss, as it isn’t something new that is added to anybody’s diet, since human beings already consume water daily for survival. The function of water in the body isn’t to help a person lose weight. At best, water can help an average individual lose up to or around an additional 20,000 calories a year, which is equivalent to not eating any calories in a 2,000 calorie diet for 10 days. This is only because of the body naturally using energy to digest the water as it would do for anything that it consumes.

However, individuals are already experiencing these weight loss effects, since they drink water already in their daily lives. These weight loss effects would only be worth mentioning if a person added water to their diet for the first time, and never consumed water for that whole year, which isn’t plausible. People are already experiencing the weight loss benefits of water by simply living and consuming water, which is found in many other drinks other than just drinking the water itself too. Bottled water (usually) actually has less minerals in it than regular tap water.

The only way for someone to lose weight from drinking water is by substituting it with other foods or drinks that actually have calories, in their diet.

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