Why Does Bubble Tea Make Me Feel Full?

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Here we will cover why bubble tea can possibly be making you feel full after drinking it. We are going to break down some of the components in bubble tea that could make an individual feel like they are full after drinking it.

Depending on where you get your bubble tea from, there could also be some other factors that determine why some bubble tea drinks would fill you up, while others aren’t so filling. A bubble tea in itself is actually both a food and a drink at the same time. This is obviously because the drink doesn’t just include liquids, but also boba pearls. Boba pearls are considered to be a food, not a drink.

Does this mean that boba pearls contribute to making a person feel full/satiated?

Yes. Depending on the type of boba pearls in a bubble tea drink, they can make an individual feel full after consuming them in a bubble tea drink. Usually tapioca pearls are in most bubble tea drinks as a topping when bubble tea drinks are made. Tapioca pearls can give an individual a lot of energy, and leave an individual feeling satiated/full after consuming them since they are carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are considered by most to be a very filling food, especially when the carbohydrates are more complex. Complex carbohydrates take longer to break down and digest in the body, which makes the individual feel full for longer. Tapioca pearls are typically made from starch, which is considered to be a complex carbohydrate. Tapioca pearls are the main reason why an individual can end up feeling full after consuming a bubble tea drink that has them in it. Tapioca pearls contain a high amount of carbohydrates, making them an excellent source for energy.

However, a bubble tea drink made with different toppings, like popping pearls for example, can make a bubble tea drink less filling than a bubble tea drink with tapioca pearls. This would explain why an individual consuming certain types of bubble tea drinks can feel less satiated when consuming some types of boba drinks over another.

This means that fruit bubble tea drinks containing popping pearls have a less satiated effect when consumed than a bubble tea drink with tapioca pearls. Furthermore, there are other ingredients in bubble tea that can also contribute to making an individual feel full after consumption, besides the type of boba pearls in the drink as well.

Milk Tea

Milk tea is a common base for many bubble tea drinks. If a bubble tea drink contains milk tea as its base ingredients, the milk can also contribute to the full feeling that individuals may have after consuming the milk tea. It isn’t so much the tea in the bubble tea that greatly contributes to making an individual feel full after consuming milk tea, but the milk itself, especially if it is whole milk.

Milk has always been used as a natural God given drink for mammals on the face of the earth. This drink has many health benefits and it is also known to be a filling drink, especially for infants. Milk contains carbohydrates and fat. Fat is said by some to be a contributing factor to making an individual feel full in milk, as fats can take a while for the body to digest. The milk tea combined with tapioca pearls can really provide individuals with an energy packed nutritious bubble tea drink that can leave them feeling full like a small good meal would.

Sugars In Bubble Tea

Sugars in bubble tea do not contribute much in making an individual feel full, even if a person is consuming very sugary bubble tea drinks. Sugars are considered to be a carbohydrate, but they are simple carbohydrates that are easily digested by the body within minutes of consumption. We discourage individuals from consuming bubble tea drinks with high amounts of sugar, and advice them to make their own bubble tea drinks if they are buying boba drinks from a boba shop that makes their boba drinks with high amounts of sugar.

Bubble tea drinks that contain high amounts of sugar may not make a person feel less full if they contain the ingredients in bubble tea mentioned earlier that do make people feel fuller after consuming them, but they are empty calories. Empty calories are usually easily digested and they end up making an individual eat more, because most of them do not leave a person feeling satiated for a long time.

We are not saying that a bubble tea drinks with the ingredients mentioned earlier as making a person feel fuller after consuming them, will make a person magically want to eat more just because sugar is added to them. This is not true and it is a health guru myth. However, simple sugars like this just do not make an individual feel as full as milk or complex carbohydrates would when they are consumed.

There are also other ways to sweeten bubble tea drinks that make them taste good without having to have refined sugars in them that many people don’t know about. It is not necessary for a bubble tea drink to have a lot of granulated sugar or brown sugar in order for a bubble tea drink or milk tea to taste sweet or good.

These different options for sweetening a bubble tea may not make a significant difference in making an individual feel fuller after consuming them in bubble tea, but neither may the usual sweeteners used in bubble tea drinks.


Bubble tea drinks can make an individual feel full after consuming them primarily because of the tapioca pearls in the drink. They are high in carbs, because they are made out of starch, which is a very filling food. The milk used to make bubble tea drinks also contributes to making a person feel full, depending on the type of milk in the bubble tea and how much milk is used. Other toppings in bubble tea can also have similar effects.

These two ingredients in bubble tea would have to be diminished if a person wants to drink bubble tea drinks and feel less full. Also, these two ingredients would have to be increased if a person wants to use this full feeling from a bubble tea drink to help with a weight loss diet that includes bubble tea, or for what ever personal purpose they wish.

A bubble tea can be manipulated this way to cleverly replace a meal (especially breakfast).

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