Is Bottled Water A Waste Of Money?

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Here we will discuss whether or not bottled water is a waste to spend money on or not. The answer to this question is dependant on circumstances, which we will cover as we go along. This means that, depending on certain circumstances, bottled water is actually really valuable. However, this isn’t true in every circumstance, so some individuals, after reading this article, might find bottled water to be a waste of money. Because the question is on whether bottled water is a waste of money or not, then it is irrelevant for us to discuss the varying costs of bottled water.

Though bottled water is essential in certain places and in certain circumstances, when clean tap water is easily accessible, then bottled water can be less valuable and possibly a waste of money. Tap water is often spoken of as being a very bad choice in many regions. It is seen as something that is akin to drinking toilet water or something similar.

However, tap water is also filtered, just like bottled water is. The only difference is the degree of filtration for tap water versus the bottled water. The degree of filtration for both types of water can vary, and not every brand of bottled water is guaranteed to be higher quality in the terms of how filtered it is, up against municipal tap water. For bottled water that is filtered to nearly the same standards as municipal tap water, an individual would probably be wasting their money buying that brand of bottled water. This is what some people don’t want to find out, that they may already know in the back of their minds that could be true, but it could very well be the case.

Now this doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of bottled water companies that aren’t taking the extra effort to make sure that their bottled water is filtered better than plain tap water, cause there are. It just means that not every single bottled water brand out there is. Bottled water can be drawn from many different sources and it is filtered independently by those companies.

The only thing that anyone can be sure of of both bottled water and tap water, is that they are both filtered to drinkable standards (considering that it is governed by a good government). If this is the only concern of an individual for why they should drink bottled water over tap water, then they should stop wasting their money and just drink the city water.

Both the EPA and the FDA watch over the tap water and the bottled water that companies produce. Both are held to pretty high standards, but of course, this could be left up to personal opinions and what people expect their drinking water to be.

If someone wants to simply drink safe water, either can be a good choice, making buying bottled water a waste of money. As we have already said in another post, it is also possible to be drinking filtered tap water that is as filtered as, or filtered better than, the bottled water that they would have purchased to avoid drinking the filtered tap water. In other words, some water filtering systems that are built into homes or businesses can be as good as the bottled water that people are already buying.

For individuals that don’t feel comfortable with buying bottled water because of its cost not being affordable in the long run, investing in their own good water filtration system is definitely the way to go. Some of these systems are really underestimated, but actually do perform really well. If an individual buys bottled water very frequently, then a water filtration system is a better investment.

After buying a good water filtration system to filter their own tap water, then they will only have to pay for a new filter after the filter is ready to be changed. This will completely eliminate any worries of the cost of bottled water, or whether they are wasting their money buying it.

There are actual circumstances where bottled water is very valuable to people where they actually have no choice but to buy it. Some people living in certain places can only get clean filtered water by filtering it themselves or by buying it from a company. In this case where a person has no home water filtration system, buying bottled water is worth it. So if the argument was if bottled water was a waste of money altogether, it certainly is not. It definitely isn’t for the people that need it.

Bottled water companies serve their purpose as much as other important businesses do. They can give the public another option to clean water when they need one. It could be a disaster for some individuals if bottled water would somehow become banned.

Believe it or not, there are actual small bottled water companies that locally make a living off of supplying steady clean bottled water from locals for this reason.


Bottled water is a waste of money for individuals that are unaware that tap water is actually safe to drink, despite what social media or other sources may have them believe. There is no such thing as 100% pure water. Of course, this doesn’t apply areas where the “city water” is actually dirty. We are aware that not every place with a government has been blessed to have clean municipal water.

Bottled water becomes no longer a waste of money for these same places that do not have clean city water. Also, bottled water isn’t a waste of money for people that expect there water to be better than their local tap water and refuse to drink it. Though the tap water is also filtered, it is true that many bottled water companies do make their bottled water cleaner than the municipal tap water.

It is also true that an individual or a family would be wasting their money buying bottled water if they bought bottled water daily, but had the ability to use a home water filtration system instead. Even if only one member of the household was the only one buying bottled water, it would be a waste of money buying the bottled water over paying for and installing a water filtration system.

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