Restaurants That People Refused To Eat At (And Why)

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Here we will talk about the times that we have seen people refuse to eat at a restaurant, and why they refused to do so, from what they had to say from their own mouth. People are very sensitive about what they eat and put in their bodies, and for a good reason. It is one of the easiest ways for people to get sick and catch a food borne illness. Some of the reasons given here may be things that you have heard of in your local area, while other reasons may be a surprise to you.

If you own a restaurant or plan on running one as the new general manager or owner, then this information could help you keep your customers coming in the future. Nothing is more embarrassing than to have a guest walk in to order food, only to immediately leave after telling everyone why they are leaving and everyone overhearing the conversation. This doesn’t make other people immediately want to leave, but they will if what they heard is a good reason to.

Case #1: Rude Employees

Rude employees is one of the reasons why people have left restaurants and refused to eat there. Usually intentionally rude employees have a way of somehow keeping their job, by only pushing the limits to the point of what their superiors allow. However, the judgement of what the superiors allow isn’t what customers/guests are going to tolerate from rude employees.

Employees that always have a negative view of their customers by always thinking that the customers are always trying to “one up” them, are going to make their guests refuse to eat at the establishment now and in the future. People don’t go to eat at restaurants to think about a random employee and put up with their random attitudes. We have heard some crazy things about what a few employees like this have had to say about their customers. Believe us, they were crazy.

One employee that we dealt with would run away her guests, because she always thought that her other female guests (customers) hated her for some random “she knows what I’m thinking” reason. Sometimes she would make comments about them or curse them just out of range or barely in range of earshot. It was nerve racking for other employees to have to work beside her. Unfortunately this isn’t a rare occurrence. This happens quite a bit.

Guests will refuse to eat at an establishment where employees make ordering food and eating there a nightmare.

Case #2: Careless and Disgusting Employees

Careless and disgusting employees are another reason why people refuse to eat at a restaurant. We have talked about this in another article about the truth about hygiene in certain restaurants. There are some things that people do that work for restaurants that have made people refuse to eat at the establishment.

In one case, an employee dropped an entire piece of meat in the trash by accident, picked it out of the trash, and kept preparing it. Luckily, the owner of the restaurant was watching him and spotted it. He was fired of course. A customer also saw what happened, since the prep area was visible for the customer to see. Of course, that customer refused to eat there.

In another case, “miss glamorous” was spotted by a customer touching her hair and handling their food. The customer refused to eat at the restaraunt, because what she was doing was unsanitary, despite how clean she thought she was. Employees thinking that they are too good to wrap their hair, and their hair ending up in the customers’ food is another reason why people refuse to eat at restaurants.

Employees picking in the food that is for their guests and eating it is another disgusting reason why people have refused to eat at a restaurant.

Case #3: The restaurant is infested.

The restaurant being infested with rats or mice is another reason why people refuse to eat at the restaraunt. The restaurant being infested with roaches are another. Flies are also another reason why some people may choose to eat at one restaurant over another in certain seasons.

People see these pests as some of the most disgusting and disturbing things, that should never be around their food. It is not the fact that they look disgusting to people that makes them refuse to eat at the restaraunt, but the fact that they are disgusting. They live in environments where the spreading of diseases and sicknesses from one place to another is very easy to do when they are in the restaurant.

Some people may not refuse to eat at a restaurant if there are pets in the restaurant, but they will if there are pests. Some people will still try to eat at a restaurant if they spot a live roach crawling around. However, if they spot more than one popping up all over the place and they just can’t seem to get away from them, even if they move tables, then they will refuse to eat at the establishment; even permanently.

Most people will automatically refuse to eat at a restaurant if they spot a rat crawling around. The shock of seeing their size and the fear that people have of them when they see them move around, will be enough to make some people never return to the restaurant again. Rats leave droppings everywhere, including around the food that they eat. Rats and mice will eat holes through the food they are eating, making full contact with all of the food.

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