Do All Restaurants Have Flies?

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This article will answer whether or not if all restaurants have flies. It will also go over how restaurants that do have a fly infestation can fix the problem to help reduce their numbers. Flies can be extremely annoying at times, and especially when they overtake a restaurant. To make it worse, the same flies like to return to the same spots again and again, even if they are pushed away.

These things can make restaurants that are infested with them nearly impossible dining locations for hungry guests. They can also lead to a restaurant getting enough points on their inspection grades to award them with a temporary shut down of their facility by a health inspector. They are considered to be a health hazard. They can end up in the food if they aren’t kept in check.

We have seen restaurants that are unable to control their population have to throw away jalapeños, because a few of them end up dying right in the juices. They can also get into other foods as well, especially if the foods are raw meats that are being prepped for cooking. They can get in the batter and other places too.

So if a restaurant is dealing with a few flies, then they need to take them seriously and deal with them promptly. If they aren’t dealt with, they will easily multiple in numbers and take over the restaurant. Seeing one or two of them is enough to take action immediately. We also discuss what a restaurant can do to help keep the flies in check in another article.

All restaurants have to deal with flies. They end up in every restaurant, both old and new ones. Any restaurant that states that they have never had flies is stationed in the coldest places of Antarctica. Even Antarctica gets flies in the summer time. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t restaurants that can’t keep these pests under check in the hottest of seasons.

This means that not every restaurant is infested with flies. Flies breed extremely fast, and can produce hundreds of eggs in just a few days. These eggs, if left alone, can breed hundreds of flies in no time at all in a restaurant. They can turn a clean restaurant, with just a few flies buzzing around, into a place filled with them in the dining and kitchen area.

The problem is that, once the flies are all over the place, they can be very difficult to get out of the restaurant and keep their numbers down without a plan. So many restaurants end up getting infested with them if they don’t consistently follow through with doing the same things everyday to prevent them from taking over the restaurant, and annoying/grossing out the customers.

The seasons when flies tend to be the worst in restaraunts is actually late summer and early/mid fall. This is the time when most restaurants dealing with them end up getting overrun with them to the point that they look like they have an infestation. However, just because a restaurant has flies everywhere, doesn’t always mean that they are infested with them. This means that the flies could be breeding outside the restaurant in other areas (the outside trash for example) and finding easy access into the restaurant through the door or a window.

Because of how some restaurants operate and serve their customers, it can be very hard for some of them to keep the pesky flies from irritating their guests. Some restaurants have their doors and windows opening so often that flies are just coming into the restaurant as they please. They camp on the outside of these opening on the outside walls, waiting for an easy moment to enter the facility.

How can I avoid the restaurants that have the most flies?

Restaurants that are cold enough on the inside can stop all flies right in their tracks. Flies hate cold, because it causes them to lose all their energy. If a fly gets cold enough, then they will literally stop moving altogether; even if someone is swatting at them. They will be too cold to move. However, it isn’t practical to expect a restaurant to be cold enough on the inside that this will happen. The areas that were cold like this where we witnessed this happen were only in the places where the restaurant had temperatures around 38 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, in the restaurant’s giant coolers.

The more practical solutions is to avoid restaurants at the time of season, that we mentioned earlier, when the flies are at their peak; and to avoid restaurants that have drive-thru service. The flies will constantly enter in through the windows if the restaurant doesn’t have air curtains to keep them from getting through.

Also, the busier restaurants will most likely have more flies than the restaurants that don’t get as much business. This is because less people are leaving and going out of the restaurant. This means the flies have less chances to get into the restaurant and annoy the people. This is of course considering that the restaurant is taking all their trash (full or not) out daily and leaving their back door shut like they should at all times. They will also have food safe ways of handling the few flies that do get in to keep their numbers in check.

Bringing a personal portable fan with you to the restaurant can also work wonders to keep the flies away from areas that you are eating, while they buzz off annoy someone else. House flies do not have the ability to hover over one spot like a hummingbird can do. The best they can do is fly around and land again in the same spot that they were in. They hate windy areas, and a decent fan can make them deliberately vacate, even if they don’t want to.

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