Is Empty Calories Better Than No Calories?

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Empty calories refer to foods and drinks that do not provide any real nutrients for the body, but are high in fat or sugars. In the case that the body is already getting a sufficient amount of calories, then empty calories are considered bad.

However, in situations where the body is in need of calories, it is better to have these empty calories than no calories at all. This situation will obviously apply to a homeless individual, a starving person, or a poor person. Accepting food from a restaurant, for example, when you are hungry and haven’t eaten in awhile, even if it is a muffin or cookie, is better than not eating at all.

The main goal of the body is to survive more than anything else. This is of more importance than life long diets and muscle building goals that we set for ourselves. These personal goals are really what drives individuals to let go of the empty calories and pick more nutritional foods in its place.

However, the human body is more capable than what we give it credit, and is able to turn empty calories into vital energy if it desperately needs it. Even though some diets oppose the idea of humans being omnivores, we are. This means that human beings have survived for a very long time eating both plants and animals.

Some humans consume more meat than anything else and are as healthy as an ox, while others have lived healthy lives only eating plants.

The main goal of the human body is to find energy, consume it, and store any extra for later if it gets the opportunity. The body tries its best not to waste anything that it consumes, considering that it is edible and can be digested to begin with.

Most individuals frown upon the idea of eating an entire bag of potato chips while washing it down with a coke. However, the truth is that many individuals do this. Some of them have been doing it for a very long time. They bless their food and thank Jesus for it, and eat.

Tough times like this do happen, or an individual may just choose to live this way. Either way, empty calories are still better than no calories, especially if you need calories (and we all do).

Some individuals don’t have time to prepare the healthiest foods, even though they can afford to buy them. They end up often stuck with going to a fast food restaurant, paying for whatever looks good on the menu, and washing it down with an artificially flavored drink. Soda is considered empty calories.

However, these drinks, because they have calories, are recognized as food by the body, which is taken in and used as needed. It is more unhealthy to starve yourself than to be picky and avoid empty calorie foods, because someone scared you into not eating them.

Of course, the exception would be for a serious issue that a doctor has told you, where certain foods would be life threatening to consume. By no means should you listen to this over that.

If you are in a situation where you are not getting enough calories and the body is feeling famished, if the only thing available is a donut, eat it. Working hard all day long without eating anything is a recipe for fainting. Give your body some energy.

The discussion of empty calories applies more to individuals who have the actual option to choose what they can eat to begin. It also applies more to individuals that are obese or near being classified as obese. Even so, it is not considered healthy for even these individuals to just go without no calories at all until they lose weight.

It is recommended that they certainly stop overeating, but continue to eat to provide their body’s with daily energy. However, usually an individual that is obese can find better foods than empty calorie foods to eat that provide more nutrients. Also, because they are overeating, nutrients is more abundant for them, since they are eating more food.

Oftentimes when these individuals do drop the pounds, musculature figures can be found underneath. This is because the body is capable of creating certain vital amino acids and protein from just basic starch for example.

This is not to say that the body is capable of making sugars and fats into protein, but they do have their uses. Also, empty calorie foods still do contain more than just fats and sugars. They do have protein in them as well sometimes. Potato chips for example, do have a small amount of protein.

This is why individuals consuming only junk foods for an extended period of time, still are able to function. However, it is not advised to live this way just because you can.

Should you avoid empty calories?

When given the opportunity you should always avoid empty calories. Try to always go for more nutritional options for food and drinks when given the chance. Take an apple over a soda, or oatmeal instead of fast food breakfast.

In the short term it may seem like it doesn’t have an effect, but it does in the long term. The only way that an individual can reach the healthiest person that they can ever be, is by avoiding empty calories and eating more nutritional foods.

Some individuals can get away with eating empty calories their entire life, but they would be better off eating healthy.

Try to think about the long term effects that empty calories can have on your body when you consume them too often. It will help you get the picture of why nutritional foods are so important.

Only if you absolutely have to should you consume empty calorie foods. It shouldn’t be a part of your daily life, but empty calories are better than no calories. Every food is on the food pyramid for a reason. There are benefits to consuming sugars and fats. These should not be taken completely out of one’s diet. They just shouldn’t be consumed in the excess that most individuals on average consume them.

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