Do Restaurants Do Family Meals?

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Here we will discuss what restaurants might do for people that want to feed their entire family. This is a question that often pops up at our restaurant. Basically, a mother with 5 kids and the husband that just went to the bathroom is the one to ask. We know that you want to get the best deal that you can for your family, so we will discuss how you can do that too when ordering at a restaraunt.

Depending on the type of restaraunt that you are ordering from, the restaurant may or may not have family meals. Usually at certain fast food places you can find family meals and deals that can be ordered for a fair price in bulk. However, if you are dining in at a dine-in restaurant, you might be hard pressed to find one that offers a complete family package without having to order exclusive meals for everyone.

Fast food restaurants of course make their food faster in general than the restaurants that people wait for a table with a menu and sit down and eat at. This is why family deals can be more common in these types of restaurants (fast food), because they specialize in preparing a lot of food fast in a short period of time. The fast food restaurants that usually have family deals are the fried chicken places. They only have to worry about mainly cooking chicken, so usually they will have a family pack available on their menu at a better deal than if the food was ordered separately for each member of the family.

Any fast food restaurant that focuses on one main food item to cook for all their guests, usually have family meals. This could be a seafood restaurant, a pizza establishment, a restaurant that serves hot dogs, a restaurant that serves chicken wings, or any other restaurant that serves and specializes in cooking one type of food. It is really easy for them to make a family meal, since they only have to cook more of that type of food to feed a family that they already cook quite frequently.

However, there are some other options from certain restaurants that do not need to have a separate option for family meals. A pizza place for instance, already serves their pizza that is designed to feed multiple people at once. If you haven’t thought about ordering pizza for your family, see what they have available.

Other options are restaurants that offer buffets. Buffets are a great choice for feeding the entire family, which is usually offered at a reasonable price. Chinese food buffets, soul food, and other homemade cooked foods are usually what can be found for the family at many buffet restaurants.

Sometimes a few dine-in restaurants will have family meals if they also specialize in serving one particular food item in bulk. Other restaurants can have family meals that aren’t necessarily obvious to their guests. This would be meals that are typically too large for one individual to eat in one sitting on their own.

An example would be something like a pizza, but instead it is an extra large burger. Restaurants do often have large meals that don’t necessarily feed the whole family, but they can feed one or two members of the family. Some restaurants make food items large enough to feed the whole family and then some.

Some of the ways that some individuals that order their food for their families in restaraunts that do not have family meals, is by ordering the large size meals and then splitting the food between their family members. This is something that was done quite often at our restaurant whenever the family meals were too much food for the guest that wanted one, but the single meals were too small. Sometimes the husband and wife would order one large full meal for both of them to eat and then order another large meal to feed their three or more kids.

When ordering from a restaurant, it usually is always better to buy the largest size meals instead of ordering a bunch of small things to try and feed the family. Restaurants majority of the time will have better prices for what you are getting altogether when ordering their larger meals compared to their smaller sized orders. Trying to find a way to get things cheaper at a restaurant for your family by ordering a few things here and there separately, usually results in a higher price than what you should be paying for your food.

Try ordering the biggest meals for your family if the restaurant doesn’t have a family meal, and then purchasing additional drinks to go with the few big meals so that everyone has a drink. Just think of it as preparing food at home for the family, which is normally done in one big batch for each food item cooked.

For example, you can buy large sides at a restaurant that sells them, like a large side of mash potatoes, macaroni, green beans, for example, and use additional bowls/containers to divide the food up between your family. If a restaurant doesn’t have family meals on their menu, they can usually make food to sell to their guests like this.

Many restaurants are used to doing catering orders that comprise of food made this way to feed a crowd. They also offer discounts sometimes for the catering orders, or additional free things to go with the meal if the order is large enough.

Some restaurants are also capable of doing special stuff to where they can add more food to a meal using special commands in their system (of course for an additional price). This means that a restaurant could have an option available to put extra toppings or more food in certain sides, that could turn smaller meals into family meals. Some restaurants even offer special sells where they can sell certain food items in a bundle, which can possibly be useful for individuals looking for family meals.

Sometimes speaking to certain managers (or even the owner of a restaurant) can set up special orders that can be done that can make a meal suited for a family in restaurants that don’t have them on their menu, besides just getting the individual orders. However, this last option may be a little complicated, since the employees of a restaurant are often short on personal time due to having to serve many individuals at one time. They may be unwilling to do this. If you can convince a restaurant that you will be ordering a lot of food, then they will be more obliged to cooperate due to the potential profit gained in a short amount of time.

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