Best Taro Drink Toppings

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These are all the toppings that people have tried with taro bubble tea, milk tea, smoothies, and other taro drinks. The taro taste is definitely a new experience, but it does have other flavors that it can be compared to. A regular cake or cereal milk are a couple. This is my experience with it, and I have my own personal flavor that goes well with taro.

Here we will cover many toppings that pair well with taro drinks. These have been tried and recommended by other individuals who regularly drink taro bubble tea. The toppings are all types, including but not limited to, popping pearls and boba jelly toppings.

There are other topping choices besides the boba that actually pair well with taro drinks. Some of them can be made easily at home or in a boba shop. Others take a little more time and skill, but can be found to be worth the time and effort if an individual really wants to try something new in their taro drinks.

The flavors and toppings listed below are flavors that can pair well with taro without drowning out the mysterious and sometimes subtle taste of the taro. They can compliment the taste without taking over the taro flavor.

1. Tapioca Pearls

Tapioca pearls is still the best topping overall for taro drinks. It not only works well for taro, but also for all bubble tea drinks too. It is the generic topping for boba drinks. Usually these tapioca pearls are mixed with brown sugar as the flavor.

This is the number one topping that people go to for their taro drinks, and that boba shops recommend using.

2. Crystal Boba

Crystal boba is a topping that resembles tapioca pearls, but it is white in color before it is cooked. When it is cooked, it becomes clear in color. It isn’t made out of starch like the tapioca pearls are, and it is known to be a healthier choice.

Crystal boba can appear in many colors due to its clear color being manipulated and mixed with other things like food colorings and flavors.

3. Milk Foam

Milk foam is a cheese foam that is placed on the top of bubble tea drinks to finish them off. It looks very similar to how a finished latte looks, even though the toppings are not the same thing. Milk foam is a great topping that can be placed on top of almost any type of bubble tea drink.

It can be made fast with the right equipment, and one of its ingredients is heavy whipping cream.

4. Oreos

Many people love to use oreos as a topping in their taro milk teas. It is a quick and easy topping that only requires getting the packs of oreos. Mini packs of oreos can be bought, left in the package, and crushed in the pack. Afterwards, the pack is opened and the oreo pieces are placed inside of the taro drink. The oreo flavor goes really well with taro.

5. Egg Pudding

Egg pudding is a topping that is preferred by a few individuals in their bubble tea drinks. This topping can be placed into taro drinks too. It is really easy to make, and only consists of a few ingredients. It has eggs, milk, and sugar as its main ingredients. It is easy to make, but a little difficult for some individuals to master.

The texture of the egg pudding varies from creamy to firm depending on the amount of the ingredients used and cooling and heating factors.

6. Boba Jelly Toppings

Here is a list of the boba jelly topping flavors that go well with taro bubble tea and milk tea drinks:

  • Aloe vera boba jelly
    • Aloe vera is a great boba jelly topping with a lot of health benefits. This flavor of boba is selected a lot instead of the lychee boba sometimes.
  • Coconut boba jelly
    • This is possibly one of the best toppings in combination with taro bubble tea drinks, as coconut goes extremely well with taro.
  • Coffee boba jelly
    • Coffee boba with taro is actually not a bad combination.
  • Grass jelly boba
    • Grass jelly is really popular with bubble tea drinks for individuals that like boba jellies.
  • Lychee boba jelly
    • This topping for boba jelly is commonly used in taro drinks when an individual doesn’t know what to get other than tapioca pearls.
  • Mango boba jelly
    • This is very good for taro slush and smoothie drinks.
  • Mango coconut boba jelly
    • Mango is good for taro fruit drinks, and so is coconut. Both of these as a pair together with taro work really well.
  • Passion fruit boba jelly
  • Rainbow boba jellies
    • This is a mixture of assorted flavors which usually includes mango and lychee flavors.

7. Popping Boba

Here is a list of the popping boba flavors that pair well with taro drinks:

  • Blueberry popping boba
    • Blueberry and taro has been found to be a great combination for taro popping boba drinks.
  • Chocolate popping boba
    • Chocolate in the correct amount actually goes really well with taro. It helps to enhance the mysterious taste of taro milk tea.
  • Mango popping boba
    • This is a very good choice for taro slush/smoothie drinks.
  • Lychee popping boba
    • This is one of the main picks for people wanting to add popping boba to their taro drinks.
  • Passion fruit popping boba
    • Passion fruit boba has been found in combination with taro ice cream desserts, and taro drinks.
  • Yogurt popping boba
    • This flavor of popping pearls has also been found in taro desserts and drinks.

Other Toppings That Go With Taro

Other toppings that go well with taro is red bean topping and oat toppings. These are the topping choices that are made exclusively for bubble tea drinks, not the ones straight from a can or a package.

The red beans are usually sweet, and so are the oats. They are already prepared and ready to be placed in the taro drinks in some cases, and are already sweetened.

However the best toppings that I have found to work well for taro drinks is the tapioca pearls, crystal boba, milk foam, and specific flavors of boba jellies and popping pearls. Those flavors would be the mango and lychee fruit flavors.

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